How To Farm Money In Persona 5

Persona 5 Money Farming Guide to help you farm up to 170,000 per enemy turn without taking a lot of damage in the game & while doing other things.

Money is hard to come by in Persona 5, especially if you want everything that the game has to offer. Luckily, we’ve some quick & easy-to-follow Persona 5 Money Farming tips that should help you out!

Money makes the world go round and the same is true for Persona 5. Without a lot of cash available, you will not only struggle in fights due to weak gear but also lack funds to participate in a lot of activities.

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How to quickly earn money in Persona 5

As mentioned before, money is extremely essential in P5 and P5R. Not only do you need a boatload of money for gear, but when you go down the path of using Persona Fusions, you will be burning through a lot of money.

For that very reason, it is essential to have your coffers filled with money so you don’t have to worry about cash in Persona 5 when you are trying to make a new persona through fusion.

Earning money through the Confusion skill

This Persona 5 Money Farming method will help you farm up to 170,000 per enemy turn without taking a lot of damage in the game.

The first thing that you need is an Onmoraki. Once you’ve acquired it, level it up to Level 15 in order to learn Confusion Boost & Pulinpa.

Now the thing that you need to do is to fuse Onmoraki with a Persona of your own preference. Since you can always farm in ‘Easy Mode’, it’s recommended that you select a Persona with higher ‘Luck’ in order to maximize your gains.

If not, select whatever you’re comfortable with & make sure to inherit Confusion Boost & Pulinpa.

Now you need to level up the Persona through Gallows Fusion, using the highest-level Gem Persona you’re able to summon as Fodder.

Following the each Gallows Fusion, you must register the Persona, delete it – Itemization or Fodder, & re-summon it again since the game doesn’t allow strengthening a single Persona more than once.

Once you’ve finished all your money, gather about three Memento Requests. However, do note that not all Memento bosses can be Confused.

Now make sure that your difficulty setting is set to ‘Easy’, you’ve an SP regenerating accessory equipped, & only have the Protagonist in your Party.

The next thing that you need to do is to Confuse the Memento boss followed by keep guarding until you’ve to Confuse again. Depending on your ‘Luck’, the boss should be throwing money, items, or absolutely nothing at you.

If you’re doing everything correctly, you shouldn’t be taking a whole lot of damage & farming while doing other stuff. The method should allow you to earn something between 40,000 to 170,000 per enemy turn. In case you still have any confusions, you can check out the video demonstration by SephiZack.

Earn by negotiations

During the Holdup, you can Negotiate with the Shadows to earn a lot of money. To do so, you have to target their weaknesses. Attack them with the moves that are their weakness and then negotiate with them to ask for their money.

It works best on the stronger Shadows, i.e., the mini-bosses. When you threaten them with their weakness and ask them for money, they’ll grant it to you to spare their lives in Persona 5. 

Win lottery

Winning a Lottery is a matter of luck. But if you win one, the grand prize is 100,000 yen. For the lottery, get to the Shibuya station, and there will be a counter near it. Here you can buy a lottery ticket in Persona 5.

Remember that 7 is a lucky number for the lottery, so that it might be a good number for you. So if you’ve enough cash to buy a Lottery ticket, try your luck. If you win the jackpot, you can become the Persona 5 money farm.

Get a part-time job

One of the best ways to farm money in Persona 5 Royal is to get a part-time job. The best part-time job to do is by working in a flower shop or a convenience store, but if you can manage to get yourself a job in the Crossroads Bar, this will be the best case for you as it pays you 5,400 yen/night and will help you boost your social stats.

However, to get a job, first get a proficiency rank of 3. Also, you should unlock your social link with Ohya beforehand. 

Defeat Treasure Demons

In Persona 5 Royal, Shadows are in every corner of the Mementos. However, one of the rare ones is the Treasure Demons. They are hard to find, but don’t let them escape if you see one. These demons use sneaky tactics to run off and avoid fighting; therefore, capturing them is challenging. But if you see one, charge an attack on it. Capture it, and you can get quite a handsome amount from it. 

Sell your loot

There are ways you can get loot containing different items in Persona 5 Royal. You can obtain the loot by opening chests or by defeating Shadows. Selling these items is the best way to get infinite money in Persona 5 Royal. As long as you have these items keep selling them to max your money farming.

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