Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian Sallow Questline Guide

Sebastian Sallow is a new character from the Slytherin house who can teach you about the Dark Arts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sebastian Sallow is a student from the house of Slytherin who has his Relationship questline in Hogwarts Legacy. He has a charming, optimistic, and courageous personality. Equipped with great knowledge of the Dark Arts, he keeps on expanding it in a hope that one day he might find a cure for his twin sister, Anne Sallow, who suffers from an enfeebling and painful curse.

Sebastian Sallow’s Relationship line consists of a total of 12 quests of which 4 are main quests while the other 8 are side quests. A Relationship line is a series of quests that allows you to interact with a certain character, befriend them, learn their stories, and earn points and various rewards after completing the quests.  

After completing a Relationship line, along with the rewards you earn with each quest, you also earn an achievement trophy. There are three such trophies in Hogwarts Legacy with the ‘A Sallow Grave’ bronze trophy being the one earned after Sebastian Sallow’s Relationship Line.   

Sebastian Sallow’s questline in Hogwarts Legacy

Sebastian teaches you a lot of things during his questline including the three Unforgivable Curses. If you are looking to embark on the path of evil in Hogwarts Legacy, then befriending Sebastian will help you as he meddles in Dark Arts.

Following are the quests in Sebastian Sallow’s Relationship Line in Hogwarts Legacy.

In the Shadow of the Undercroft

It is the 21st main quest in Hogwarts Legacy where Sebastian takes you to a secret room. To access this quest, you must be on level 8.

During the quest, you get the chance to tell Sebastian about your ability to see and use Ancient Magic. As a reward for completing this quest, Sebastian teaches you Confringo, a blasting spell.

You will have the following dialogue options and their outcomes during the quest:

Dialogue OptionOutcome
I’ll tell you the truth.The quest continues as you discuss more Ancient magic
I’m not ready to tell you everything.The quest continues but the conversation ends

In the Shadow of the Estate

It is the 27th main quest in Hogwarts Legacy which upon completion rewards you with 260 XP points. In this quest, you have to go to Fledcroft with Sebastian and meet his uncle and sister.

Sebastian argues with his uncle before indulging you regarding the details of his sister’s illness. As he takes you to the place where his sister contracted the curse you will encounter a Triptych. 

You have to keep looking for clues to relate it to Anne’s illness until soon you find a Rune Diagram. To unlock this quest, level 15 is required.

In the Shadow of the Bloodline

It is a side quest in Sebastian’s relationship line which takes place in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle. In this quest, you just have to converse with Sebastian. Keep in mind that you can unlock this quest only if you have completed the first two, above-mentioned main quests.

Sebastian believes that by heading to Salazar Slytherin’s scriptorium, He can find leads regarding his sister’s illness. However, this may prove difficult due to Ominis’s disapproval.

In the Shadow of the Study

This is an important side quest of Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy. This is where you get to learn the Cruciatus Curse, one of the three Unforgivable Curses in the game.

To unlock this quest, you have to complete the above-mentioned quests and ‘The High Keep’ main quest as well. This quest takes place in the Slytherin Dungeon where you have to help Sebastian look for the Slytherin Scriptorium.

You will extract the information regarding the route to the Slytherin Scriptorium from Ominis. To enter, you will have to use the Crucio spell. Once inside, you must search for the spell book used by Salazar Slytherin.

You will have the following dialogue options and their outcomes during the quest:

Dialogue OptionOutcome
Very well. I don’t want to learn the Cruciatus Curse.You do not learn Crucio
I want to learn the Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me.You learn Crucio
Teach me the Cruciatus Curse and I’ll cast it on you.You learn Crucio

In the Shadow of Discovery

It is a side quest taking place in The Undercroft where you have to talk to Sebastian about the book you found in the last quest. Sebastian sends you an invite for this quest in the Owl Post and you can access it after completing the previous quests.  

Upon acquiring the spell book you will realize the existence of a relic that can reverse any curse. Ominis does not approve of further involvement in the matter.

In the Shadow of Time

It is the next side quest in Sebastian’s quest line. A letter from Sebastian arrives in your Owl Post regarding this quest after you have completed the previous ones and Professor Weasley’s Assignment as well.

In this quest, Sebastian teaches you another Unforgivable Curse, the Imperio. After completing this quest you also earn 180 XP points.

You will search for and find the relic you learn about in the previous quest. The relic is found inside the Feldcroft Catacombs. Disregarding the threat mentioned on the note that accompanies the relic, Sebastian grabs it.

The relationship with Ominous worsens in this case, however, there are more major concerns. Anne is in trouble and to save her Sebastian must resort to using the Imperio spell.

In the aftermath of this Solomon will ban Sebastian from seeing his sister. 

You will have the following dialogue options and their outcomes during the quest:

1) Should you grab the Relic?

Dialogue OptionOutcome
We should leave the relic alone.The relic will be taken by Sebastian
We need that relic.The relic will be taken by Sebastian

2) Favoring Sebastian or Ominis

Dialogue Choice 1Dialogue Choice 2Outcome
Very well. Let’s talk with Sebastian.You can now exit the catacombs.
I cannot side with you. Sebastian’s rightNever mind.To escape the Catacombs use the Imperio spell on Ominis.
 Yes, that’s precisely what I’m suggesting.

In the Shadow of Distance

It is another side quest located in the Undercroft. It is quite easy as you just have to go and talk to Sebastian. To learn more about the relic and its workings you along with Sebastian go and meet Anne after sending the Crest to her.

In the Shadow of Mine

It is the 36th main quest in Sebastian’s relationship line that rewards you 260 XP points. You can access this quest after completing Professor Weasley’s Assignment and then you can help Sebastian look for a Rune Symbol in the Overlook Mine.

You and Sebastian must search for the second Canvas piece, after getting information from the Triptych. Soon the location for the third and final Triptych is also found out.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

It is the 41st main quest and the last one in Sebastian Sallow’s questline. You get an Owl Post invitation for this quest after completing Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial. You have to help Sebastian look for the last piece of the triptych and in return, you get 260 XP points.

In this quest, you will find the remaining parts of the Triptych and complete them. You will also find out information regarding Ishidora Morganach, the Keeper. It is revealed that e can remove anyone’s pain.

In the Shadow of Hope

In this side quest, Sebastian will need to bring his sister Anne to complete the relic’s ritual, which is performed at the catacombs.

In the Shadow of the Relic

It is a side quest given by Ominis Gaunt but considered a part of Sebastian’s questline because he teaches you the Avada Kedavra Curse in this quest.

To unlock this quest, complete the previous quests, the ‘In the Shadow of Hope’ quest, and the ‘Lodgok’s Loyalty’ main quest. This quest takes place in the Fledcroft Catacomb and after completion, you get 180 XP along with the killing curse.

Soon Inferi will infest the entire area but before Sebastian can deal with the situation and control them, Solomon destroys the relic. This infuriates Sebastian, who in turn attacks Solomon using the Avada Kedrava and kills him.

Anne will see this and react by escaping the scene after discarding the spell book.

In the Shadow of Fate

It is another side quest where you meet Sebastian in the Undercroft. To access this quest, complete the previous quests and wait for some time after completing the last quest.

Solomon is killed during the previous quest therefore after his burial, you search for Sebastian and Ominous. Head to the Undercroft to find them. In this quest, you will be given the important quest of side with or against Sebastian i.e., to turn him in or not.

You will have the following dialogue options and their outcomes during the quest:

Dialogue Choice 1Dialogue Choice 2 Outcome
We should turn Sebastian in.We must turn him in.Sebastian will be captured and won’t be a part of the ending sequence. He also wouldn’t appear in the Shadow of Friendship.
 I’ve changed my mind.Sebastian won’t be captured and will therefore be a part of the ending sequence. He will also appear in the Shadow of Friendship.
We must not turn Sebastian in.Sebastian won’t be captured and will therefore be a part of the ending sequence. He will also appear in the Shadow of Friendship.

In the Shadow of Friendship

It is the last side quest in this questline which is available after completing the final main quest of Hogwarts Legacy. Completing this quest, you are rewarded with 180 XP and the person you meet in this quest depends on your decision in the previous quest about Sebastian’s arrest.

During this quest, you will return to the Undercroft and ponder on the decision you made during the previous quest.

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