Palworld: Best Ice Pals, Ranked

Coolest Pals ever.

There are about 17 known Ice type Pals in Palworld and almost all of them are amazing at various jobs. Every Ice type Pal has the Cooling work suitability which is an exclusive trait for Pals with Ice element.

Ice type Pals are also amazing in combat as they are the natural counter for the Dragon type Pals in Palworld and can learn some really powerful skills when kept in Party.


Most Ice Pals are only available in the snowy areas of the map and spawn at higher levels. Instead of trying to capture them try to steal some Frozen Eggs in the early game to get these higher-level Ice Pals

Top 10 Ice-Type Pals in Palworld

Some of the Ice Pals are good for combat while some are essential to have in your base. We will be ranking them on an overall basis considering the value they add by being included in your party or base.

10. Pengullet

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Lv. 1
  • Transporting Lv. 1
  • Watering Lv. 1
  • Cooling Lv. 1

Pengullet is the first Ice Pal you can add to your party. Despite its Work Suitability being level 1, its multitasking nature makes it a great Pal for your base during the early game.

It also has an interesting Partner skill that lets you insert him in a Grenade Launcher and fire it at enemies. Doing so will cause him to explode on impact, incapacitating him so only use this in the direst of situations.

9. Mau Cryst

Work Suitability:

  • Cooling Lv. 1
  • Farming Lv. 1 – Gold

Mau Cryst is the Ice variant of Mau and can be found near the snowy region north of the map. Alternatively, you can get Mau Cryst from a Frozen Egg as well.

Mau Cryst has Level 1 cooling like Pengullet but has the Gold Digger partner skill which will let it dig out gold coins when assigned to the ranch. Thus, Mau Cryst will not only keep your base cool, but it will also keep it rich.

8. Sweepa

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Lv. 2
  • Cooling Lv. 2

The giant relative of Swee with an elegant mustache is a must-capture in Palworld. It is one of the early game Alpha Pals. Assigning Sweepa to your base will keep all the food in your cooler fresh but it is more rewarding to keep it in your party.

You can build an entire strategy around Sweepa as your main combat pal. Sweepa receives a bonus to all of its stats for each Swee in your party. You can have 1 Sweepa and 4 Swees in your party to boost Sweepa’s health and damage.

To make it even more overpowered, you can easily catch multiple Swees and enhance your main 4 Swees using the Pal Essence Condenser.

7. Jolthog Cryst

Work Suitability:

  • Cooling Lv. 1

This tiny Ice Pal is nothing to shrug at. Jolthog Cryst does insane damage during combat and can stun or freeze multiple enemies at once.

You can craft Jolthog Cryst gloves from your Technology menu to unlock its Partner Skill that allows you to pick up Jolthog Cryst and throw it at enemies dealing massive AOE Ice damage.

6. Sibelyx

Work Suitability:

  • Production Medicine Lv. 2
  • Cooling Lv. 2
  • Farming Lv. 1 – High-Quality Cloth

Sibelyx is an incredible Ice Pal for mid-game levels. In addition to Ice attacks, it has Water and Dark-type attacks as well. Being an Ice Pal Sibelyx is naturally strong against Dragon elements and makes up for its weakness to fire with the Water attacks.

Sibelyx is also great for late-game when you will start needing a lot High high-quality clothes. Sibelyx will drop this item in spades when assigned to the Ranch.

5. Cryolinx

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Lv. 1
  • Lumbering Lv. 2
  • Cooling Lv. 3

Cryolinx has level 3 cooling and level 2 lumbering which makes it a great Pal to have at your base but its true worth lies in its combat advantages against the Dragon Pals.

Cryolinx has the Partner Skill Dragon Hunter which enhances the items dropped from all Dragon type Pals in Palworld.

4. Wumpo

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Lv. 2
  • Lumbering Lv. 3
  • Transporting Lv. 4
  • Cooling Lv. 2

Wumpo is probably the chillest Pal in Palworld. It’s an all-rounder at the base tending to multiple tasks with higher proficiency, especially Transporting.

Wumpo will easily carry all the items dropped by your other worker Pals. Wumpo can be used as a ground mount and will enhance your max carrying capacity when in your party.

3. Chillet

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Lv. 1
  • Cooling Lv. 1

Chillet is another Alpha Pal that you can capture early in the game. This adorable Ice dragon makes for a good early-game mount and has strong offensive and defensive stats against most enemies, especially dragon type Pals. Given how easy it is to obtain and its usefulness, it is a must-have Ice Pal in Palworld.

2. Penking

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Lv. 2
  • Transporting Lv. 2
  • Watering Lv. 2
  • Mining Lv. 2
  • Cooling Lv. 2

Speaking of early-game Alpha Pals, Penking is another Ice Pal you cannot afford to miss out on. You can find and capture a level 15 Penking in a Dungeon in the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings. Penking has level 2 work suitability for 5 traits including cooling and will keep your base up and running.

1. Frostallion

Work Suitability:

  • Cooling Lv. 4

The best Ice Pal in Palworld at the number 1 spot is the Legendary Pal Frostallion. Frostallion has the highest cooling work suitability in Palworld at level 4.

However, it is no pushover and considerably tough to capture. Frostallion is available as a world boss at level 50 and only players in their end-game phase are recommended to challenge him.

You can only breed Frostallion by combining 2 Frostallion Pals but once you have it in your Paldeck, Frostallion will be one of the best flying mounts and highest damage Pal in your party.

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