Pokemon Sword and Shield Hulbury Gym Guide: How to Defeat Nessa Tips

Earn yourself the 2nd Pokemon badge by taking on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Hulbury Gym and winning with the help of our guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s second gym fight is with Nessa, found in Hulbury. The gym revolves around water-type Pokemon. The fight is meant to be easy since it is basically a beginner-level Pokemon gym challenge. But in case you are having trouble getting through the Challenges and beating the Gym Leader, then proceed to our Pokemon Sword and Shield Hulbury Gym guide which focuses on how to get the Water Badge.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Hulbury Gym

As you make your way through Route 5 to Hulbury, you will find various Pokemon along the way that you can catch should you feel the need to expand your roster. However, it is highly like that you already have a good team you are attached to so we would advise sticking with them for the Hulbury gym battle. If you don’t have a grass-type Pokemon in your party, now would be the best time to add it.

Getting through the Gym
Nessa’s gym has paths that will be closed due to water pipes, which can be turned off with the help of switches. You can find the following colors of switches and pipes: Red, Yellow and Blue. Naturally, a red switch will correspond with its red pipe partner and so on.

However, before you can take on the Hulbury Gym leader Nessa, you must first defeat three trainers that work under her and their details are given below so you can prepare yourself for their battles.

  • Julia has a Level 21 Tympole.
  • Heather has a Level 20 Krabby and a Level 20 Corphish.
  • Lynn has a Level 20 Remorald and Level 21 Chewtle.

As you enter the Hulbury gym, head east to defeat Julia, after which you will be pressing the yellow switch. Now press the red switch and pass through, walk up the stairs, and fight Heather. Now press the yellow switch before you press the red one and clear your way.

Now head west and fight Lynn. Head South after defeating Lynn and press the yellow switch. Go to the red switch and then the blue one. You will see a path in a center that leads to Nessa now.

Fighting Nessa
As you approach the conclusion of this Gym, you will have to fight Nessa, the leader of the Gym. Nessa will be fighting you with the following Pokemon:

  • Level 22 Goldeen (Water)
  • Level 23 Arrokuda (Water)
  • Level 24 Drednaw (Water/Ground type)

If you are a Pokemon veteran, you know this gym will be completely destroyed with a grass type Pokemon. If you picked a grass type starter, then you should have absolutely no problem breezing through this gym.

Rewards from Hulbury Gym

Once you finally defeat Nessa’s Drednaw, you will be awarded the gym badge along with a move known as Whirlpool (TM36). You will also get a water-type gym uniform which you can wear outside of gym challenges. You will now be granted the ability to catch Pokemon up to level 30

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