Best DPS Build For Highest Damage In Remnant 2

If you are looking for a build to do the highest damage in Remnant 2 consider this DPS glass-cannon build.

Remnant 2 is all about putting holes in different types of monsters all over the world. To do that, you are given a boatload of weapons to choose from, each working a little bit differently.

However, not all weapons are equally good. Even if you choose some of the best weapons in Remnant 2, you might still feel like the damage dealt is fairly insignificant.

If that is the case, then what you need is the best DPS build to put out the highest damage you can in Remnant 2. This will require choosing everything from Archetypes to Rings that focus sheerly on offense. Let us show you what to do.

Remnant 2 DPS build for highest damage

To make up the best DPS (damage per second) build for the highest damage output in Remnant 2, our first task would be to choose a suitable Archetype that specializes solely in that aspect.

It would be better to start with an Archetype/Class that you can obtain from early on since a lot of them are unlocked way later in the game.

Once the Archetypes that are purely meant for the offensive are chosen, we will be choosing the best weapons, skills, traits, and other accessories to amplify their overall damage output, hence accounting for the highest damage output you can get in the game.


Best Archetype Combo

The primary Archetype we will choose for this build is the Hunter class since it can be obtained right from the beginning of the game and is a decent offensive class as well.

The Hunter class, apart from being an expert in long-range combat and accurate shooting, also has a lot of useful skills that complement an offensive playstyle.

The primary skill we will be using for the DPS build in Remnant 2 is the Hunter’s Shroud Skill. This skill makes the Hunter Shrouded, making the guy a harder target to hit. As you exit the Shrouded state though, you receive a significant bonus to your Melee and Ranged damage output, which adds to your overall DPS value.

Since this skill is unlocked later in the game though, you can substitute this one for the Hunter’s Mark Skill. This skill marks every enemy within a small radius of the character and grants a slight increase in Melee and Ranged Damage within that radius. Though this increase/bonus isn’t as high as in the former skill, the Hunter’s Mark skill is still highly effective, especially in the early stages of the game.

Lastly, the Dead to Rights Hunter Prime Perk also adds to your DPS value significantly since it increases the duration of your skills whenever you manage to deal a certain amount of Weakspot Damage.

The secondary Archetype we will be choosing in this build is the Gunslinger Archetype. Similar to the hunter class, the Gunslinger also specializes in the offensive side – specifically by dealing large amounts of raw damage and conserving ammunition.

The secondary skill we use in this DPS build is the Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm Skill, which increases your ranged weapon’s fire rate and reload speed in Remnant 2. A high fire rate is highly important to increase your DPS value, and the reload speed is important to compensate for the high fire rate by emptying your mags quickly.

The Gunslinger’s Prime Perk called Loaded instantly grants a reload for all of your weapons and gives you infinite ammunition for a short period. Combine this with the high fire rate of the Hunter’s prime perk and you become a bloodthirsty machine.


If you want to make a build that focuses purely on the damage you deal per second, then choosing the right weapons becomes the foundation of it. It is recommended to choose a gun with a large magazine size and fire rate if you are opting for that kind of build.

Long Gun: XMG57 Bonesaw

The XMG57 Bonesaw is a machine gun with an insanely huge magazine size and deadly accuracy. With a magazine size of 150 rounds, the amount of damage you can deal is unimaginable.

Moreover, your reticle becomes smaller and smaller the longer you fire the gun, which makes your shots more accurate with time. Who knows what could happen if you empty a whole clip on an enemy with that accuracy?

However, the gun also overheats while you are firing constantly, so you might need to pause from time to time.

One more con of the Bonesaw is that it takes a really long time to reload. However, we already solved that problem with the Archetype’s skills and perks mentioned previously.

Lastly, it would be best to use the Hot Shot as your main weapon mod for the Bonesaw. This weapon mod greatly increases the amount of Ranged Damage you deal and also inflicts the enemy hit with Burning, which adds heavily to your overall DPS.

Handgun: Enigma

Since you already have the Bonesaw to tear through enemies from long range, the Enigma would serve as the best weapon to handle your close-quarter encounters.

You can even pull out this weapon when the Bonesaw is overheated or needs a reload and it will do the job just fine. Apart from a decent damage output, the Enigma’s electric beams also inflict enemies with Overloaded.

You can use the Chaos Driver weapon mod with the Enigma if you want to add a huge amount of Shock damage with the weapon’s base damage as well.


Since this DPS build requires you to constantly rain rounds on your enemies, you are bound to run out of ammunition. Besides some of the perks and skills we can use to counter this problem, we can also solve it with an important Trait – Ammo Reserves.

What this Trait does is pretty much self-explanatory – grants you an extra reserve of ammunition. With this Trait in your arsenal, you won’t need to worry about running out of ammunition anytime soon.

Some other Traits that you can focus on are Vigor and Longshot. Vigor is important to bump up your HP a little bit since we won’t be focusing on defense much in this build. Longshot, on the other hand, increases your Weapon Ideal range tenfold.


Selecting a suitable Relic can either make or break your build, so it’s best to choose one carefully. The best Relic to use for a high DPS Remnant 2 build would probably be the Tormented Heart.

This relic, apart from increasing your Use Speed to a certain extent, also deals a significant amount of Explosive damage to all nearby enemies. Although this Relic is a great addition for a higher DPS value, it would be best to use this Relic in the right situation.


Rings and Amulets offer various different bonuses for your character. Remnant 2 builds can benefit greatly from these accessories – if you use the best ones for them, of course.

The best Amulet for a greater DPS Value in Remnant 2 would most likely be the Indignant Fetish which increases the amount of damage you deal for every amount of damage you take. This is a double-edged sword though, and will be used best wisely.

Rings can also increase your overall DPS output significantly if you choose them based on their compatibility with your skills. Given below is a list of Rings that work best with this Remnant 2 DPS build.

  • Gunslinger’s Ring: Increase your reload and weapon switch speed.
  • Zania’s Malice: Increase your overall Weak Spot Damage dealt.
  • Compulsion Loop: Increases your fire rate and melee attack speed after killing a target.
  • Stone of Expanse: Increase your ranged damage at the expense of all other types of damage.


Since this is meant to be a DPS build, Armor doesn’t really hold much significance because we want to put everything we have into offense. That said, choosing any armor with this build would work just fine.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, I’d recommend something lightweight since you are already slinging around some heavy gear. Some extent of mobility still left would bring about a smoother playstyle.

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