Pokemon Sword and Shield Wyndon Gym Championship Guide

This guide is the complete walkthrough for the Wyndon Gym Challenge in Sword and Shield. You’ll have to go through many hurdles on your way to reach the Final Championship match, many secrets to be revealed and many Gym Leaders to Fight. Read on for Pokemon Sword and Shield Wyndon Gym Battle Tips and Strategy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Wyndon Gym Battle Tips and Strategy

Once you’ve received your final badge and finished the Hammerlocke Gym, the train station will open which helps you reach Wyndon. However, your destination is not that simple, you’ll have to cross some routes in order to reach your location.

As you exit the station, you’ll notice two hidden X Attacks towards the left side. Now, take a right and walk through the tall grass in front of you and find a Max Revive. Also, while on your way, take a look at Galarian Mr. Mimes.

As soon as you head in the direction of your path, you’ll encounter Doctor Graham. You’ll face him in a battle. He uses Gardevoir as his Pokemon who is weak to Steel, Poison and Ghost.

When you’re finished with Doctor Graham, sprint to the top of the path where you’ll find a hiker. This hiker can be ignored but, you’ll still fight him. Douglas (Hiker) uses Steelix and Mudsdale who show their weakness towards Water Attack.

Take a right when at the Junction and find Office Worked Ronald along with his two Pokemons; Weavile and Claydol, both of which can be taken down by Bug Attacks.

Carry on with moving down the path until you reach a split. Each way has trainers in its possession. Since right is always the right way! so, let’s start by going in the right direction, where you’ll find a Comet Shard which is hiding close to the Rock.

Finally, a battle is coming ahead of you. Postman Harper is found up ahead with his Pelipper and Noctowl, his Pokemons can deal maximum damage with Electric Moves.

As soon as you’re done battling the Postman Harper in the right direction, return to the split and move towards the other side and fight Cabbie Geoffrey, who uses  Corviknight and Flygon, use Ice Attacks to weaken both of them.

Walk alongside the grass patches and once near the end, find a discrete way going towards the south; which helps you reach a Power Herb. Also, you’ll find a bottle of PP Up to the right of the campsite.

But you’re not finished here. There are many Pokemon Trainers up ahead such as Hiker Donald; who has Gigalith and Rhydon which are fragile towards Water Attacks, Gentleman Glenn; who has Glarian Darmanitan, Falinks and Grapploct. Use your Fire, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy attacks to defeat them.

At last the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your final battle is against Gillian and Cam. They send out their Heliolisk, Klinkklang, and Togedemaru that can be taken out by Fighting, and their Noivern; that can be defeated by ice Attacks.

Climb up the path and check out the beauty of the next town, and enter Wyndon.

In Wyndon there’s not much to explore in the middle of the town as there are only statues in that area. Simply visit the Pokemon Centre to recover your Pokemon who have been battling throughout your journey.

There’s a train station near the Centre that can come handy when you need to travel to The Rose of the Rondelands Hotel or Wyndon Stadium. In the main square you’ll find yet another hidden Max Revive in the left corner.

For exploring this area you’ll have two paths, right and left. On the right side there’s a Battle Café and a barbershop and on the left side there’s a new boutique.

Visit the Hotel which is located on the downwards left road. You can find an Air Balloon on the right side of the Hotel and a hidden Big Nugget on the left side.

Remember he bridge you just crossed? right a right from it and walk alongside the sidewalks that take you towards the river where you’ll find a hidden blob of Black Sludge.

There are some houses on the left of the bridge, enter the second home from the north and find League Staff Isaacc.

He gives you permission to fight three of his Rotom. All three Rotoms are of different type. Mow Rotom is an Electric/Grass-Type, heat Rotom is an Electric/Fire-Type, and Wash Rotom is an Electric/Water-Type.

Upon Defeating them, you’ll receive the Rotom Catlog.

With the Second house taken care of, there is a man in the fourth house from the north or the sixth one from the south, who is ready to exchange his Duraludon for a Frosmoth.

Now, enter the park from the bottom left gate. You’ll find a hidden Rare candy in the bottom left corner of the Grassy Seed area, and a man on the north side of the Grasse battle court; who’ll teach your starter an Ultimate Move. Don’t forget to pick that hidden Balm Mushroom on the right side of the battle court.

Cross the bridge on the right side of the town to enter the Wyndon Stadium and start the Wyndon Gym.

Wyndon Gym – Semifinals
In the Wyndon Gym, you’ll be facing multiple opponents and we have the tips to defeat them all. Approach the guy in front of you, he’ll help you enter the locker room. From there you can go inside the stadium. Your first ever opponent in Wyndon Gym is none other than Marnie. Her team is almost the same with an inclusion of a few new Pokemon such as Grimmsnarl.

Toxicroak is a Poison/Fighting-Type Pokemon that can be defeated by using Flying Attack. Grimmsnarl is a Dark/Fairy-Type Pokemon that you can take down by using Poison or Steel.

Liepard, Scrafty and Morpeko can be defeated easily by using Fighting Attacks. Be sure to leave Dynamax for the very end, as they say; Leave the best for the last.

Moving on, your next opponent is Hop. His team is the same as before but if some Pokemons being upgraded. Hop uses Dubwool, Corviknight, Pincurchin and Snorlax.

Each Hop’s Pokemon has different abilities and weaknesses expect for Dubwook and Corviknight, as both have a weakness towards Fire Attacks.

Pincurchin is an Electric-Type Pokemon so, it can show weakness towards Ground Attacks. And last but not least, one of the laziest Pokemon known as Snorlax. Use a Fighting move against him, he wouldn’t mind!

Your Next stop is Wyndon Hotel for celebrating your victory.

Wyndon League Member Search Locations
Being the champion of the Wyndon Gym, you’re given a celebration dinner where you’ll meet Leon. Chat with Leon for a while till you get taken to a fancy hotel, since you have a lunch with Leon, according to your schedule.

The sad news is that Leon never arrives at lunch. You’re informed by Piers that Leon went into Chairman Rose’s building. Once you go outside with Piers to discuss this issue, Oleanna intercepts your discussion, and tells you that Leon is currently busy in a meeting with Rose and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Try to find the League staff member wearing black sun glasses. He has possession of the key card which is required to get on the monorail leading to Rose’s tower. He is outside a purple house near the center square (right from the entrance of the train station).

Have a brief chat with him, telling him that you already have the key card. This way the dubious Macro Cosmos’s Eric will challenge you into a battle. He uses his Galarian Meowth and Durant, both of which are weak to Fire Attack. Don’t worry about your speed, as Marnie is in the background cheering for you.

This guy is a coward, he leaves! You’ll find him again; he didn’t go too far. He is at the Center Plaza having an argument with two guys on the left. Approach him and he’ll use his Mawile and Excadrill, both of which are weak to Fire, yet again.  Marnie still cheers for you, and this time increases Defense stats.

He left again? Find him inside the telephone booth on the left side. Another battle, this time he uses his Ferroseed and Steelix, which are again surprisingly weak to Fire. This guy can’t learn his lesson. And again, Marnie cheers for you, increasing your Attack stats.

Now, Eric tries to run away towards the train station, but Piers prevents him from leaving by performing a song and eventually stealing the key card.

Take the monorail and reach the Rose Tower.

Rose Tower
You’ll reach Rose Tower, the moment you have possession of the key card in Wyndon. The coming section of the game is filled with Steel-Type Pokemons, be sure to use a strong Fire-Type against them to cause a serious amount of damage.

Explore this area and find a unique Candy at the lower left section of the area. Find TM93 Eerie Impulse at the back of a sign. Also, you can find Cell Battery in the left side, down to the right path, and an Electric Seed down the left path at the very end. Lastly, you’ll find a hidden bottle of PP Up in the right side.

The moment you walk into the tower, you’ll be added in a battle against Marco Cosmos’s Elijah; who uses Durant that is very weak to Fire. He is actually a nice person as he gives you some information when you defeat him.

Enter the elevator in the lobby and face Macro Cosmos’s Jane and Macro Cosmos’s Mateo; who use Cufant and Bronzong. As mentioned before, almost every Pokemon in this area are weak to Fire.

It’s not a handicap match, you’ll have Hop to assist you. Once the elevator stops after the battle, you’ll face yet another opponent Macro Cosmos’s Kevin and Macro Cosmos’s Carla; using Mawile and Klang.

At last, the final battle is between. Macro Cosmos’s Adalyn and Macro Cosmos’s Justin; who bring Steelix and a Galarian Stunfisk.

You’ll encounter Oleanna on the top. You’ll get teleported back when she makes her crazy eyes, indicating a battle.

Froslass and Tsareena are weak to Fire, and Salazzle can be taken out with Ground and water types.

Milotic is a water-type so, use Electric or grass against it. Now, the last Pokemon is Garbodor, use Ground and Psychic attacks.

As the battle is over, you’ll have to sit through a cutscene between Leon and Rose. Once the cutscene is over, head to the hotel, the next evening and head for the Wyndon Gym for a champion battle match.

Wyndon Gym Championship Match
You’ll start a championship match inside Wyndon Stadium. Our Pokemon Sword and Shield Wyndon Gym Battle Tips will once again prove useful here. There’s a kid waiting for you to shake hands with him on the right, be sure to approach him before taking to the man on the desk.

Have a small conversation with other gym leaders before going on the pitch. Bede will enter shortly and challenge as the Fairy-Type gym leader.

Leon accepts his challenge. Bede carries four Pokemon with him, and since he’s a Fairy-Type fighter now, so three of his Pokemons are both Psychic and Fairy which are fragile towards Poison, Ghost and Steel. Keep an eye on Bede as he uses Full restore at your last and final Pokemon.

Now, return to the locker and heal your hard-working Pokemons. When healed, step into the pitch once again.

Your next opponent is Nessa, use an Electric attack or Pokemon against all five Pokemons of Nessa (e Barraskewda and Seaking are not included).

Nessa goes with Golisopod, who is weak to Electric, Flying, and Rock moves. Pelipper is weak to Electric and Rock and Drednaw is weak to Electric, Fighting, and Ground.

Coming up next is Bea. Bea focuses more on the Fighting types. Which means you have to use a Flying, Psychic, and Fairy type.

However, Bea uses Hawlucha at the beginning. Hawlucha is weak to Electric and Grass. Save your Dynamax for the end in every battle, this should be your main strategy.

You may have won the battle, but the War isn’t over yet. Next up is Raihan, the Dragon type gym leader. Ice, Dragon and Fairy are best for Dragon types.

Looks like Raihan has mixed up his team, he sends Torkoal, a fire-type first. The obvious counter for fire is water, ground or Rock.

Goodra, Turtonator, and Flygon are weak to Dragon attacks. Be careful when fighting Duraludon, it’s not like his teammates. It is weak to Fighting and Ground and possesses high-speed which means it doesn’t take the first strike, even with Dynamax.

Once you’ve beaten everyone, head inside and watch a cutscene.

Slumbering Weald (Return)
You have returned to the place where you began, the woods. Walk alongside the path going towards the Legendary Pokemon.

Let’s spoil your excitement, there’s nothing there. Carry on moving forward. Once you arrive at a junction in the path, you’ll have to search for a Max Revive near the splits. This division of ways is a very difficult task to choose from, if you go right than you can’t make it to the next location but, going the other way means you lost a chance on some valuable item.

When going down the right path, go towards the left at the split and find a Misty Seed. Going forward into the right side, you’ll encounter a river. Use Rotom Bike to cross it and find a Life Orb.

Return to the split again and this time head into the left path. Find a Mental Herb underneath a fallen tree. Don’t stop there, move a little bit more down the path and find a hidden Elixir near another fallen tree.

Walk further ahead from the fallen tree and find TM86 Phantom Force over the river. You’ll end up on a different split this time. Go right and catch a Smoke Ball and return to the split for the left turn.

Find Hop and interact with him, there you’ll encounter two Legendary Pokemons, they disappear into the fog soon after.

Cross the bridge and enter the next area. Go straight towards the serene monument and find a damaged sword and shield and a Pedestal. Pick up the Sword, Hop will pick the Shield.

Interact with Hop and Teleport to the Hammerlocke Stadium to assist Leon.

Energy Plant
You’re almost finished, meet Raihan before running into the Stadium, he needs to get a few things off his chest.  Enter the Energy by climbing into a lift on your right. Walk down the hallway and find Chairman Rose in the big room.

You’ll find the true side of side of the chairman; he feeds Wishing Stars to a Legendary Pokemon known an Eternatus. Just for creating Energy.

Don’t waste your time on the Chairman because doesn’t seem to be amused by your arrival so, Macro Cosmos’s Rose is your opponent, who uses Steel types, be sure to keep it simple and stick to Fire Attacks. Yet again save the best for the last, don’t use Dynamax until the final Pokemon.

When you’ve defeated the Chairman, return to the hallway and take the lift going up on the left side. Watch Leon catching the Legendary Pokemon before something goes wrong. Now, your battle against Eternatus begins.

Use Ice, Ground, Psychic, and Dragon against this Poison and Dragon type Pokemon. Don’t take him lightly, he’s probably the strongest adversary you’ve ever faced. Wait for him to strike, since he’s a high-speed type.

Once Eternatus reaches its lowest health, it Dynamax into a huge and almost unidentified Pokemon. Hop joins you in the battle and all of your Pokemons have been healed.

Your first three strikes are either countered or don’t affect this newly formed Pokemon. Once Hop backs you up, use the Sword or Shield to awaken Zacian and Zamazenta, these are Legendary Pokemon who’ll assist you in the battle.

Even on Dynamix, Eternatus has the same type. Therefore, keep using Ice, Ground, Psychic, and Dragon attacks. Nothing can stop you as both the Legendary Pokemons are fighting with you and causing great about of damage.

Once its down on the ground, use any one of your Poke Balls to catch it. After the two legendries take off, we go three days into the future. In the Wyndon for your very Last Championship Match.

Wyndon Gym – Final Championship Match
Things appear to be normal as Chairman Rose turned himself in and Leon schedules a championship match. Go to the Wyndon Stadium for the final stretch of our Pokemon Sword and Shield Wyndon Gym Battle Tips guide. Step in the pitch after talking to the man front of the desk.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for, your Championship match against the Champion Leon begins. This time you can’t use the same type Pokemon, since Leon brought a team belonging to different types.

His first Pokemon is Aegislash a fitting choice and one that’s weak to Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark. Next up is Dragapult, a new Pokemon that’s weak to Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy moves. You also have Haxorus, a Dragon-type that’ll go down with decent Ice, Dragon, and Fairy attacks.

Rhyperior is weakened by Water and Grass and can also be affected by Ice, Fighting, Ground, and Steel. You’ll also fight Rillaboom, a Grass type weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug. and Grass moves.

This is the Final and hardest task in the game, Leon sends out his Charizard. Both of you are going to save the Dynamax for the last.

Charizard is weak to Water, Electric, and especially Rock attacks. Don’t get your hopes up as Leon can use a Grass Type to counter your pick, if you sue a Water type. He’ll strike you with a Grass move, if you don’t take him out in your first G-Max Move.

And just like that, you’re the new Champion of Wyndon Gym. Don’t miss the title screen on the credits.

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