Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Gym Guide: How to Defeat Milo Tips

Learn how to conquer the first gym and earn your badge from Milo with our detailed Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Gym guide

In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Gym guide, we’ll go over the first Gym Leader Milo, who can be found in Turffield. This guide will detail the challenge you’ll have to complete to reach Gym Leader Milo, the kind of Pokemon he’ll have in store for you, and what is the best possible strategy when going up against him.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Gym

Milo is the first Gym Leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield, meaning he is by far the easiest to deal with. However, don’t underestimate him – the one suffering losses is he who underestimates his opponents.

The Turffield Gym Leader relies on Grass-Type Pokemon, so it’ll work to your advantage if you have a Fire-Type in your party. However, before diving into all of that, let’s first go over the path you’ll have to tread in order to reach the Turffield Gym.

Getting to the Turffield Gym
After exiting the Galar Mine, make your way over to Route 4. Along the way you’ll run into the very Gym Leader you aim on challenging – Milo. After conversing with him briefly, go to the nearby town of Turffield.

It’s best that you heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center before heading into the Gym to partake in the Gym Challenge.

We recommend that you spend a bit of time fighting Pokemon in the cave or the Wild Area to increase your Pokemons’ Level.

You cannot capture Pokemon that go up to Level 25 until you beat Milo, therefore it’s imperative that you get your Pokemon to the highest possible level before challenging the aforementioned Gym Leader.

Pokemon Recommendations
Since Milo uses purely Grass-Type Pokemon, the following will prove to be his greatest adversaries:

  • Fire-Type
  • Flying-Type
  • Bug-Type

If you happened to select a Scorbunny then this battle will prove to be little more than a brief skirmish.

However, if you have in your party something else, we recommend scouring the world for a Corvisquire – counters Grass-Type Pokemon!

Whatever Pokemon you end up having in your party, make sure that they’re at least Level 18, preferably even higher.

Even if you don’t have Pokemon that counter Milo’s, a party with high-level Pokemon will be adequate enough to deal with anything he has to dish out.

The Gym Challenge
The Challenge is simple enough: corral a bunch of Wooloo into their pens. When you near a Wooloo, it’ll roll away from you out of fright; you can manipulate where they roll off to.

Be wary of any objects that proves to be a hindrance – not only will it prevent the Wooloo from rolling in that direction, but they’ll actually redirect the Wooloo.

While attempting to herd the Wooloo, you’re liable to run into the Gym Trainers under Milo. You’ll have to battle them to proceed. The Trainers and their Pokemon are:


  • Gossifleur (Lvl 16)


  • Budew (Lvl 16)
  • Oddish (Lvl 17)


  • Bounsweet (Lvl 17)
  • Oddish (Lvl 17)

Beat all 3 and get the Wooloo to their pens, and you’ll be on the home stretch. Climb the staircase in front of you to reach Milo (We recommend taking a quick trip to the Pokemon Center if your Pokemon aren’t in tip-top shape).

Gym Leader – Milo
Milo has the following Pokemon at his disposal:

  • Gossifleur (Lvl 19)
  • Eldegoss (Lvl 20)

With only two Pokemon, this won’t prove to be a very long battle.

If you have a Fire or Flying-Type in your party, send it out first and have it quickly take care of Gossifleur (Milo will always send this one out first).

Try to take it out as quickly as possible while retaining the least amount of damage. We say this because things get a bit more hectic when Milo sends out Eldegoss.

As soon as Milo calls out Eldegoss, it will Gigantamax and have the power to deal a hefty amount of damage.

The best way to counter this is to use Dynamax; this will reduce the amount of damage you take and give you the power needed to take out Eldegoss and earn the win!

Not too terribly difficult of a fight, but one misstep can spell doom. Make sure to save your Dynamax for when Eldegoss is called out, and level up your Pokemon as much as possible before heading into the Gym; do this and the battle should prove to be a cakewalk.

For beating Milo, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Turffield Gym Badge
  • TM10: Magic Leaf
  • Grass-Type Uniform (Can be worn outside of Gym Challenges)
  • Ability to catch Pokemon up to Level 25

That concludes our Milo Gym Leader guide for Pokemon Sword and Shield.