Pokemon Sword and Shield Ballonlea Gym Guide: How to Defeat Opal Tips

Take on the fifth gym in the Galar region with the help of our Pokemon Sword and Shield Ballonlea Gym guide to secure a win

If you have found yourself playing through Pokemon Sword and Shield quite a bit, and have found yourself at the Ballonlea Gym needing some help, then this guide will detail you on how to get through the Gym as efficiently as possible. The Ballonlea Gym’s leader is Opal and it is the fifth Galar Gym. The Gym specializes in Fairy-Type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ballonlea Gym

Considering that Pokemon Sword and Shield Ballonlea Gym is a high-level gym, make sure you are up to the task before challenging the Ballonlea gym leader Opal. All the Pokemon in your party should be at least level 40 if you want to have a good chance against this gym challenge. Continue reading for some useful tips on how to get the Fairy Badge in Pokemon Sword and Shield by defeating Opal.

Getting to the Gym
As you journey through the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield, making your way through to the fifth Galar Gym, you will find yourself going through Glimwood Triangle which has some interesting Pokemon should you want to explore around for a while and make some new friends.

Navigating to Opal
Before you fight the Opal herself, you will be required to fight a few trainers before-hand so you can be deemed worthy of fighting the Gym Leader. As you are fighting these trainers, they and Opal will ask you questions, that if you get right, you will gain buffs for your Pokemon.

The Ballonlea Gym trainers will have Fairy type Pokemon as well which are weak to Steel and Poison-type Pokemon. Make sure that your Pokemon are at least a minimum of 40 before you go ahead and pick fights. The trainers and their Pokemon namely are:

  • Annette (Level 34 Spritzee and Level 34 Slurpuff)
  • Teresa (Level 34 Swirlix and Level 34 Aromatisse)
  • Theodora (Level 35 Morgrem and Level 35 Gardevoir)

Fighting Gym Leader Opal
Opal has a roster of Fairy-Type Pokemon which means it is a good idea to bring along Steel and Poison-type Pokemon. A trained Psychic, Fire and Poison-type Pokemon can make a great impact in the fight and cut it really short. She will have the following Pokemon by her side:

  • Level 36 Weezing (Poison, Fairy)
  • Level 37 Togekiss (Poison, Steel, Rock, Electric, Ice)
  • Level 36 Mawile (Ground, Fire)
  • Level 38 Alcremie (Steel, Poison)

Togekiss in this fight can be a little tricky. It is recommended that you defeat it as fast as possible otherwise it will use Ancient Power which will raise most of its stats creating a major problem for you.

Gigantamax Alcremie can be specifically difficult in this fight. You will need to survive it for 3 rounds, after which you should be able to easily defeat it. Beware of G-Max Finale which will hit really hard.

Ballonlea Gym Rewards
Once you defeat Opal you will receive the move Draining Kiss (TM87). Draining Kiss is a move that will damage your target and heal the user 50% of the damage it does. With this, your fight with Opal is concluded and you will get your Fairy Badge

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