Palworld: Relaxaurus Location & How To Catch

Whether it’s fighting or watering plants, this Pal’s always got your back.

It’s rare to find Pals in the early game that is not only a good help around the base but can also be devastating in combat. If you’re looking for such a Pal in Palworld, look no further than the Relaxaurus!

At first glance, this big guy seems kind of derpy, but don’t make the mistake of underestimating it. The Pal is very dangerous when it comes to combat, especially at close ranges because it’s literally a dinosaur.

Fighting this big guy is worth the trouble though, since it is a very good Pal to have in your Paldeck, especially in the early stages of the game. Finding Relaxaurus isn’t very hard either, you just have to know where to look!

How to find and catch Relaxaurus in Palworld

Where to find Relaxaurus in Palworld.

To find a Relaxaurus in Palworld, you have to search the southern parts of the Bamboo Groves. The Pal can be found anywhere in the area spanning from the Sealed Realm of the Thunderdragon in the north to the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster in the south.


You can find a Relaxaurus Lux in the former Sealed Realm and a Bushi in the latter Sealed Realm.

You can use the Ascetic Falls Fast Travel point to reach the center of the area and then scout the rest of the spawn location from there, making your job much easier. Finding this one isn’t as hard compared to the rest of the Pals because Relaxaurus(s) are huge, allowing you to spot them from afar.

When you do spot a Relaxaurus, you must fight it and bring its HP down a considerable bit – but make sure not to kill it. This one has both Water and Dragon elemental types, so it can be a bit hard to take it down.

Moreover, they won’t hesitate to take you down even if you enter their personal space, which is why we recommend taking these Pals down from a distance. This way, you can see all of its attacks coming your way and dodge them easily.

While Fire-type Pals are strong against the Dragon-type, they are also weak against water, which is why we don’t recommend bringing any Fire-type Pals to this fight. Instead, you can bring along Electric and Ice-type Pals to have the best chance of catching a Relaxaurus in Palworld.


Dragon-type Pals are weak against Fire types and Ice types, while Water-type Pals are weak against Electric types.

When you manage to bust up your selected Relaxaurus enough, you can throw a Pal Sphere at it to capture it. These Pals have a lesser chance to get captured with a standard Pal Sphere though, so we recommend using Mega Spheres to catch them.

How to breed Relaxaurus

If you want to avoid a huge fight, then the best way to get a Relaxaurus in Palworld would be to breed it. To do that, you can try breeding the following combination of Pals:

  • Mossanda with Astegon
  • Mossanda with Cryolinx
  • Penking with Suzaku
  • Penking with Shadowbeak
  • Nitewing with Cryolinx
  • Nitewing with Astegon
  • Sweepa with Cryolinx

Obtaining a Relaxaurus isn’t guaranteed with this method though, which is why we would advise you to find one in the wild instead.


If you kill a Relaxaurus, you can get High-Quality Pal Oil (rare) and Rubies.

Is the Relaxaurus good?

A Relaxaurus is a great Pal to have in your Paldeck, especially in the early stages of the game. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the Pal is not only good at working around the base, but it is also pretty decent in combat, making it very diverse.

Being a Water as well as a Dragon elemental gives Relaxaurus a huge advantage in combat since both types have very good skills and attacks. Its active Skills include:

  • Aqua Gun: fires a water ball at enemies
  • Aqua Burst: fires a bigger water ball
  • Bubble Blast: fires many water bubbles that follow the enemy
  • Draconic Breath: exhales a breath that deals damage over time
  • Draconic Burst: rapidly discharges a draconic energy, damaging enemies
  • Draconic Cannon: fires a draconic energy-filled ball at enemies.

Relaxaurus’s Partner Skill, Hungry Missiles, allows you to mount your Pal and fire Missiles while doing so as well. This is a great help during combat because the missiles do a lot of damage.


To craft Relaxaurus’s Missile Launcher, you need 100x Ingots, 35x Polymer, 85x Paldium Fragments, and 100x Refined Ingots.

Lastly, when it comes to using a Relaxaurus for help around the base, it can serve as a very useful watering Pal because of its level 2 Watering Work Suitability. It also comes with level 1 Transporting, which can often come in handy when moving stuff around.

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