Palworld: Best Neutral Pals, Ranked

These Pals don’t pick sides.

Even though the Neutral type Pals are usually placed at the bottom of the elements chart, that does not necessarily mean they are the worst Pals in Palworld.

Several Neutral type pals provide amazing utilities that you can’t have otherwise. Some of them excel at Handiwork or other Work Suitabilities while some provide various buffs to players when kept in the party.

One thing to make note of is that every Neutral Type Pal has an intrinsic weakness to the Dark type Pals so it is recommended to keep these Pals for their Partner Skills or Work suitability rather than your main combat Pals.

This guide will focus on the best neutral Pals in the game and rank them based on their usefulness to the gameplay and base-building.

Top 10 Neutral Pals in Palworld

10. Vixy

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Lv1
  • Farming Lv1

Vixy is an adorable fox-looking Pal that you can capture fairly early in the game. It is especially useful to farm various essential items. Simply capture a few Vixies and assign them to a ranch on your base.

They will dig up several Palspheres and arrows and any Pals with the Transportation Work Suitability will place them into a nearby Storage Box.

9. Eikthyrdeer

Work Suitability:

  • Lumbering Lv2

Eikthydeer is one of the cooler-looking Pals you can find early on and use as a ground mount in Palworld. Once you have crafted its saddle, hold the ride button to mount it. This will make the open-world exploration particularly more enjoyable and help you get out of certain tricky areas of the terrain with its double-jump ability.

It is also quite efficient for lumbering so catch a few extras and assign them to your base. This will do so that you never run out of wood at your base.

8. Galeclaw

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Lv2

You will eventually find many small bird-like creatures flying in the sky during the mid-game areas. These pals are not particularly helpful in combat but they make for excellent Pal gliders.

Craft the Galeclaw Gloves at a Pal Workbench and you will have the best glider in the game. With this, you can even unequip your glider and still be able to glide as long as there is a Galeclaw in your party.

7. Gorirat

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Lv1
  • Lumbering Lv2
  • Transporting Lv3

Gorirat is a mid-game Pal with multiple Work Suitabilities. It is especially helpful at the base for lumbering and transporting but is no slouch at combat either. Gorirat has a powerful Partner skill called Full-power Gorilla Mode that when activated will increase its attack power.

6. Grintale

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Lv2

Grintale is a funny-looking Pal but can be lethal if you let yourself be deceived by its goofy appearance. Grintale uses a bunch of Neutral attacks and makes for a good Worker Pal that can harvest your crops at the base. Grintale can also be ridden as a ground mount.

5. Tocotoco

Work Suitability:

  • Gathering Lv1

This whacky bird is as insane as it looks. Tocotoco has a unique Partner Skill that lets you grab it and use it as a grenade launcher that fires explosive eggs.

To use this ability you must first capture a Tocotoco alive and craft its gloves. This is easier said than done as this crazy neutral Pal will try to latch on to you and explode in Palworld. So be careful to avoid letting it die.

4. Surfent

Work Suitability:

  • Watering Lv2

Surfent is often found near the shallow waters in Palworld. It is fairly easy to catch and it drops Pal Fluids which you need to craft certain things like cement and hot springs.

This makes hunting and capturing this Pal worth the extra effort but what truly makes this Pal unique is that it is the only neutral Pal that can be used as a water mount.

Its partner skill makes it so that you will not lose stamina as long as you are on water making long journeys in Palworld significantly easier.

3. Lunaris

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Lv3
  • Transporting Lv1
  • Gathering Lv1

While in the party, Lunaris manipulates gravity, increasing the player’s max carrying capacity. Lunaris is also a great Pal to have at your base for its level 3 handiwork which is only beaten by Anubis which is a much higher-level Pal.

Until you get yourself an Anubis, Lunaris is one of the best Neutral Pals you can have for crafting or carrying stuff around in Palworld.

2. Fenglope

Work Suitability:

  • Lumbering Lv2

Despite being a neutral Pal, Fenglope beats several other elemental Pals with its diverse array of skills. Fenglope can learn grass and water-type skills and prove quite helpful in battle. However, what truly sets it apart from other Pals, is that it is one of the fastest ground mounts in Palworld.

Fenglope can perform a double jump that reaches the skies. It can even be used as an alternative to a flying mount and will let you jump across a small village in one double jump.

1. Paladius

Work Suitability:

  • Lumbering Lv2
  • Mining Lv2

There is only one Pal that can outdo Fenglope in its double jump. Paladius might not be able to jump as high as Fenglope but it makes up for it with a Triple Jump. Yes, this Pal can perform a triple Jump when used as a mount.

Paladius is not only good for use as a mount though, as it is an incredibly powerful Legendary Pal that can only be encountered as an Alpha Pal in a world boss fight in the extreme east corner of the map. However, we do not recommend taking on this Pal before reaching level 50 having acquired some pretty strong Dark Pals.

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