Palworld: Best Weapons, Ranked

Arm yourselves!

Palworld has been unofficially hailed as Pokémon with guns so it’s only natural that you would want to jump right in guns blazing riding your Pals and destroying everything in your way.

But Palworld is first and foremost a survival game and you will have to work your way up to be able to use the best weapons in the game. Most of the guns are only available much later in the game and you will be starting with a measly Stone Pickaxe.

As you level up you will gain Technology points and obtain various ingredients along your journey. These are needed to craft weapons and equipment. In this guide, you will find what are the best weapons and what resources you need to craft them

Best early-game weapons in Palworld

As we said most of the powerful weapons are pretty much late-game stuff and to reach that stage in you need to grind through the early game with basic equipment.

We will list the best early-game Weapons that will help you level up faster and unlock even better weapons as you progress through the game. All of these can be crafted using a Primitive Workbench and common resources.

Stone Spear

Suggested Level: 1-5
Resources needed: 18x Wood and 6x Stone.

Old Bow

Suggested Level: 1-5
Resources needed: 30x Wood, 5x Stone, and 15x Fiber.

Fire Bow

Suggested Level: 5-8
Resources needed: 40x Wood, 8x Stone, 20x Fibre, 2x Flame Organ


Suggested Level: 7-10
Resources needed:  30x Wood, 30x Stone

Metal Spear

Suggested Level: 13 – 15
Resources needed: 27x Wood, 12x Stone, 10x Ingot

Fire Crossbow

Suggested Level: 15 – 20
Resources needed: 50x Wood, 50x Stone, 15x Ingot, 5x Nail, 5x Flame Organ

Best late-game weapons to get in Palworld

There are tons of late-game weapons but some of them stand above the others with clear distinction due to their DPS and how fun they are to use. Note that each weapon must be first unlocked from the Technology menu and will require a certain Tech level and specific ingredients to craft.

5. Handgun

Resources needed: 50x Ingot, 15x High Quality Pal Oil
Tech Level: 29

Handgun is a fairly decent gun in Palworld. However, this weapon is not too difficult to acquire and will serve as your primary weapon to reach higher levels for the better weapons in the game.

4. Double Barrel Shotgun

Resources needed: 30x Refined Ingot, 7x Polymer
Tech Level: 39

The Double Barrel Shotgun is extremely powerful in close-quarter fights and has a reasonably fast reload. It makes up for its lack of range and small number of rounds in the mag with its explosive firepower.

3. Pump Action Shotgun

Resources needed:  30x Refined Ingot, 20x Polymer, 40x Carbon Fiber
Tech Level: 42

Pump Action Shotgun is simply a more powerful version of the Double Barrel Shotgun. With its high DPS and faster reload, this is easily one of the best close-range weapons in Palworld. As long as you can blast your gun into the face of an enemy, you are all set.

2. Assault Rifle

Resources needed: 40x Refined Ingot, 10x Polymer, 30x Carbon Fiber
Tech Level: 45

Assault Rifles are usually your best bet for the best weapon regardless of what game you are playing. Like most games, this holds for Palworld.

This weapon offers high damage with good range and stability. Even though it is an expensive gun that you can only unlock much later game, it is probably the most satisfying weapon in the game.

1. Rocket Launcher

Resources needed: 75x Pal Metal Ingot, 30x Polymer, 50x Carbon Fiber
Tech Level: 49

Once you have reached the required level for it, the Rocket Launcher will make you feel like a menace in Palworld. It is undoubtedly the most destructive weapon with the highest DPS in the game.

The Rocket Launcher is hands-down the best weapon in Palworld if your goal is to completely obliterate anything that stands in your way.

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