Should You Cure Antonia In Lies of P?

Antonia's cure is in your hands.

Most of the residents of Krat have been affected by the Petrification Disease, and the owner of Hotel Krat in Lies of P, the dignified Lady Antonia is among them. As the story progresses, Antonia’s health becomes a concerning matter. The good news is that players will have the option to find a cure for Antonia in Lies of P.

The bad news is that, ultimately, Antonia’s fate cannot be changed despite the cure. Does that make the whole endeavor pointless, and is it better to just avoid undertaking the quest to cure Antonia altogether? I reckon most, if not all, who play the game would say otherwise, and I fall into that camp too. There are some neat benefits attached to going through with Antonia’s questline in Lies of P, both material and immaterial, which make administering the cure a must-do.

How to find a cure for Antonia in Lies of P

After the events of the Grand Exhibition Gallery and defeating Champion Victor, return to Hotel Krat and speak with Polendina, who will inform you of Lady Antonia’s worsening condition. Out of options, he will request you to seek the Alchemist Giangio, who can utilize the gold coin fruits in Lies of P to develop a cure for Antonia.

After talking to Giangio, he will ask if you’re sure you’d want her to live a longer, possibly painful life or just let her die peacefully. Tell him that you wish to cure Antonia, and he will make the cure in exchange for one Gold Coin Fruit. Return with the cure to Polendina, and he will ask you whether he should use the cure or not. After all, he is in love with her.

Should you cure Antonia or not?

At this point, you may wonder whether there are any downsides to curing Antonia. Whatever you may have been led to believe, curing Antonia is the best course of action. If you refuse to give Antonia the cure, that’s the end of Lady Antonia then and there. She will die because of the Petrification Disease. However, if you gave her the cure, then there’s still a bit more to this story as far as closure goes.

As I mentioned before, there are a series of immaterial and material benefits to curing Antonia in Lies of P.


Let’s start with the immaterial first since the material rewards will be available at the end of Antonia’s quest. Giving Antonia the cure in Lies of P has no side effects, and it actually does cure Lady Antonia’s petrification completely, the effects reflected in her updated character model.

Not only does this development make both Polendina and Antonia happy, but you also unlock new dialogue between the two. She’ll even finally get the chance to see your face clearly. Honestly, it’s these little gestures and moments between characters that make the whole experience feel alive.

However, not every story has a happy ending in Krat. After the attack on Hotel Krat, Lady Antonia’s health will be compromised anew, and after you defeat Laxasia the Complete in Chapter 11, once you return to Hotel Krat, Polendina will inform you that Lady Antonia has passed away.

After learning of Lady Antonia’s passing, go to Geppetto’s room, where Lady Antonia relocated to after the attack on Hotel Krat. You will find her wheelchair in the corner of the room straight ahead of the door. If you administer the cure, you can interact with the wheelchair. Collect your rewards for putting in the effort to help out Lady Antonia.

Should You Cure Antonia In Lies of P

One of these will be the ‘Cherry-Scented Letter,’ an item that details Lady Antonia’s last words to you. She will thank you for having returned joy to her in her final moments.

The second item is the Record ‘Memory of Beach’, a somber tune that can boost your humanity score if you want the Rise of P ending. This also unlocks the achievement The Story of the Refined Old Lady for completing Antonia’s questline.

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