Palworld: Best Dark Pals, Ranked

Some might say it’s a shady list, but it makes a lot of sense.

People look for Dark Pals in Palworld for one reason only – absolute dominancy in combat. This is because Dark Pals are mostly fighting and traveling creatures but aren’t used much working around the camp.

Since there are many different types of Dark Pals running around the Palpagos Island, each of them has a different set of stats and abilities. Now, depending on the playstyle of each player, their preferences for the perfect Dark Pal would vary.

Therefore, finding the one Dark Pal viewed unanimously as the best can be quite a head-scratcher. If you’re wondering the same thing, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we have taken the best Dark-type Pals in Palworld and arranged them in a tier list, starting from the best to the worst.

Ranking the best Dark Pals in Palworld

When it comes to ranking the best Dark Pals, we have to look at one major thing – how good is it in combat. Since Dark Pals are mostly used for fighting, their Work Suitabilities don’t matter as much as the other types.

That said, having a good Work Suitability with a Dark-type Pal wouldn’t hurt either. It’s actually beneficial for a Pal to be helpful in more than one way. Other than that, the ease of catching a particular Pal also matters a lot.

We have taken all of these aspects into consideration and sorted the best Dark Pals in a tier list. Tier S Pals are the best Dark Pals you can find in the game. They are an absolute must-have because they can prove to be very overpowered and work in pretty much any situation you put them in

Moving on, Tier A Pals aren’t too bad either. They can work well in most situations and are a recommended choice as well, given that you don’t have an S-rank Pal in your Palbox.

As you move on, the efficiency of the Pals decreases, with Tier C Pals being the worst of them all. These Pals are not recommended to use, especially if you have a higher tier Pal unless you need them for a highly specific situation.

TierDark-type Pal
SNecromus, Frostallion Noct, Shadowbeak
APyrin Noct, Blazehowl Noct, Helzephyr, Lyleen Noct
BVanwyrm Cryst, Menasting
CMau, Depresso


Partner Skill: Black Knight of the Abyss (Allows double jump while mounted)
Work Suitability: Mining Lv.2, Lumbering Lv.2 
Location: In the desert northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes teleport point

Necromus is undoubtedly the best Dark Pal you can find in Palworld. This legendary Pal has an extremely overpowered HP boost allowing it to take top place despite Frostallion Noct having the highest base stats.

The Pal is not only good for long-distance traveling given its mount capabilities and the double jump, but it also excels in combat. This is because Necromus has enough attacks in its arsenal to take down any type of Pal in front of it. It also has Dark, Ground, and Fire Active Skills as well, which gives it a huge advantage.


Dark-type Pals are strong against Neutral Pals but weak against Dragon-type Pals.

It hence makes sense that Necromus is an endgame Pal, but even in the endgame, it is still one of the best Pals you can get. Its Work Suitabilities, however, will still feel insufficient in the endgame, but the rest of its capabilities definitely make this Pal a must-have.

Frostallion Noct

Partner Skill: Black Steed (Changes your attack type to Dark and adds bonus elemental damage. Serves as an aerial mount)
Work Suitability: Gathering Lv.4
Location: Obtained from breeding Frostallion and Helzephyr

Frostallion Noct goes head-to-head with Necromus as the best Dark Pal in Palworld. Even though this Pal doesn’t have the legendary HP boost that Necromus does, it still has way better overall base stats that make it equally as good.

For many players, this bonus in base damage is preferred over the legendary HP boost, and hence make this Pal their top choice. As far as offense goes, Frostallion Noct tilts a little bit more on the Dark side. Apart from dealing with Dark damage on its own, it also converts your own attacks to Dark type, making them extremely deadly.

This Pal also serves as a flying mount, which serves as a better traveling companion compared to Necromus and also makes you more diverse in combat. Lastly, Frostallion Noct is also very useful when it comes to collecting resources as well – given that it has a level 4 Gathering suitability, which is the highest in the game.


Partner Skill: Modified DNA (Enhances Dark attacks while mounted. Serves as an aerial mount)
Work Suitability: Gathering Lv.1
Location: No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary

Though the level 1 Gathering suitability doesn’t amount to much when working around the camp, that’s not the reason why Shadowbeak is on this list. This Pal is on this list solely because of one reason – extreme combat efficiency.

Shadowbeak specializes in dashing out tons of Dark damage. Not only does it have its own arsenal of Dark attacks, but it also enhances the player’s Dark attacks while mounted, making it even more dangerous. Lastly, the pal can also be used as a flying mount, which makes it a better mode of transport compared to Necromus as well.

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