Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester Gym Guide: How to Defeat Gordie

Get your hands on a new badge by conquering the sixth gym with the help of our detailed Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhest Gym guide

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Circhester Gym is the Sixth Galar Gym required to be defeated by the player in order to get the Rock badge. The Leader of this Gym is known as Gordie and he handles Rock-type Pokemon. If you have trained Water and Grass Pokemon, they will be a huge help in this Gym Battle. Read on for our Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester Gym guide for tips on how to defeat Gordie and conquer the gym.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester Gym

Leave Hammerlocke through the East Gate and cross the bridge into Route 7. You will find Hop with different Pokemon ready to battle you again. Once you defeat him, continue moving along the indicated path, you will find a trainer moving back and forth, from whom you can either sneak past or battle.

Beyond this, if you choose to move down the right path, you will be blocked by Team Yell. From that point, keep moving forward until you reach the Brick Tunnel and then enter it to get to Route 8.

Route 8 is what looks like the remains of a city. Follow the path until it splits into two and take the ladder on the right. Climb down and you will be fighting a trainer. Move forward and climb the next ladder up and head through the path South. Take the stairs down, climb the ladder, take a left and climb another ladder.

Now go to the intersection and climb down the ladder. Climb the next ladder from here, down and then up and then down. From here jump off the edge and then continue the path on the left. You will now notice stairs and a trainer pacing up and down on it, go through the tall grass on the right. Climb the remaining ladders, go up and down the remaining stairs, and go into the tunnel to get to Circhester Gym.

Pokemon Recommendations
Melony’s team consists of four Ice-Type Pokemons, which are weak to Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel-Type. You can catch the following Pokemon to better deal with Melony’s roster; Tyrogue, Vulpix, Meowth and Stufful.

Make sure your Pokemon are at the very least Level 43 before you fight this challenging battle. In my experience, Ice-Type Pokemon Gyms have always been particularly difficult to deal with in Pokemon games.

Making your way to Gordie
In order, to fight Gym Leader Gordie you will be required to get through an Obstacle Course. To get through, you will need to use a trap detector which will be your beacon as you walk through the three obstacle courses.

Should you happen to accidentally step on a trap, you will be starting back again at the most recent checkpoint. The Trap Detector will ping near a trap and you can use this information to safely navigate your way through the obstacle courses. Albeit the third obstacle course will blind your vision due to the sandstorm, simply use the Detector to navigate your way to the end of this Obstacle Course.

The trainers at the Gym will be using Rock-type Pokemon over which you can easily gain an advantage by simply using a Grass, Fighting, Ground, Water or Steel-type Pokemon. If you do not have any of the mentioned types, keep potions just in case. The following are the trainers and their respective Pokemon.

  • Abigail (Level 38 Boldore)
  • Kiera (Level 38 Crustle)
  • Oliver (Level 39 Carkol)
  • Wendy (Level 39 Sudowoodo)

Once you have successfully dealt with all the challenges of the Gym, you will be invited to face the leader himself, Gordie.

Fighting Gym Leader Gordie
Gordie also has Rock-type Pokemon. Having a Water-Type will definitely cut this fight short. Gordie has 4 Pokemon in total which include:

  • Barbaracle (Level 40)
  • Shuckle (Level 40)
  • Stonjourner (Level 41)
  • Coalossal (Dynamax) (Level 42)

Shuckle has relatively high defensive stats, it will tank a bunch of your attacks before it goes down completely. Gordie will also Dynamax his Coalossal. A recommended approach would be to simply Dynamax your Water-type Pokemon and simply take this big guy down.

Once you defeat Gordie, you will receive:

  • Icy Wind (TM27)
  • Ice Gym Uniform (Can be worn outside of challenges)
  • Catch Pokemon up to level 50

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