Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Paths Guide

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous includes a very interesting Mythic path system that allows players to make significant choices in the game. This guide will help you understand all of the different Mythic paths you can take in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and all their benefits.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Paths

In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you have a Mythic Path system. These paths provide you different roleplaying options.

When you rescue Gary Garrison, you get the first Mythic Level, and here is where you choose the path that you will take to become a Legend.

Each path has different skills and abilities. Massive power boosts and special powers are present in all different Mythic Paths.

There is no right or wrong path, so you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong one. All you have to think what kind of what role you want play in the game.

What are Mythic Paths

Before we start learning about the different Mythic Paths, let us learn how these paths work.


First of all, these Mythic Levels are separate from your ordinary levels. Your character will reach level 20, but your Mythic Levels will only go up with certain quests. This means that Mythic Levels are completely separate from your ordinary levels.

Mythic Levels can only be chosen for your main character. Companions will only get Mythic Abilities and feats.

Only in Trickster path, will you be able to share some of your power with your companions. If you do not have the powers for a certain Path, you will get quests to realign yourself.

Some Mythic Paths like the Gold Dragon, Swarm That Walks, and Legend Mythic Path can only be accessed after you reach Mythic Level 8. You will get special quests for these.

Your mythic path choice will have an effect on your Crusade Army.

Your path, actions, and alignment could cause allies to leave or join the Crusade army. This means various outcomes later in the game as it affects your council and relationships too.

Now that we know how the Mythic Paths work, here are all the different Mythic Paths that you can pick in Pathfinder: WotR.

Angel Mythic Path

Angel Mythic Path is the embodiment of the Divine in Wrath of the Righteous. As you are dealing with a demon incursion, Angel’s path seems the most obvious path to choose.

Angel Mythic Path is a well-rounded spellcaster, with good spells to Heal and Buff your allies. They even have the ability to resurrect their allies. Angel truly embodies the Lawful Good character in the game.

To get started on the Angel Mythic Path, go to the underground ruins. This is where you encounter Lann and Wenduag. Here, pick up Angel’s Sword to get the path.

Demon Mythic Path

The Chaotic Evil character, its the embodiment of fighting fire with fire. Demon Mythic Path is for those who want a rage-filled evil character, who only wishes to rain misery and death on their enemies.

To get the Demon Mythic Path, look near the exit of Shield Maze. This is where cultists and some mongrels will be. When taking the Crusade army to the World Wound, you can get in touch with the energy.

Aeon Mythic Path

Aeon is the center path between the Angel and Demon path. Aeon can negate any ability their enemy uses and is a very powerful debuffer.

Aeon has the potential to see the darkest secrets of NPCs and help them Right their Wrongs. Aeon is the Lawful Neutral and seeks to bring Balance and can sense when the balance has been broken.

To get the Aeon Mythic path, go to the Market Square, and observe the place where the Dragon was slain.

Azata Mythic Path

Azata is the superhero. Azata are the Chaotic Good characters and are derived by their spontaneity.

They have different superpowers and even a dragon companion, who is a little cute at first, but grows powerful and will strike fear in the hearts of your enemies.

To get the Azata Mythic Path, when doing the Starward Gaze quest, you have to make sure that you save every Desnan adept. After you save them, you have to even sing along with them.

Trickster Mythic Path

Tricksters always have different schemes up their selves. These Chaotic Neutral characters love to create chaos and have delighted in sowing laughter, bewilderment and of course, havoc.

Tricksters have an interesting awareness, that they are in a game and don’t play by the rules, even rerolling a 1 and turning it into a 20. Tricksters have the ability to manipulate the odds in their favor.

To follow the Trickster Mythic Path, you need to trick the cultists in Blackwing Library. Here, you need to get the cultists to fight among themselves in the guise of a higher-ranking cultist.

Lich Mythic Path

Lichs are the masters of the undead. They are powerful necromancers who can raise dead enemies and allies and force them to serve you.

Lichs are very powerful, but this comes with a downside that you are not able to romance any character in the game. Furthermore, you are not trusted and even your companions might not want to deal with you. But its ok you can raise more anytime you want.

To gain the necromancer powers of a Lich, you need to take the wand from the Leper’s Smile and return it to the Lich in the Lost Chapel.

Devil Mythic Path

Similar to Demon, the Devil is of course an embodiment of evil, but unlike the Demon path, Devil is more poised and cunning, wanting to lure mortals into committing bad deeds to doom them to eternal damnation.

Devil Mythic Path is a little complicated. For this, first, you need to choose either the Azata or Aeon pathway.

After you take Drezen, a devil will appear, and you will have the option to take him as an advisor. Do it and be cooperative. After you return from the Abyss, he will offer you the choice to become a devil.

If you say yes, you’ll have to pass a few Diplomacy tests. After you pass them, you will succeed the trial as a Devil.

Gold Dragon Mythic Path

This is possibly the coolest Mythic Path. You get to turn into a literal Dragon. A fire-breathing winged beast destroying everything in his path.  A protector of lesser races that leads them with his Wisdom.

To follow the Gold Dragon Mythic Path, you need to collect Terendelev’s Scale and her Claw in the cave of Leper’s Smell. With these, travel to Terendelev’s Lair and complete The Dragon’s Fate quest. With this completed, you will get a visit from Hal.

Later in the game, Hal will visit you again, and similar to the Devil’s path, treat Hal nicely and he will offer you the Path, to literally become a Dragon.

Swarm That Walks Mythic Path

This is for those who seek nothing but destruction and want to be feared. Swarm That Walks is a scourge on all life and exist for nothing more than to destroy and feed. But for great power, you have to walk a difficult path.

To start on your way to Swarm That Walks Mythic Path, you have to start taking steps from Chapter 2.

In the beginning, don’t take Queen on the crusade with you. After Leper’s Smile, grab a sample of Bug Goop from Vescavor Queen.

Use this goop in the battle for Drezen. Make sure you leave the Queen behind, as she will Veto your decision to do so.

After the, we go to Chapter 3. Here, you will get a order to find a nascent Vescavor Queen in Drezan.

After you find it, don’t kill it as you are supposed to. After you defeat Xanthir Vang, ask him how he became a Swarm. Then pick up his notes in the room.

This unlocks a 14-day long crusade. You need to successfully complete this crusade.

This triggers a cutscene with Anevia where she tells you that your companions are concerned over your research into Swarms. Pick any option other than “I don’t know what came over me”.

The last step to become a Swarm That Walks is in Chapter 4. You get the mission to slay the now fully grown Vescavor Queen.

Kill her. If you have done every step correctly, you will get the option to devour it. This will earn you the Mythic Rank 8, and you will have the ability to select the Swarm That Walks Mythic Path.

Legend Mythic Path

This is not a separate pathway. This is available to every character once they reach Mythic Level 8.

You have the choice to become a Legendary Creature or remain a Mortal, but a Legendary one. All your ability scores will increase by 4 and your level cap increases from 20 to level 40.

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