Payday 3: Rock The Cradle Loud Guide

Dance your way into the Neon Arcade to steal a Crpto Wallet containing a ton of dirty money.

Rock the Cradle takes you to a nightclub called Neon Arcade where you can go in Loud to steal a Crypto Wallet in Payday 3.

With cameras, guards, and alarms in a multi-layered level with an amazing soundtrack to pack it all together, there is more to look out for than you might think.

If getting all the loot is your priority then it is better to complete Rock the Cradle heist in Stealth because you will not be able to grab the Crypto Wallet during Loud.

If that is not your concern, then barging through the front door, with your crew and guns to take control of the nightclub is a lot more fun than sneaking around.

Once you have decided on your Loud loadout whether it is a damage-focused build or you are mixing things up with the sentry turret build, it is time to hit the road and grab some cash from the Neon Arcade.

How to complete Rock the Cradle in Loud for Payday 3

Rock the Cradle plays a bit differently compared to other Loud heists in Payday 3. The thing to note here is that you can roam around freely in the beginning with the option to start the heist in Loud at any point.


Just remember that once the alarms go off, the Crypto Wallet will expire. However, you can still grab all the remaining loot in the area. It will significantly lower the total loot you get but if that is a sacrifice you are willing to make then let’s get started.

Lastly, we suggest a shotgun build for this heist especially because of the short-range combat you will engage in.

In our opinion, the Reinfeld 880 shotgun, FIK PC9 SMG, and SG Compact 7 are great weapon choices for this heist because of how enemies come in clusters and the narrow spaces make them stick close together.

Additionally, skills like Stockholm Syndrome, Pin Puller, and Menacing will be some of the best skills in Payday 3 for Rock the Cradle in Loud.

Enter the VIP Club

Head inside Neon Arcade through the front door and head behind the dancers to find the VIP Club entrance on your right next to Neon Lounge Bar.

You can either steal the VIP passes from Rifkin’s Office to get inside the VIP Club entrance and then trigger the alarm or pull your gun out from the get-go, whichever floats your boat.

Get the VIP invitation passes (route 1)

Rifkin’s office will be right next to the stairs on the top floor which can be accessed by lockpicking the door on the left of Neon Lounge Bar.

Once you get to the office to grab the VIP Club passes, you will need to hack Rifkin’s phone to get the QR codes required to unlock the display case. If you break the glass instead, it will trigger the alarm forcing you to resort to the second method.

You can find Rifkin entering Neon Arcade wearing red and black clothes and you can follow her while crouching to hack the phone.

Once you have the code, simply go back up and unlock the case, grab the VIP passes, and show them to the bouncers to get into the VIP club. You can then trigger the alarm without needing to break the lock for the VIP area and proceed with Rock the Cradle in Loud normally in Payday 3.

Use a drill to break the lock (route 2)

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the VIP passes, there is another way to unlock the VIP Club without them.

After you trigger the alarm, the area will be sealed and you will need to break in using a drill that will break through the lock. It will need fixing from time to time so don’t venture too far away from the area.

While you are waiting for the VIP entrance to open, gather the hostages in an area to tie them up where you can use them as human shields and also take and trade the hostages for delaying the oncoming assault.

After the drill is done, move the tanks on your right to open up the vent space which you will use later.

Set up the extraction point

To set up your extraction point, go outside the building and grab the cage parts on your left in yellow bags. Bring them back and place them in the dancers’ area to build a cage to keep yourself and the loot safe once you escape.

This may not seem much but in higher difficulties, the last onslaught of enemies becomes pretty difficult to defend against so we recommend always setting up the extraction point even in easier modes to get into the habit.

Activate the vault’s keypad

Now that you have dealt with the hostages, head down through the VIP Club and be quick on your feet because as time passes, the enemies will keep getting stronger.

Your first stop is the Maintenance Room across the bar from the stairs which you need to unlock by passing the key check. Enter the room on your right to access The Vault room.

The Vault will need to be unlocked using an untraditional method because the keypad got deactivated due to the alarm.

Head right from the room, and you will find the power board mounted on the short wall in the area under the stairs. It will allow external support to hack into The Vault but you need to stand guard and stop enemies from interfering till it is done.

Get the Rock the Cradle vault codes

Once you get the go signal, you need to find the codes for The Vault in the Accounting Office during Rock The Cradle in Payday 3. Go right from the entrance stairs, enter through the Accounting Office door, and head up the stairs to enter the Office.

You will find three codes out of which only one will unlock the door. Since it is randomized the code and the correct option will differ for each player.

The first code will be in a safe on the shelf next to the table, the second one will be on the red chair in front of the computer and the last one will be inside the black room next to the table on a shelf in the back.

With each code memorized, head back down the stairs and open the vent at the mid-way point for a direct shortcut to The Vault.

Unlock The Vault to get the loot bags and make your way up to the extraction point where you set up the cage.

There are also some paintings in private rooms and offices on the top and ground floor which we recommend grabbing if you find the usual loot underwhelming.

Wait until the chopper arrives

Once you have collected all the loot, you will need to defend yourself until the getaway chopper arrives.

To do this, you should break the skylight and prepare for a final stand. However, this will not be easy, as the police will also arrive and do everything they can to prevent your escape.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any enemies who may try to steal your hard-earned rewards from the loot cage.

Once the getaway chopper arrives, you should quickly make your way to the designated circle to complete the Rock the Cradle Heist in Loud in Payday 3 and make your escape.

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