Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Companions Tier List

Companions in Pathfinder WoTR have their own sets of abilities that will provide various advantages to you. We have made a Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Companions Tier List for you to go through and pick from accordingly.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Best Companions Tier List

We will be dividing our list into five tiers, starting from S and going to D. The S tier will have the best companions you can have in Pathfinder, with the D tier containing those companions who do not provide any special advantages.

S-Tier Companions


Daeran is the best healer companion that you can have in Pathfinder. He belongs to the Oracle class and has Neutral Evil alignment.

You will first meet him during the Arendae Party house quest. As a companion, he will keep you healed up during your fights and you will not have to rest as much with him accompanying you. Daeran also summons which will make the fights easier for you.


Part of the Ranger class, Arueshalae has really high DPS and her selection of support spells makes her a really useful companion. She belongs to the Chaotic Neutral Alignment, and you can get her as a companion after completing Demon’s Heresy quest.

A-Tier Companions


Delamare is one of those companions you can only get by choosing a specific mythic path. Belonging to the Undead Ranger class, she can be made a companion if you choose Lich as your mythic path.


She has really high DPS but her main drawback is that she does not have access to any spells. Still, she is good enough to be in A-Tier.

Woljif Jefto

Woljif is part of the Rogue class and is Chaotic Neutral in alignment. He is capable of becoming a really good tank character with just the right Woljif build.

He also has crowd control spells in his arsenal, which will really help you out in big fights. He can be found in Defender Heart’s basement and can be made a companion.


Nenio is a Wizard that has true neutral alignment. She is a master of ‘Save or else’ spells and her spells are some of the most useful and impactful in Pathfinder. You will first meet Nenio in a random encounter in Kanebres.

She is one of few companions who are wizards, and her abilities are really powerful and useful, making her a definite A-Tier companion.

B Tier Companions


Starting off in this tier are three companions, who belong to different classes but are similar in terms of the type of support they provide as companions.

Wenduag belongs to melee class, Kestoglyr is part of the ranger class while Regill is part of Hellknight.

The special thing about these companions is that they are decent in several different roles but aren’t master of one specific. They will be really useful at the start of the game.


Lann is a Monk who is lawful neutral in alignment. He is very skillful with a bow and provides really decent ranged DPS. Play around with Lann’s builds, and you might just come up with a formidable archer.

Lann can be found in Kanebres underground. He will be a good companion option for the first few chapters of the game.


Finnean is a unique companion, as he is a weapon that has a soul and can talk. His biggest ability is that he can turn into a weapon of any type, which makes him highly versatile. You can find him Ancientries and Wonders Shop to make your companion.

C Tier Companions


Ember is a part of Witch class and has a neutral good alignment. Ember can do decent damage with her spells, but her ranged DPS is not special, which makes her part of our C tier rather than being in B.

You can make Ember your companion after you rescue her at Market Square. Make sure you rescue her before the attack on Defender’s Heart, otherwise you won’t be able to recruit her again.


Sosiel is a human cleric who is neutral good, just like Ember. He has healing-oriented abilities and can do melee damage. Sosiel is able to heal allies and damage undead enemies.

However, compared to Daeran, he is not that versatile with his healing capabilities and his melee damage is not that great as well.

D Tier Companions


Camellia is a Shaman that features a hybrid tank build. However, that tank is really not that useful in many scenarios. You will encounter her very soon after starting the game. Her alignment is hidden, as it is a part of the main story.


Seelah is a Paladin and has lawful good alignment. She has decent DPS. However, there are way better options available as companions which makes her not a very desirable pick. Seelah is the first companion you’ll meet while playing, so you will have to play with her for a while.

If you’re stuck with her, better check out a few builds for Seelah in the meantime.

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