Payday 3: Accounting Office Location In Rock The Cradle

Finding the accounting office in Payday 3 Rock the Cradle heist is tricky.

The Accounting Office in Payday 3 is a room you must find in the “Rock the Cradle” heist. The problem is that this spot is a little tricky, leaving most players scratching their heads after a lengthy search. But you don’t need to worry; I will tell you exactly how you will get to the Accounting Office in Payday 3.

How to get into the Accounting Office

You should be in the Neon Cradle Building to get to the Accounting Office. Inside the building, arrive at the VIP Lounge. But to enter that lounge, you must get and authenticate a VIP Invitation in Payday 3.

However, this is not an easy process; you must collect the VIP invitation card from the office and then take it to the computer to authenticate it. During this process, you must ensure the guards don’t spot you.

After you are done with that, walk towards the dance floor downstairs. From the dance floor, move towards the right side of the hallway, and you will see a room with stairs on the far right side. The room will have a nameplate labeled “Accounting Office.” Get in and move up the stairs.

The Payday 3 Accounting Office room in Rock the Cradle will be on the first floor. But you have to take care of the security camera first. Wait for the camera to look on the other side, allowing you to get near the room.

However, the door will be locked, and you have to lockpick it. Don’t worry about the camera; changing its angle takes some time. Once you have done it, you will be inside the Accounting Office Room. You can find the Red Keycard and vault codes from this office in Payday 3.


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