Palworld: Surfent Location & How To Get

The minion of the Sea Serpent.

Surfent is one of the many Water-type Pals you can find in Palworld. What makes Surfent special is its ability to be used as a water mount like Jormuntide, except Surfent is much easier to fight and can be captured much earlier compared to Jormuntide.

Surfent also makes for a great worker Pal that will tend to all your watering needs from crop plantations to crushers and mills with its level 2 Watering Work Suitability.

Surfent is usually found near small bodies of water but can be concentrated more in one place than the other. So, if you are looking to catch a few Surfents or just trying to collect the Pal Fluids it drops, this guide will show you the exact location where to find Surfents in greater numbers

Where to find Surfent in Palworld?

Surfent spawns in relatively smaller numbers compared to other common Pals in Palworld but there is one location that will always have plenty of Surfents for you to catch. This location is precisely at the coordinates -128, -462 near the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Fast Travel point and the Bushi boss fight.

Once you have located a Surfent, be sure to pick a sole target as you do not want to agro too many Pals at once. Bring down your target’s health close to zero and then throw a Pal Sphere to capture it.

Surfent spawn locations

After having captured a Surfent, its log data should be updated in your Paldeck. Open your Paldeck and go to the entry no. 65. Click on the habitat tab and you will see all the possible spawn locations for Surfent highlighted.

There are areas where Surfent only spawns during the night so be sure to head there only during the night.

How to breed Surfent in Palworld

Alternatively, you can easily Breed Surfent too. You will need a breeding farm and a few cakes as well as a few Egg incubators to hatch the eggs. Once you have all the prerequisites taken care of, toss a male and female Pal into the Breeding Farm and they will lay eggs that you can incubate using the egg incubators.

You can get a Surfent from the following combinations of male and female Pals.

Parent 1Parent 2
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