Remnant 2 Best Armor Ranked and Tier List

Remnant 2 lets you put on a host of different armor sets in the game. Some are better than others, here are the best armors in the game.

Armors are a vital component of survival in RPGs and other video games. They help in protecting you and give you some damage negation as well. Even if there is not, armors make you look good. In Remnant 2, there are many armor sets that you can put on to protect yourself.

Each brings something new to the table in protective ability and other benefits. However, some sets are better than others, while the rest may leave you wanting. As such, it is important to know which falls into which category so you can make your choice better.

Only two armor sets can be considered the very best in the game. These are determined based on their overall protective ability and other benefits they give. As such, you should consider getting and using them in the game.

1. Leto Mark 2 Armor Set

The Leto Mark 2 Armor Set is probably one of the heaviest armor sets in the game. It has a whopping 90 weight, but its protection is unparalleled. Being an Ultra Heavy armor set, it provides you with 168 Armor which is more than enough in all cases. You can equip the Leto’s Amulet along with it, which reduces your encumbrance and lessens the amount of stamina used up. It also gives decent resistance against various forms of damage.

  • 10 Bleed Resistance
  • 10 Fire Resistance
  • 10 Shock Resistance
  • 10 Blight Resistance
  • 10 Toxin Resistance

2. Fae Royal Armor Set

The Fae Royal Armor Set is the best armor set you can find throughout the game. For its medium weight of 55, it can provide you with the following features;

  • 107 Armor
  • 9 Bleed Resistance
  • 9 Fire Resistance
  • 0 Shock Resistance
  • 7 Blight Resistance
  • 0 Toxin Resistance

Remnant 2 Armor Tier List

In Remnant 2, the most useful protective strategy is to ensure you don’t get hit. This is possible by dodging and rolling out of the way. You can only do this if your weight is low enough. The best way to ensure that is to not wear anything at all. But doing so will also affect your overall protective ability.


You also have to consider different builds and playstyles. Some people prefer to create tanks and take whatever the enemies throw at them. And so, it is worth it to wear armor after all so you have some protective ability.


  • Leto Mark II armor set
  • Fae Royal armor set



  • Labyrinth Armor Set
  • Red Widow Armor Set
  • High Noon Armor Set
  • Trainer Armor Set
  • Survivor Armor Set
  • Academic Armor Set
  • Field Medic Armor Set
  • Nightstalker Armor Set


There are other sets in the game as well. But they do not give as many benefits as you would expect them to.

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