Hogwarts Legacy: Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest Guide

In Lodgok’s Loyalty, you get to avenge Lodgok by stopping Ranrok's illegal drilling operation in the Coastal Mine in Hogwarts Legacy.

Lodgok’s Loyalty is the main Hogwarts Legacy quest that follows In the Shadow of the Mountain. This is where you get to avenge Lodgok by stopping Ranrok from continuing his illegal drilling operation in the Coastal Mine.

You should be ready to match your spells and potions against multiple enemies. There are several rooms and open areas in the mine that are packed with all enemy types. You will need to bring your best wand here to stand a chance.

Hogwarts Legacy Lodgok’s Loyalty Walkthrough

Lodgok’s Loyalty will happen inside the Coastal mine that can be reached by traveling to Marunween Lake. Head North from the lake area and be on the lookout for any enemies guarding the encampment nearby.

You will encounter an armored troll and more enemies near the main mine entrance. Deal with them and then go through the wooden door to enter the Coastal Mine.

The First Room

After entering the Coastal mine, head towards the tram system on the right. While getting there, you might have to kill two Goblins and have a chance to loot the chest. Get in the tram buggy and head where the tracks take you.

When the tram ride ends, you will end in some sort of building with stairs on the corner. Use the stairs to get to the first floor and locate the fireplace on the side. Using Confringo, an additional door further in the mine will be unlocked after lighting up the fireplace.

Get the stairs on the side of the fireplace and use Accio to fetch a platform towards you. Hop on the platform you just pulled and use Accio to transport you to the other side. This will transport you to the next enemy area.

Once the area is clear, cast Revelio to reveal all interaction points. This is a nifty spell in Hogwarts Legacy that highlights all nearby points of interests in blue.

Optional Detours

The new enemy area has several paths protruding in either direction: left, right, and straight. A Collection Chest can be located at the end of the left path. Meanwhile, a Moonstone along with a small chest will be located at the end of the right path.

If you head straight, two more collection chests can be found after taking an elevator down. This can be activated by lighting the furnace using Confringo. Down there, you will be greeted by the Gobrik, Fortified Troll, and several Goblins.

The Next Room

After defeating Gobrik and several other enemies, hop on a conveyor belt to get back to the main area. There you can find a moving platform that can be fetched using Accio and hopped on to get across.

As soon as you enter the next room, you will be greeted by several Goblins. After dealing with the Goblins, find and board the tram buggy on the right of the room.

You will then reach a room that was unlocked after lighting up the fireplace in the first room. Get inside the room to collect the Collection Chest.

After collecting the chest, go back to the main room and find a fireplace on the left side. Ignite it and use the lift to reach the top.

Destroy the Drill

Within this room, you need to defeat Armored Troll along with other enemies. The next task is to destroy all 5 pillars surrounding the room. Once all 5 pillars are down, the ceiling will come down and drop on the drill.

Exit the Mine

After a cutscene with Ranrok, you will regain back control. Head to the gate and open it by interacting with it. Travel left to then exit the mine.

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