How To Create Ore Farm In Palworld

You won’t have to worry about collecting Ores again.

Creating an automated Ore Farm allows players to free up time and explore other aspects of Palworld and map whilst your Pals produce a healthy amount of Ore automatically.

Ores are an essential crafting component in Palworld. By purifying and melting them in the Primitive Furnace, players obtain Ingots that are used to craft Nails, Saddles, workbenches, and other useful items.

How to build an automated Ore Farm in Palworld

You first need an appropriate location for your Ore Farm. Choose one that has an adequate amount of Ore rocks in its vicinity.

Lay down a Palbox and a wooden chest to start your base. Place the wooden chest strategically as close to the Palbox as possible to allow for seamless transportation between your multiple bases.


Place the Palbox so that it covers the maximum amount of ore nodes in its radius.

Now, you need to put down beds and feedboxes to ensure that your Pals are adequately rested and fed. These components are crucial for the efficiency and productivity of your Pals.

You will now add Pals on your base that possess a mining attribute; the best options are Tombat, Digtoise, and Dumud. Remember to place one Pal with a Transportation trait so that the harvested ore can be successfully transferred to your chest. An example of a transportation Pal is Cattiva.

To truly create a sustainable and automated ore farm in Palworld, install a Berry Plantation and a Hot Spring on your farm. The Berry Plantation will make the farm self-sustainable by providing a steady food supply and you won’t have to intervene manually to fill up the feedboxes.

These amenities will maintain your Pal’s happiness and sanity and will lead to high productivity levels.

How to increase mining efficiency in Palworld

You can boost the mining efficiency of your Pals by utilizing the Statue of Power. Feed them Pal Souls to boost up their attributes; however, be aware that over-exertion of your Pals may lead to injury and sickness.

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