Persona 5 Mask Collector Trophy Guide

Persona 5 Mask Collector Trophy Guide to help you complete the Persona Compendium to earn the said Trophy in the game with our tips.

In our Persona 5 Mask Collector Trophy Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the Persona Compendium and earning the said Trophy.

The Persona Compendium is basically a list of all the available Personas in Persona 5, which are 191 in total, excluding the team member Personas and DLC.

The Persona Compendium is accessible through the Velvet Room. Players will have access to all Personas except one, which is the last Persona, and it is called Satanael. It is available in New Game+.

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Persona 5 Mask Collector Trophy

One of the first things that you need to know about the ‘Mask Collector’ Trophy is that it can’t be acquired during your first playthrough of the game. The reason being, one of the Personas is exclusive to NG+.

The Personas that you will acquire throughout the game by negotiation or fusion, will fill the list of Personas up.


These are shown as empty spaces, while they’ll only show their Arcanas and level. After completing the Persona Compendium, you will get the trophy.

You will see how some o the advanced fusion recipes will be unlocked by default, while a lot of them will require you to reach the maximum rank in Confidants.

The rank 5 of the Strength Confidant will also increase the total number of advanced fusions that you will be allowed to perform.

Even though previous dungeons can’t be revisited, all non-fusion-exclusive can be acquired through Memento negotiations. Moreover, even if you miss out on some, you should be able to fuse down into the Persona.

You should also try to reach Chariot Confidant Rank 7 to receive Insta-Kill ability which will allow you to acquire your desired Persona without worrying about negotiating.

Strength Rank 10 will allow you to fuse Personas at a higher level than yourself. Though these will cost you extra, so it’s better that you level up. Lastly, do note that you don’t need DLC Personas.

Below is a list of Personas that can only be fused after maxing out the respective Arcana’s Confidant:

  • Fool – Vishnu
  • Magician – Futsunushi
  • Priestess – Cybele
  • Empress – Mother Harlot
  • Emperor – Odin
  • Hierophant – Kohryu
  • Lovers – Ishtar
  • Chariot – Chi-You
  • Justice – Metatron
  • Hermit – Ongyo-ki
  • Fortune – Lakshmi
  • Strength – Zaou-Gongen
  • Hanged Man – Attis
  • Death – Alice
  • Temperance – Ardha
  • Devil – Beelzebub
  • Tower – Mada
  • Star – Lucifer
  • Moon – Sandalphon
  • Sun – Asura
  • Judgement – Satan

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