Hogwarts Legacy: Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial Guide

In Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial, you get to experience his memories as well as find the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players will have to partake in challenges set by the four keepers. The third trial is given to you by Niamh Fitzgerald which sees you transported to a new black-and-white-themed realm. You must take on the challenges and enemies thrown against you in search of Niamh Fitzgerald’s Pensieve.

This quest is the 35th quest of the main storyline and it features some of the best visuals Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. As can experience the smooth transitions between the different realms in this quest we will guide you through the entire journey.

Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial walkthrough

In the previous quest The Poly Juice Plot you disguise yourself as Professor Black and acquire the password for the headmaster’s office. This password will be required when entering the headmaster’s office where you can start this quest.

You must go toward the trophy room and open the path to the staircase blocked by a double gate. Start climbing the staircase to find a Phoenix statue on your left after reaching the top.

Approach the statue and interact with it to say the password to reveal the stairway. Follow this stairway to lead you toward the headmaster’s office.

A cutscene will begin as you enter the room and approach the desk. You will approach Niamh’s portrait to talk to her where you will be instructed to open the book on the other side of the office.


Sucked inside the book

Approach the book at the back and interact with it. You will be warped inside the world of the Deathly Hallows. The aesthetics of this realm are black and white and offer stunning visuals for you to experience.

As soon as you enter this realm you will immediately receive a cold welcome from a giant skeleton wearing a hood. You will also be hunted down by his summoned minions.

This part of the mission is fairly lengthy but straightforward to complete. In this section maintaining your stealth is key as you take down every minion one after the other with the Disillusionment spell auto-casted.

Rush toward the bridge to find a ladder below. Take this ladder to climb to the left section and jump below to the other side. Maintain your stealth while avoiding the minions and make your way through the destroyed buildings toward the courtyard.

You will find an Invisibility Cloak here, grab it and put it on to move unnoticed. You must then continue along this path until you find the Elder Wand. You will be transported to a white space where you will see the Elder Wand floating in front of you. Grab it to begin the next phase of Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial.

The Elder Wand

After you have acquired the Elder Wand clear your path using Bombarda and continue toward the castle in front. You will then be blocked a five Death’s Shadows, take them out, and approach the castle.

Be ready to deal with more enemies after entering the castle. They are the main welcoming committee and you need to clear all of them out before entering the main castle area.

Head up the stairs to face two additional waves of a host of enemies. You’ll have to fight off two Death’s Trolls and a few Death’s Shadows to clear the first wave.

However, as the first wave is cleared you won’t have a chance to take a breath before the second wave begins which sees face off against two additional Death’s Trolls and a few Death’s Dark Mongrels and Death’s Shadows.

Once all the fighting is over you can move toward the left where you will see a flight of stairs. Climbs the stairs toward the podium to be transported back to the white realm where you found the Elder Wand.

A new glowing artifact will be seen floating in front of you. This artifact is the third Deathly Hallow, the Resurrection stone. Grab it to begin the next phase of Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial.

The Resurrection Stone 

Once you have grabbed the Resurrection Stone, continue along the path to reach a cemetery. Move to the end of the cemetery and climb up the stairs to find a body placed on a stone tablet.

Approach the body and interact with it. The resurrection stone will revive the body which you will realize is Niamh Fitzgerald. She will then lead you toward an area so follow her.

You will soon reach a Giant Statue and as you look closer you will see a Pensieve underneath it. Use it to see Niamh’s memeories.

You will be shown a certain memory where Niamh is seen condemning Isidora’s use of magic. The memory will end there, and you can exit the realm and enter the Map Chamber using the archway.

You will then be acquitted with San Bakar who is the fourth and final keeper. San Bakar decides to delay disclosing the location of his Pensieve and decides to discuss the matter with his fellow keepers.

Fig then states that Ranrok must be kept under greater surveillance. Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial ends and you can move on to In The Shadow of the Mountain, the next quest in Sebastion’s questline.

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