How To Take And Trade Hostages In Payday 3

Master the art of trading hostages to turn the tide of a heist in your favor!

The hostage-taking mechanic returns to Payday 3 with a few new features. You can now trade your hostages with the authorities to buy some valuable time and delay the final assault.

You also need to take hostages during a heist to stop them from running away and alerting the authorities. This becomes vital during a stealth heist. Additionally, you can use hostages as human shields to prevent the police from gunning you down.

We will be covering these two aspects in this article whilst also discussing the repercussions if you end up killing them.

How to take hostages in Payday 3

To take someone as a hostage in Payday 3, you have to force them to kneel on the ground or raise their hands. This can be done in two ways depending on the heist requirements and your preferred playstyle.

  • By pointing your weapon in their direction and shouting at them. You can shout at someone by pressing the middle mouse button on PC or the up button on the D-pad for consoles.
  • By shooting near them. However, beware that this can trigger alarms and alert nearby guards. If you want to adopt this way, shoot with a silenced weapon.

Something important to note here is that you can only take civilians as hostages in Payday 3. You cannot take police officers or other security people as hostages.

Payday 3 - Shouting at civilians

Once a civilian is down on the ground, you will have two options. You can either use the hostage as a human shield or tie them up to stop them from running away. Press the F button on the PC or the X/Square on consoles to do this.

Any hostages that you tie up in Payday 3 can be traded with the authorities to delay the police assault. We will be covering this in the next section.

You can also take managers as hostages; this enables players to get into locked rooms and disable lockdowns and alarms.

How to trade hostages in Payday 3

Once you have the hostages tied up, go near them and hold the F button on PC or the X/Square on consoles to bring up the trade hostage prompt.

Once you’ve traded the required number of hostages in Payday 3, you will enter a negotiation phase. In this round, you can gain extra time which delays the assault to gather more loot or obtain valuable resources like ammo or health packs.

Lastly, it would be best to remember that the number of hostages you can trade to increase the time will vary. After some time, the time will not increase even if you offer to sell some of the remaining hostages.

However, you need to watch out for more significant difficulties. The police will not hesitate to fire at you if you have one or two hostages.

What happens if you kill a hostage in Payday 3?

If you end up killing a hostage (civilian) during a heist in Payday 3, you will lose cash. This action will also nullify negotiations with the police and result in an immediate shootout.

This shootout can be avoided if you have the Stockholm Syndrome skill equipped; this allows you to instantly exchange a hostage in Payday 3 when the assault is triggered.

It is also recommended to practice hostage situations in Crowd Control to iron out your mistakes. Also, keep in mind that killing a hostage results in a $29,300 loss from your total loot; so self-control is key.

Use the hostages to your advantage in delaying the time. Lastly, if there are some essential hostages, like a manager, etc., you can use them to unlock the safes and doors.

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