Pokemon Sword Stow on Side Gym Guide: How to Defeat Bea Tips

Learn how to earn your 4th badge with the help of our Pokemon Sword Stow on Side gym guide to defeat Bea, the fighting-type master

In this Pokemon Sword Stow-on-Side Gym guide, we will go over the 4th Gym Leader Bea and how to defeat her. This guide will detail the challenge you’ll have to complete to reach her, the kind of Pokemon she’ll have in store for you, and what is the best possible strategy when going up against her.

Pokemon Sword Stow on Side Gym

Bea is the 4th Gym Leader in Pokemon Sword – for Pokemon Shield, you have a Ghost-Type Gym Leader, Allister.

The Stow-on-Side Gym leader Bea specializes in Fighting-Type Pokemon, so you’ll want to have a set of Pokemon on your party that are hard counters to hers. Before getting to that, here’s how you get to the Stow-on-Side Gym in the first place.

Getting to the Stow-on-Side Gym
You’ll have to first go north through the Wild Area. We recommend using this area as a training ground to level up each of your Pokemon.

The Stow-on-Side Gym Leader has Pokemon that are all above level 30; if you’re under-leveled, we highly recommend you not try to take on Bea.

Head to Route 6 and head straight forward. You’ll eventually cross paths with Team Yell. Take care of them and be on your merry way.

You’ll know that you’ve reached your destination when Hop is there to challenge you (note that all of his Pokemon are at level 30 or above).

After the battle with Hop, take your Pokemon to the Pokemon Center and head into the Gym!

Pokemon Recommendations
Since Bea has a set of Fighting-Type Pokemon, we recommend that you try to acquire the following types of Pokemon, as they are all hard counters for Bea’s Pokemon:

  • Flying-Type
  • Psychic-Type
  • Fairy-Type

Note that Bea does have a Dark-Type Pokemon in her party, meaning that a Psychic-Type will be completely useless against it. When she brings out the Dark-type Pokemon, send in whatever Fairy-Type you’ve acquired.

If you want a quick and easy match, we recommend getting these types of Pokemon and leveling them up so the fight doesn’t end up being too strenuous.

The Gym Challenge
The challenge consists of you getting on a spinning cup and using giant boxing gloves, that are attached to the wall, to propel you in the opposite direction.

You’ll need to use these gloves to help you get further and further into the Gym.

There are a total of 3 sections you’ll need to clear before getting to Bea. After completing a single section, you’ll face off against one of the 3 Gym Trainers that are under Bea. They are as follows:


  • Stufful (Lvl 31)
  • Bewear (Lvl 32)


  • Farfetch’d (Lvl 32)


  • Hitmonlee (Lvl 33)
  • Hitmonchan (Lvl 33)

Beat all 3 to finally reach Bea.

Recommended Items
If you have Pokemon that counter her Fighting-Type Pokemon, then we recommend taking only a handful of Potions and Revives with you.

However, if you don’t have those kinds of Pokemon, and neither are your Pokemon on the same level as hers, we recommend not challenging her. But if you’re adamant and want to test your mettle, then take as many Potions, Super Potions, and Revives you can with you; you’ll need them.

Pokemon Sword Gym Leader – Bea
Bea has the following Pokemon at her disposal:

  • Hitmontop (Lvl 34)
  • Pangoro (Lvl 34)
  • Sirfetch’d (Lvl 35)
  • Machamp (Lvl 36)

Barring Pangoro, all of these are highly susceptible to Psychic attacks. We recommend sending in one early to quickly dispatch the first set of opponents.

Once Pangoro enters the field, however, we recommend you get your Fairy-Type out, as Fairy-Types do 4 times the damage when up against a Dark-Type Pokemon.

Be wary of Sirfetch’d as it has the ‘Deflect’ Ability; this ensures that your following attack does no damage whatsoever. You’ll need to be a little careful when dealing with Sirfetch’d – plan your next move strategically so that you can outsmart your opponent.

Bea’s final Pokemon will always be Machamp, and she will use a Dynamax to make him as powerful as possible. Save your own Dynamax until you’re down to your last two Pokemon – make sure that they’re either a Flying-Type or a Fairy-Type, as they’ll inflict extra damage.

Machamp is capable of using Max Darkness, which will effectively take out any Psychic-Type; don’t send out a Psychic-Type against Machamp.

Stay calm and use your Pokemon shrewdly, this battle will be a cinch if you remain focused and retain your composure.

When you finally do beat Bea, you’ll be rewarded with the following goodies:

  • The Stow-on-Side Gym Badge
  • TM42: Revenge
  • A Fighting-Type Gym Uniform (you can wear this outside of Gym Challenges)
  • The ability to capture Pokemon that go up to Level 40.

This concludes our Stow-on-Side Bea Gym Leader guide.