Palworld: All Dungeons Locations And Maps

Dungeons are bread and butter for Palworld players. Let us help you find all of them.

Dungeons offer unique loot, bosses, EXP farming, and hidden secrets in RPGs, and the same is the case with the Palworld. Scattered across the map and its four regions, you can find a dungeon in Palworld by entering cave openings or any other suspicious holes in the walls.

In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock a dungeon and what kind of mechanics are involved in approaching it. We also have detailed marked maps that cover all the dungeons we have discovered so far in Palworld.

How dungeons work in Palworld

Dungeons in Palworld can simply be unlocked by walking into one. Do you see a cave? Walk through its opening, and you are in a dungeon. Each dungeon comes with its specific level requirements, which can range from Level 13 to Level 45. Ensure you and your pals are at the proper level and prepared before venturing into one.

Each dungeon offers random loot and Alpha Pal boss fights. That makes these dungeons a great place to farm gold as well as some other rare crafting materials.

Once you find and unlock a dungeon, it will remain open for the next 200 minutes. That’s right. You have 200 minutes to enter a dungeon and attempt to complete it. Luckily, the location of the dungeons in Palworld within a region remains unchanged, so you can return to the same spots and repeat dungeons without trying to find them again.


If you enter a dungeon with a few minutes remaining, it will still count as a try, and the game will let you complete it. Completing a dungeon requires you to defeat the Alpha Pal boss within, so make sure your combat skills are up for the challenge.

Once they disappear, these dungeons take a very long time to reappear.

Palworld has four main areas with different kinds of environments and weather conditions. Starter Archipelago, where you start the game, Glacier in the Northernmost part of the map, Volcano in the Western region, and Lifeless Desert to the Northeast.

All Dungeons in the Starter Archipelago and their map

This region has the most dungeons we have found so far. Out of 135, the Starter Archipelago region contains around 90 of them.

All dungeon locations in the Desert region

We have managed to locate 15 dungeons in the Desert region of Palworld. It is to the Northwest of Palworld Map and adjacent to the Glacier region (East).

All Dungeon locations in the Glacier region

Travel North to find the freezing mountain area known as Glaciers in Palworld. Here, we have located 15 dungeons so far.

All Dungeons around the Volcano

15 dungeons can be found on the Southwestern area of the Palworld map. This land is ruled by Volcanic eruption and is marked dark red/grey on the map.

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