Remnant 2 Corrupted Ravager Boss Guide

The Corrupted Ravager is a large mutated wolf-like boss that will give you a choice in Remnant 2. Here are the choices and how to kill it.

The Corrupted Ravager Boss appears like a large and mutated wolf with a lot of red devilish eyes in Remnant 2. He will have a giant fleshy hump which will be covered in root-like veins which is its weak spot.  

When you find this boss, there will be a cutscene and you’ll speak with him. There will be a few dialogue choices here. You can either accept its offer or reject it. In case you reject it, the fight will commence and you’ll need to defeat the Corrupted Ravager boss.

Here is how you can defeat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2. 

Where to find Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2

In order to find the Corrupted Ravager you will need to make your way through the Forbidden Grove area in Remnant 2. This way you will come across the Ravagers Lair which resides in the Yaesha world.  

After discovering that area you can save your progress at the nearby checkpoint. Then, you can proceed further to meet the Corrupted Ravager boss. 

How to defeat Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2

The Corrupted Ravager will give you a choice to make. It wants you to kill the Doe and seal the pact. You can agree to do so or refuse in which case you’ll fight it. There are two ways to start this boss fight. Both involve rejecting the offer in some way shape or form. 


Option 1: Save the doe and kill the Corrupted Ravager  

Once you finally see the injured doe and are given the choice of killing it and sealing the pact with the Corrupted Ravager or saving it in Remnant 2.

If you want to save the doe, approach it and interact with it to heal it. The animal will regain its strength and another short cutscene will play. You’ll see that the doe will pierce the Corrupted Ravager and this will allow it the time to escape. 

The Corrupted Ravager on the other hand will get back up and blame you for letting the doe escape after which the boss fight will begin in Remnant 2.

The Corrupted Ravager will begin his initial attack by lunging viciously at you and then follow up with a large claw attack. This attack will be done twice so you need to evade it instantly and not try to counter during this time.

Shortly after this attack, the Corrupted Ravager will jump back and attack at range. It will come in the form of an earthquake which will shoot out red flares. Dodge this by running in the opposite direction and then target the exposed flesh-hump on its back. This is the boss’ weak spot.

During this boss fight, the Corrupted Ravager will also summon some devilish minions which will turn into spikey hedgehogs. These can be frustrating to deal with as they will follow you around and distract you. Kill them immediately once they spawn and then attack the Corrupted Ravager again in Remnant 2.  

When you bring this enemy boss to 50 percent health, it will spin around and create a tornado. Run away and try to keep out of his attack’s range. Once it stops, unleash hell on its back once again. Keep up with the strategy and eventually the Corrupted Ravager will die.

Option 2: Shoot the Corrupted Ravager and then shoot the doe 

This option is quite similar to the first one. The exception is, that you instigate the fight with the Corrupted Ravager by shooting at its weak point. Then you dodge its lunging attacks and at the same time shoot the Doe in Remnant 2. 

As usual, you will have to complete the boss fight and kill the Corrupted Ravager by using the aforementioned strategy.

Rewards for defeating Corrupted Ravager 

The rewards for defeating the Corrupted Ravager will vary according to the options you chose above in Remnant 2. If you chose the first option you will receive the normal reward: 

  1. Lumenite Crystal (x8) 
  2. Scrap (x974) 
  3. Tome of Knowledge (+1 Trait Point) 
  4. Doe’s Antler (x1) 
  5. Strange Object  

This way you can craft the Red Doe Staff using the materials you acquire here. You will need Doe’s Antler (x1), Lumenite Crystal (x7), and Scrap (x1000) to craft this Melee Weapon. 

However, if you go with the second option and shoot them both you will get the following rewards: 

  1. Lumenite Crystal (x5) 
  2. Scrap (x750) 
  3. Tome of Knowledge  
  4. Ravager’s Maw (x1) 
  5. Segment 

These rewards will allow you to craft the Feral Judgement in Remnant 2. You will need the materials: Ravager’s Maw (x1), Lumenite Crystal (x7), and Scrap (x1000) to craft this Melee Weapon.  

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