Palworld: Legendary Weapon Schematics Locations (How To Get)

Get the most firepower you can get with Palworld’s Legendary Weapons.

To get your hands on some of the best weapons in the game, you need to find all the Legendary Weapon Schematics in Palworld. These are the strongest variants of the base weapons the game equips you with, having the highest damage output and magazine capacity, etc.

As you play through the game, the difficulty and strength of the Pals get higher and higher, meaning that obtaining these Schematics becomes a necessity. Therefore, players have demanded that the locations of all the Legendary Schematics in Palworld be revealed – which is exactly what you can find in this guide.

How to get all Legendary Weapon Schematics in Palworld

The Legendary Weapons are the best variants of weapons out there. To acquire them, the first thing you need to get your hands on is their Schematics. You may have already come across the Schematics of different things in your Technology Tab – but Legendary Schematics can’t be found that way.

There are 2 ways to obtain Legendary Schematics in Palworld – capturing/killing specific Alpha Pals and opening chests. When it comes to opening chests, the chances of you getting a Legendary Schematic is completely random and extremely rare, which is why we don’t recommend going for this method.


If you choose to obtain the schematics by opening chests, the best way to do it would be to get a flying mount and open all the chests in the high-level areas of the map.

The best way to get Legendary Schematics in Palworld would be to kill or capture the Alpha Pals that have a chance to drop them. Remember that the drop rate of these schematics is very low (around 3% to 5%), so you may need to defeat an Alpha Boss at least 15 times to get them.


After you have obtained the Schematic for a specific weapon, you will be able to craft it after collecting the required materials

Each specific Alpha Boss offers the chance to drop a specific Legendary Weapon Schematic in Palworld. There are a total of 6 of them in the game, which are as follows.

1. Assault Rifle (level 49 Blazmut)

The Assault Rifle is one of the best legendary weapon schematics you can get your hands on in Palworld. Since it’s such a great weapon (dealing over 560 damage) it isn’t very easy to come by either. To get the Legendary Assault Rifle Schematic, you have to beat an Alpha boss called Blazmut.

This is a level 49 boss that can be found within the Scorching Mineshaft in the Volcanic biome. This is a small cave at the base of a cliff that can be a little tough to locate. To make things easier, you can simply head to the coordinates 434, and 532.

An important point to remember is that you won’t always get an AR Schematic by defeating or catching the boss – the drop chance is random. It could take you at least ten tries before you get the schematic.

FYI: You have a chance to get the AR Schematic regardless of killing or catching the boss, but we recommend catching it.

2. Crossbow (level 25 Bushi)

Compared to the AR, the Legendary Crossbow Weapon Schematic is easier to acquire in Palworld. To get your hands on this one, you have to defeat a level 23 boss called Bushi. This is an Alpha boss that’s located inside the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster.

This location is fairly in the southern part of the map at the coordinates 1116, and 491, with the closest Fast Travel point to it being the Ravine Entrance.

The boss is a Fire-type Pal, so make sure to be at least level 25 and bring along your best weapons and Water-type Pals if you want the best chance of beating the boss and getting Crossbow Schematic. The weapon deals 490 damage per hit.

3. Handgun (level 29 Beakon)

The Legendary Handgun is a huge upgrade when compared to the basic Handgun you get at the start of the game. To get the Schematic for the Legendary Handgun, you have to defeat the level 29 Beakon Alpha boss – probably multiple times.

The boss is found just south of the Thick Bamboo Thicket – specifically at the coordinates 345, and -253. The boss is hidden within a huge dome-shaped pile of rocks which is quite easy to spot.

This boss is an Electric-type Pal, which means that the best choices to bring into this fight would be Ground-type Pals that specialize in combat.

4. Old Bow (level 23 Kingpaca)

The Old Bow is a slightly worse version of the Crossbow, dealing 247 damage per hit. Nevertheless, it’s still a great weapon to use, but acquiring its Schematic isn’t going to be an easy task.

To get your hands on the Legendary Old Bow Weapon Schematic, you have to defeat a level 23 Alpha Boss called Kingpaca in Palworld. This is an Ice-type Pal, so make sure to bring along some Fire-type Pals into the fight.

The boss is located in a small dirt patch just north of the Small Settlement Fast Travel Point. This is in the southwest of the map, at the coordinates 50, -460.

Overall, the boss is very easy to defeat if you are level 25 or higher and have the right set of Pals and weapons for the fight. If you’re on a lower level, you need to be wary of the two llamas helping the boss, which are around level 7 or level 10. We recommend you get rid of them first before turning your attention to the boss.

5. Pump-Action Shotgun (level 45 Suzaku)

The Legendary Pump-Action Shotgun Schematic is dropped by Suzaku, ruler of the Crimson Dawn. This is one of the most powerful Fire-type Pals you will come across in the game and acts as the Area Boss of its surroundings.

Suzaku mainly spawns in the Desert Region, the northeast section of the map. Specifically, the Pal can be spotted around the water body in the middle of the Desert Island at coordinates 404, and 256. The closest waypoint to this location is the PIDF Tower Entrance.

This flying Pal will certainly put up a fight and won’t give away the loot that easily. Make sure to bring a Water-type Pal with you to counter Suzaku’s Fire attacks. We recommend having at least level 40 before you try to face this flying speedster.

Once it is defeated, there is a slight chance for you to get the Legendary Schematic along with other loot.

6. Rocket Launcher (level 50 Jetragon)

The Legendary Rocket Launcher Weapon Schematic is dropped by Jetragon, a Legendary Pal situated in the Volcanic Biome of the Palpagos map in Palworld. To reach there, you can go to either the Ruined Fortress City or the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast-travel points. The Dragon-type Pal will be situated precisely at coordinates -773, and -325.

Before going to the volcanic region, make sure you have the proper equipment to withstand the heat conditions and Jetragon’s attacks.

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