Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leader guide documents all gym leader encounters you’ll face throughout your championship journey across Galar...

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leader guide documents all gym leader encounters you’ll face throughout your championship journey across Galar Region. Learn how to Battle them and counter each and every Pokemon in their arsenal.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders

Gym leaders are the best of their respective region or Pokemon type. In order for players to get a gym badge and be able to capture higher-level Pokemon, they need to defeat these Gym leaders and become the ultimate Pokemon trainer of Galar region.

Milo is a kind-hearted gym trainer who belongs to the Galar region of the Gym Leaders. He is never disappointed by the result of the battle; he enjoys every second of it. He uses Grass-Type Pokemons such as Gossifleur and Eldegoss (Dynamax), that are known for their tolerance in a battle and you fight him in Turffield Gym.

You’ll have to herd a flock of 20 Wooloo through various hurdles, avoiding Yampers and by time to time battle different Grass-Type Gym leaders to reach Milo.

When fighting Milo, keep in mind to use either fire or flying type against his grass types. Both of Milo’s Pokemon are weak towards five different types which include fire and bug.

Since Milo carries two grass types with him in the challenge, therefore, Dynamax a Pokemon who is a counter for a Grass Type.

The most recommended Pokemons used against Milo are: Corvisquire, a flying type and Vulpix, a fire type. Be sure to constantly damage the Max Overgrowth move of Eldegoss because it damages your Pokemon as well as spreads grass all over the gym, which enables it to heal and reach full health.

Once you defeat Milo, you’ll receive a Grass Bade along with 3,200 cash.

Nessa is one of the toughest Water-Type gym leaders you’ll face in your journey in Hulbury Gym.

She possesses a calm personality and she shows competitive spirit when battling. She carries three water-type Pokemon with her: Goldeen, Arrokuda and Drednaw, each of which are over level 20.

In order to defeat her, you’ll have to use a Grass or Electric Type Pokemon, which include Thwackey, Manectric, Eldegoss and Yamper. Keep in mind to level up each of the given Pokemon over level 20. Ideally its best for you to level up your Pokemon up to level 24.

Nessa’s most powerful Dynamax Pokemon is Dreadnaw so, don’t waste your Dynamax on others as Dreadnaw should be your Dynamax target when fighting Nessa.

There’s one thing you can do, simply use a defensive Pokemon against her Dynamax Dreadnaw until it wears off after three turn. This way you’ll defeat her as well as save your Dynamax for some other day.

You’ll receive a Water badge and 3840 cash as a reward for defeating Nessa.

Kabu is a strong Fire Gym leader who you face off against at the end of the Motostoke Gym that you’ll face right after Nessa.

His personality is way too serious so, don’t annoy him. He uses his three most dangerous Fire Type Pokemons: Ninetales, Arcanine and Centiskorch (Dynamax), each of Kabu’s Pokemons almost reach level 30.

To challenge Kabu, you’ll have to earn five points by catching wild Pokemons or Defeating them. You’ll be assisted by a Gym Trainer when in a Wild Pokemon Battle.

There’s a simple way to earn points and catch these Pokemons, simply fling out a Great Ball the moment the fight begins.

Failed attempts are very rare in these cases so you’ll earn yourself a Vulpix, Litwick and the new Sizzlipede as part of your rewards.

Fighting Fire with Fire is not an option when fighting Kabu, therefore bring out your Rock/Water Types such as Gyarados, Carkol and Drednaw.

Use a Rock Type when facing Centiskorch, since both of its Max Moves are fire types that have a great amount of offense.

In order to have a fair fight, you’ll have to use a Rock Type against it. Upon defeating Kabu, you’ll receive a Fire Badge and 4320 Cash.

Bae is a Fighting-type Trainer who doesn’t know much of her emotions. She is a prodigy in Galar karate, and her fighting is very accurate even when is deals damage.

She uses Fighting Type Pokemons: Hitmontop, Pangoro, Sirfetch’d and Machamp (Gigantamax), each of which are over level 30.

She is exclusive to Pokemon Sword and leads the Stow-on-Side Gym.

To take Bea’s Pokemons out, you’ll have to use a Flying or Fairy Type Pokemon such as a Corviknight, Morgrem and Kirlia.

Be sure to level up your Pokemons over level 30 and not to use Psychic moves since it doesn’t affect them at all.

There’s one thing Bea does repeatedly, she always Dynamax her Machamp which is weak towards Flying, Fairy and Psychic, therefore Dynamax a Pokemon having any one of these abilities.

When you’ve defeated Bea, you’ll get a Fighting Badge and 5,760 cash as a reward.

Allister is a gifted Ghost Type trainer. Don’t go on his appearance, he may seem scary and dangerous but in reality, he’s shy and fearful.

His shyness is shown from his appearance as he wears a mask in public. This is why he spends most of his time around ruins or in cemeteries.

He carries different Ghost Type Pokemons with him, each over level 30 such as Yamask (Galar Form), Mimikyu, Cursola and Gengar (Dynamax). So, be sure to level up your Pokemons over level 35.

The best strategy you have against Allister is to make him taste his own medicine, meaning the best way to defeat a Ghost-type is to send a Ghost type against it.

However, using a Dark Type against Mimikyu is more impactful as compared to ghost, dark pokemons that include: Morgrem, Linoone (Galar Form). Also, some recommended Pokemons are Gyarados and Excadrill. These will be enough for a great fight.

Some of the most useful tricks for defeating Allister are to Dynamax a Dark, Ground, or Psychic Pokemon against Allister’s Dynamax Gengar. This way you’ll easily counter his ghost type moves and take the win.

Also, keep your Ghost types on the shelf because they might be affected by Allister’s ghost move since Ghost-types affect each other.

Once Allister’s team is out, you’ll receive a Ghost Badge.

Opal is an old Fairy Gym leader who you will fight in the Ballonlea Gym. Don’t judge a book by its cover, as she is more powerful than you think.

Her team is quite stacked, consisting of fairy-types, each over level 35. Weezing, Togekiss, Mawile and Alcremie are the four Fairy-types she uses in this battle.

Opal has some tricks up her sleeves. She has a secondary set of Pokemon waiting for you which include Poison, Flying, and Steel-type. So be careful and choose Pokemons that counter her types.

Remember to switch between Pokemons whenever fighting Opal. Rather than switching a Pokemon within the match, switch it at the start.

Opal’s Dynamax Pokemon is Alcremie, a pure Fairy-Type. Therefore, use a Poison type against her and gain the victory. Upon defeating her, you’ll receive 6,080 cash, a Fairy Badge and 87 – Draining Kiss.

Gordie is a Rock Type Gym Leader leading the Circhester Gym who mostly uses Rock Type Pokemons for his battles.

In each battle he uses his four most powerful Pokemon, Barbaracle, Shuckle, Stonjourner and Coalossal (Dynamax), each over level 40.

Try to counter his moves by using Grass, Fighting, and Ground Pokemon such as Steelix and Excadrill. Gordie will Dynamax his Coalossal in the battle.

In order to defeat him, you’ll have to Dynamax Ground or Water Type Pokemon. When you defeat Gordie, you’ll get 6,720 cash and a Rock Badge.

Melony is a cold-hearted Ice Gym Leader. He uses her Frosmoth, Darmanitan (Galar), Eiscue and Lapras (Dynamax).

All of her Pokemon are over level 40 therefore, you must upgrade yours over 41. Melony is a tricky trainer, she has a secondary team that she may sue in this battle, the most recommended Pokemon you can bring are steel and electric pokemon like; Perrserker, Cinderace, Corviknight, Excadrill, Coalossal and Manectric.

Make sure you bring items that heal your Status since Melony possesses Pokemon that may affect your team by freezing. Once you’ve defeated Melony,

Piers is Marnie’s older brother and the leader of Spikemuth Gym who battles using Dark Type Pokemon such as Scrafty, Malamar, Obstagoon and Skuntank.

He is confident in the abilities of his Pokemon therefore, he proceeds without Dynamaxing them.

Most of Piers’s Pokemons are weak to Fairy or Fighting moves so make sure to capitalize these moves on him.

Pokemon such as Grimmsnarl, Excadrill and Alcremie are very useful in this battle. Level up eah of your Pokemon to level 46 before fighting Piers.

Also, be sure to summon a Ground Pokemon, whenever Piers brings out his Skuntank. Upon defeating Piers, you’ll receive a Dark Badge and 7,360 cash.

Raihan, leader of the Hammerlocke Gym, focuses more on specializing in Duble battles rather than elemental type. He’s a unique Gym leader who uses Flygon, Gigalith, Sandaconda and Duraludon.

Due to being a double battle, Raihan is hard to defeat. Defeating him requires a Pokemon that does multiple hits at the same time.

To make it easy, level up your Pokemon to level 48, and be attentive towards Gigalith and Sandaconda since they’ll keep calling Sandstorm till the end of their battle.

Duraludon is a very strong and dangerous competitor, use Dynamax on a Pokemon that possesses an ability that can weaken Duraludon

Once you defeat Raihan, you’ll receive 7,680 cash and a Dragon Badge.

Leon is the last Gym Leader you’ll face, he’s the reigning, defending and undefeated Champion of the Galar region. He’s considered as the greatest trainer of all Galar.

He uses many Pokemon, each on a high level up to 65, which include Aegislash, Haxorus, Dragapult, Inteleon, Rillaboom, Cinderace, Mr. Rime and Charizard.

To damage Leon’s Pokemon and counter it, you’ll have to use a Strong Dark & Fairy Pokemon such as Grimmsnarl. Be sure to level up the Pokemon to level 70.

This was all we had to offer when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders but be sure to check out our in-depth guides on how to defeat these leaders.

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