Palworld: Best Dragon Pals, Ranked

Deadly and Majestic pals.

Dragon Pals are some of the more powerful and often harder-to-obtain Pals in Palworld. These are especially effective whilst fighting against Dark-type Pals. Not unlike other RPGs the Dragon Pals in this game are majestic and huge, often encountered as World Bosses.

Another thing to note is that almost all of the Dragon Pals can be used as Ground or Flying Mounts. However, their ability as mounts is not the only criterion for this list and we will be mainly focusing on their base stats for attack and defense and work suitability.

Ranking the best Dragon Pals in Palworld

10. Relaxaurus Lux

Work Suitability:

  • Transporting Level 1
  • Generating Electricity Level 3

Starting with the weakest of the Dragon bunch, Relaxaurus Lux is significantly the least useful Pal in combat or at the base. However, that is mainly due to the sheer number of amazing Dragon type Pals in Palworld.

Relaxuarus Lux, despite being much better than the regular Relaxaurus and some other Dragon Pals is stuck at the bottom of this list with its only saving grace being the level 3 Electricity Generation Work Suitability.

9. Azurobe

Work Suitability:

  • Watering Level 3

Like Relaxaurus Lux, Azurobe is widely outclassed by its fierce competition in Dragon Class. Although it might perform significantly better when compared against water type Pals with its level 3 watering Work Suitability, it does not help its case that there exist Pals like Jormuntide with level 4 watering. But that is only for late-game stuff. Azurobe is a fairly decent Dragon Pal for mid-game.

8. Elphidran

Work Suitability:

  • Lumbering Level 2

Elphidran is a great Dragon pal for fighting Ice-type Pals, especially when hunting them for resources. All the Ice Pals will drop more items upon being defeated when fighting with Azurobe. It can also be used as a good mount during the mid-game but better options will open as you level up.

7. Quivern

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Level 1
  • Transporting Level 3
  • Gathering Level 2
  • Mining Level 2

Quivern is a fluffy sky Dragon Pal and can be used as a flying mount after crafting its saddle. However, do not be deceived by its innocent looks as Quivern is a fierce monster in battle. It can learn skills from 4 different elements, making it a versatile and dependable ally to have in your party. Quivern’s partner skill also enhances dragon attacks while mounted.

6. Chillet

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Level 1
  • Cooling Level 1

Chillet is a Pal with Dragon and Ice elements. Having these dual elements means that Chillet can easily take down other Dragon-type Pals making it one of the best Pals in both elements.

Chillet also makes for a good ground mount during the early phases of the game. The best thing about this Pal though, is that you can acquire it much earlier than the rest of the Pals on this list. Chillet can first be encountered as a World Boss at around level 11 not far from the starting area.

5. Jormuntide

Work Suitability:

  • Watering Level 4

Jormuntide looks like a creature that tore out of the pages of a fantasy novel. This mythical Sea Dragon Pal also serves as a World Boss at level 45 and can be captured in its Alpha Pal form. It can also be hatched through the various breeding combinations.

Jormuntide has amazing coverage, being able to use the dragon, water, and electric element attacks. It is also the Pal with the highest of Watering efficiency at level 4.

4. Orserk

Work Suitability:

  • Generating Electricity Level 4
  • Handiwork Level 2
  • Transporting Level 4

Orserk is one of the best Dagon Pals in Palworld, with a unique Dual Element combo of Dragon and Electric. This makes it a great counter for Jormuntide a water-dragon Pal.

Orserk makes for an impressive combat Pal but we recommend that you put it to work at one of your bases, particularly the main base with the production assembly lines. This is because its Level 4 Generating Electricity will keep the power running through your base and it will also come in handy for transportation tasks.

3. Astegon

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Level 1
  • Mining Level 4

Astegon is a powerhouse of a Pal with dark and dragon-type attacks and has multiple powerful skills in its arsenal.

Astegon can be used as a flying mount but it will better serve as a tank or a Worker Pal. This Pal has level 4 mining and will make short work of several ore and coal nodes.

2. Jormuntide Ignis

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Level 4

Jormuntide Ignis is the Fire variant and a significant upgrade to the regular Jormuntide. This is not unrelated to the fact that fire is the strongest element in Palworld.

As the Dragon type Pals are only weak to Ice-type Pals and Ice-type Pals are weak to Fire, Jormuntide Ignis is easily one of the best Dragon Pals having a second element of Fire.

The Sheer Power and DPS Jormntide Ignis is capable of unleashing, making it one of the strongest Pals in Palworld. Unfortunately, you cannot breed Jormuntide Ignis without having a pair already, but you can find a few Huge Scorching or Dragon eggs and try your luck as capturing it in the wild is only for late to end-game stuff.

1. Jetragon

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Level 3

Just looking at the Work Suitability, you might not find this Pal the most impressive one but you would be dead wrong to think of it that way.

Jetragon is the strongest and arguably best Dragon Pal and the best Pal in general in Palworld. It is by far the fastest flying mount you can get in the game and deals insane damage in combat.

He has some ridiculously powerful move set allowing it to rain missiles upon your enemies while flying at breakneck speeds.

A fair warning though, Jetragon is a legendary Pal that can only be captured during its boss fight at level 50.

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