Palworld: Quivern Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

Equal parts fluffy and ferocious.

The fluffy sky dragon of Palworld has a design reminiscent of Light Fury from the How to Train Your Dragon series. This makes Quivern one of the more interesting pals in the game and one that you would definitely want to catch or breed.

Quivern is a Dragon-type Pal and has Transporting Level 3 with Mining Level 2. This makes it a versatile Pal for both Combat and Base Work. As with all Dragon Pals, Quivern is especially strong against Dark Pals but weak against Ice Pals.

Upon reaching level 36, you can also craft a saddle for safely riding Quivern. As a flying mount, it is faster than Vanwyrm but slower than Beakon and Ragnahawk. It can also be used as a faster alternative for other ground mounts.

Where to find Quivern in Palworld?

Quivern is an epic tier Pal that you will rarely come across while exploring the lands of Palpagos island. The only two possible locations Quivern can be found at are either the Sealed realm of the Winged Tyrant at coordinates -259 and -131 as a level 23 Alpha Pal boss, or a regular Pal that only spawns in the Wild Life sanctuary No. 2.

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a separate Island between Mount Obsidian and the Forgotten Island. The only way to get to it is by crossing the water using a Water Mount like Jormuntide or Surfent or a Flying Mount. Do note that any flying mount will drop to the surface once its stamina depletes but you will not drown as long as you remain mounted.

How to catch Quivern

To get to the boss fight, you can fast-travel to the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant travel point and look for a dungeon entrance a little to the northeast of your location. Once you enter the dungeon, Quivern will likely not attack you until you or our Pals make the first strike.

Before starting the fight, we recommend that you bring some good Ice-type Pals to do maximum damage. A good choice would be Chillet to increase the loot dropped from the boss. This is a level 23 alpha Pal so you would need at least a few Mega Spheres to catch Quivern so be sure to prepare these beforehand.

Quivern like all alpha Pals will respawn after an hour and you can come back to the same location to try to catch it again. Alternatively, you can head to Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2 to catch more Quivern and use the same strategy as the alpha pal variant.

To use Quivern as a flying mount, you will need to craft its saddle. The recipe for Quivern’s Saddle can be unlocked from the Technology Menu at level 36 and requires the following resources:

  • Leather x30
  • Ingot x30
  • Paldium Fragment x30
  • Cloth x10

How to breed Quivern in Palworld

Another way to add Quivern to your Paldeck is by breeding it using a pair of different male and female Pals. You must have a Breeding Farm and some cakes at your base to start the breeding process. Assign any pair of Pals from the following list to the Breeding Farm and place some cake in the Breeding Farm chest.

Parent 1Parent 2
MossandaRelaxaurus Lux
CinnamothLyleen Noct
SweepaMammorest Cryst

We would also recommend making a feedbox close to the Breeding Farm as Pals can often leave the breeding farm to eat and then start doing something entirely different. Also do note that you will receive as many eggs as the number of cakes placed in the breeding farm chest.

Once you have the eggs, place them in Egg Incubators and wait till they can be hatched.

Did You Know

You can hatch Quivern directly from a Large Dragon Egg, without breeding any two pals. Pal eggs are easily obtainable from various areas of the map and you can grab them on the go.

Best breeding combos for Quivern in Palworld

Quivern proves to be an excellent choice when it comes to producing powerful offspring in Palworld. Here are some of the best breeding combos you can try with this dragon-type pal:

Parent 1Parent 2Child

Quivern weaknesses and stats

As a Dragon-type pal, Quivern shows weakness against Ice types. So, the best strategy to face and catch it would be to bring Ice Pals in this fight and make your own life easier.

As far as stats are concerned, Quivern boasts higher HP, better attack prowess, and stronger defense than many of its counterparts. Here is a detailed overview of its base stats in Palworld.

Crafting Speed100
Melee Attack100
Shot Attack100
Running Speed800
Sprinting Speed950
Slow Walk Speed120
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