How To Move Your Base In Palworld

Relocate for more resources.

The ability to move your base is one of the more important gameplay mechanics to know in Palworld. This is because you will need to relocate as you level up. This can be because of a new location with more resources nearby, fast-travel points, vantage points, or just because you like the view.

Players have the option to build it as early as Level 2 and they allow you to keep track of your Pals, let them and you rest, build automated resource farms, etc. In this guide, we will review how you can move your base in Palworld.

How to move your base in Palworld

Go to the game map and hover over to your old base. Select the Dismantle Base option to bring up a popup indicating five things:

  • Structures not placeable outside of the base will be disassembled.
  • The remaining structures will not be disassembled and will remain.
  • All Pals at this base will be stored in your Palbox.
  • Doing this will not cause any of your Pals to disappear.
  • Once disassembled, Palbox cannot be restored.

Your next step is to place your Palbox at your desired location and set up the new base. Now, the tedious part follows which is the relocation of resources and dismantling of the old structures.

Unfortunately, the game does not provide wagons/carts or any other assistance in transferring the resources so this must be done manually. The only fix is if both your bases are near a Fast Travel Point, which allows for seamless relocation and makes the process less tedious.

After you have relocated your resources, your next step is to manually dismantle the structures in the old place. Press B and then the C key on the PC ( or Up and Right on the Xbox D-Pad ). You can now dismantle the old structures and all their building resources will be transferred back into your inventory without penalty.

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