Best Skills To Invest In First In Payday 3

If you choose earlier, some skills can make your Payday 3 journey a lot smoother.

Payday 3 Skill system allows you to integrate your playstyle according to your preferences. You should invest in the best Payday 3 skills to increase your chances of finishing heists. There are too many separate skill nodes for you to learn; getting used to them will also take time.

With each level up in Payday 3, you will gain skill points that you can use on different skill trees. Remember that these skills will give some temporary buffs (Rush, Grit, Edge), so you can also master those heists. I have picked the top 10 skills you should invest in first.

Payday 3 Best skills to get first

Skills play a crucial role; you must get the ones that can benefit you the most. I have listed out multiple skills from different skill trees that you can invest in. By following the expertise on these skills and activating the buff required, you can easily carry out successful heists.

1. Quick Fingers

This will be your primary skill as an infiltrator in Payday 3. Specific scenarios will occur during your heist missions where you will require access to certain areas. These can only be done by completing the lockpicking (mini-game) successfully.

Investing in the Quick Finger skill lets you quickly complete this mini-game and unlock those doors. Moreover, you will also get a temporary buff known as a Rush when you successfully use this skill.

2. Secure Loop

Secure Loop is one of those unique skills you should invest in, as it will keep you off the radar. This skill is deployed by hackers mostly and allows you to sabotage the camera feed installed in the buildings.


This is done by replaying a scene in a loop, which allows you to access that area without being spotted. This way, you can carry out your heist successfully and evade the crime scene without detecting anyone in your presence.

3. Ammo Funnel

The Ammo Funnel skill is an excellent addition to the Mower Skill tree in Payday 3. This way, if you are going in guns blazing at the enemy, you won’t run out of ammo. The ammo you pick will be automatically utilized in your weapon, allowing you to fire continuously while filling your magazine.

4. Battering Ram

This particular skill is well set with the Escapist Skill tree, allowing you to break out of a tough spot. This means the Battering Ram skill can be utilized along with your sprint as you force your way out by rushing toward a locked door.

However, you must activate one of the buffs associated with this, including Rush, Edge, and Grit, in Payday 3. In short, this skill will be helpful for you if you are keen on escaping after completing your heist. This way, you can certainly use the Battering Ram skill after you activate a buff, e.g., Rush (by simply running around) to your favor.

5. Open Mic

The Open Mic extends your radio range by 50 percent, allowing you to answer faster in Payday 3. This will leave you vulnerable to being spotted by the enemy, as this skill is not a part of the stealth buildup.

You will need to be extra careful, but using this skill will allow you to conduct the heist faster as you will respond more quickly. Moreover, you can use the Open Mic skill on their radios once you remove the security guards. This way, you can delay their assault, allowing your heist more time to be successful in Payday 3.

6. Stockholm Syndrome

The Stockholm Syndrome Skill allows you to manipulate the situation in your favor in Payday 3. By spending points on this specific skill, you can tie up hostages quickly and trade them faster.

Furthermore, if you end up using the Stockholm Syndrome skill on a hostage, you can also have him revive you by calling for help. This will work well when you are alone in a fight against the enemy/security guards.

7. Glitch Protocol

If you are keen on providing distractions during your heist, then the Glitch Protocol is the one you should invest in Payday 3. This hacker skill allows you to distract an enemy target for a few seconds, so you can sneak behind them and loot them successfully.

Moreover, suppose the security personnel catches you in that area. In that case, you can hack their radio com briefly, allowing you to flee the situation without them noticing you.

8. Bagger

This skill will allow you to stash the loot faster in Payday 3. You can select it from the infiltrator skill tree, which will help you massively when you need to grab the items and get out.

However, you will require the buff Rush to activate this skill, which can be easily activated while lockpicking doors. So make sure to spend your points on the Bagger Skill, which can also increase your chances of completing a heist on time.

9. Pin Puller

The Pin Puller skill is one of those skills that you can use while facing SWAT teams. To apply this skill, you must take a SWAT member hostage and move out into the open. Then, you can shove him toward the rest of the security detail by pressing the key to push him into Payday 3.

This way, the smoke grenade on that particular SWAT will go off because you also pulled the pin off it when you pushed him. This will cause a diversion in the form of a cloud of smoke, allowing you to escape undetected from that area. The Pin Puller skill will be most useful when you are in a tough spot with a security guard as your hostage.

10. Menacing

For this skill to work, you must do two things. One of these will be to shout at the security (SWAT), and the second and more important thing is to keep looking in their direction.

This way, the SWAT personnel will stop shooting at you, lay down their arms, and go down on their knees in surrender. You can use them as hostages, but make sure that you keep looking at them.

This concludes the list of the best skills you should get in Payday 3. Spend your points on them, increasing your chances of scoring those heist challenges.

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