Lies Of P Fable Arts Guide

Understanding how Fabled Arts works in Lies of P will drastically improve your offense and add variety to your arsenal. This guide will...

Weapons in Lies of P feature special moves and secret abilities, known as the Fable Art of the weapon. Every weapon has one which makes each weapon different and stand out from the bulk. Understanding how Fable Arts works in Lies of P will drastically improve your offense and add variety to your arsenal. This guide will help explain Fable Arts in Lies of P, how to use them and how to change them.

Lies of P Fable Arts explained

Fabled Arts in Lies of P are barely explained. These special weapon arts allow you to land powerful hits that damage your opponent’s guard and help stagger them. Fable Arts can also be used to deflect attacks and even provide special properties to your weapon.

To use the Fable Art of your weapon, you need to charge your Fable meter. How much Fable you have is shown by the small blue bars under your Stamina bar. By default, you have three Fable bars. You charge them for almost every action in the game; such as hitting and defeating your enemy, blocking or parrying attacks, and even when you get hit.

You also get Fable Catalysts in the game. These consumables can be used to recharge one bar of Fable. You can carry three Fable Catalysts at once, enough to get a full recharge.

How to use Fable Arts in Lies of P

Using Fabled Arts in Lies of P is quite easy. For PC, press F and Y or Triangle for consoles to use your blade’s Fable Art, and do the same when blocking to use your Handle’s Fabled Art.

In general, you need a single Fable charge for your handle Fabled Art and three Fable Charges for your Blade’s Fabled Art. However, this may vary. You can look at the bottom right of your screen to see how many Fable charges you need to use the Fabled Art of each of your weapon parts. This is universal, even for weapons that cannot be dismantled.


How to change Fabled Arts

Fabled Arts are tied to your weapon pieces. Both the Blades and Handles in Lies of P have their own Fable Arts. These work independently of how you assemble your weapon. As Fable Hearts are tied to the weapon blade or handle, you can’t add a different fable art to your current blade or handle.

In order to change the combination of the fable arts you can use, you will have to reassemble your weapon at a Stargazer. Say you like the fable art of Electric Coil’s handle and the fable art of Salamander Dagger’s blade, you can assemble them in this way to get the benefits of both weapons.

For weapons that you can reassemble, you get different Fable Arts on all your blades and all your hilts. These can be mixed and matched in various combinations to get the best setup depending on your requirements. For weapons that you cannot reassemble, namely the boss weapons, they still have different Fabled Arts for their blades and hilts.

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