Remnant 2 The Astropath Boss Guide

The Astropath is a ranged boss with tons of attacks in his arsenal. He can ruin your day if you face him unprepared. Here's how to defeat him

The Astropath is one of the many main bosses you must defeat to progress in Remnant 2. As you approach the boss, a cutscene will play out that will show powerful specters combining to form this powerful enemy.

The boss is a tough nut to crack, so its best to go with your party to take it on. However, if you want to defeat it alone, then you will need a proper strategy. Before getting into the meat and potatoes of it, it is crucial to understand where you will encounter The Astropath in Remnant 2. 

Where to find The Astropath in Remnant 2 

You need to explore the Astropath’s Respite area to encounter the boss in Remnant 2. Explore the site and look for the elevator. This will take you toward the upper section. There you will find a large circle. The boss will spawn inside the circle after the cut scene. 

How to defeat The Astropath in Remnant 2 

The boss has multiple attacks in its arsenal, and you can defeat it with ease if you know how to counter them. Initially, the boss can launch a few orange balls from a long-range that come toward you. You can dodge them by moving sideways. 

Secondly, the boss leaps forward to land a punch that can be devastating. Whenever you see the boss moving ahead, try to change your spot.  

Additionally, The Astropath converges into a ball, becoming tiny and difficult to target. You must ensure that you always attack the enemy from afar. Target the boss on its torso or stomach since that is the weak spot.


After you bring down the boss to half health, the second phase of the battle will begin. Now the boss will spawn some golden skeletons for help.

Take them down first before engaging the boss to reduce your headache. It is also crucial to fight the glowing orb as it drains the health of the boss. It is a secondary weak spot during this phase of the fight.

Rewards for defeating The Astropath  

You will gain the Seeker Residue after defeating The Astropath in Remnant 2. This material is used to craft the Helix Weapon mod. It is useful in long-range combat and you can launch enemy-seeking projectiles.  

You gain other items, such as the Tome of Knowledge, Luminate Crystal, Iron, and Scrap. So having a go at this boss is crucial for your progression and inventory. 

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