Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Quest Guide

This guide will help you complete the High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy and unlock your very own hippogriff mount.

The High Keep is the main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy where players will finally unlock the Hippogriff mount, Highwing. The Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest is known to be a bit tricky as players find it difficult to open the gate or climb the battlements although the other parts of the quest are easy.

The requirement for starting The High Keep quest is to be at least level 17 and to know the spell Wingardium Leviosa. If you meet these requirements head on over to Falbarton’s Castle and interact with Natty. Natty will ask you to try to figure out a way to get into the castle and this is where the first challenge begins.

How to climb the battlements in High Keep

Make your way up the walls and use Depulso to move the mechanism near the doorway. After that, use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to move the crate out of the way. Move the crate to near the wall and use the Levioso spell. As the crate starts floating in the air, climb on it to reach the battlements.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep walkthrough

Once you have climbed the battlements, make your way forward till you reach a wooden barricade near the walls and use a spell to blast it away and reveal a small crawlspace. Don’t enter the crawlspace yet, instead make your way to the small window on the side of the room and use the Accio spell on the crate there.

Now, make your way back to the crawlspace into the large room with the gate opening mechanism. A lot of players get stuck at this stage, but opening the gate is fairly straightforward. Simply cast Depulso twice on the mechanism so that it stays down longer and then use Accio to pull down the gate.

Reach the rooftops

Once the gate opens, Natty will join you and as you make your way forward there will be a cutscene with a Hippogriff crashing through a large door. After the cutscene, jump the walls and make your way up till you see another crate.

Use Depulso to push it and then use Wingardium Leviosa to move the crate to the right part of the wall. Use the Levioso spell yet again and use it to climb to the next part. Now you’ll face a poacher tracker which you can get rid of easily.

Further down you will encounter more enemies so just get rid of them and head to a locked gate. Use Alohamora to unlock the gate. Going through the tower you will encounter multiple enemies and if you go off the path you can also find some loot around.

Make your way through the tower all the way up till you encounter Highwing and another Hippogriff. The cutscene will have you finally getting your flying mount, Highwing, who you fly back to Hogwarts. After a successful escape, Natty will mention contacting you later to figure out the next move against Rookwood.

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