GTA 5 Collectibles Locations Guide – Spaceship Parts, Letter Scraps, Submarine, Hidden Packages

Where to find all the GTA 5 spaceship parts, letter scraps, submarine parts and hidden packages collectibles in GTA 5.

Finding GTA 5 collectibles seems to hold significant value compared to previous games. This tradition started in the days of GTA 2 and gained, even more, popularity with GTA 3. But GTA V collectibles take things to a new level in terms of collectibles rewards, hidden locations, and map secrets.

We’re glad to see that finding collectibles have made it to GTA V and the experience is better than ever. The collectibles which can be found in GTA 5 include Spaceship Parts, Letter Scraps, Epsilon Tracts, and Hidden Packages.

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GTA V collectibles locations guide is here to help you find letter scraps, spaceship parts, and tell you about more secrets of GTA V map.

GTA 5 Collectibles

The following guide will help you find all the GTA 5 collectibles. Those looking for spacecraft parts will also be able to benefit from our collectibles guide. Keep in mind that you need to follow directions exactly as mentioned in the article below.

GTA 5 Map Secrets – All Collectibles, Spaceship Parts, Later Scraps

GTA V map holds plenty of secrets and one of them are the spaceship parts. You can find them spread across the entire map so you definitely need some help with it. The information we have below is going to help you find spaceship parts.

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Reward and Locations
There are a total of 50 Spaceship Parts which can be found in the game. You must complete the main story mission, ‘Fame or Shame’ before you start finding the Spaceship Parts. These parts are small light-emitting objects which are scattered throughout the world of GTA V.

After finding all the Spaceship Parts, you must return them to Omega and you will receive the Space Docker. This is the only time you will get this vehicle if you lose it; you will lose it for good.

You can find all the Spaceship Parts with the help of our Spaceship Parts Locations guide that has a map and video to assist you.

Where to Find GTA 5 Letter Scraps
These are another type of collectibles found in GTA V. These are the scraps of a letter of confession of a woman’s murder named Leonora Johnson. A little is known about this woman other than she was brutally murdered and it is up to you to unveil the mystery behind her murder.

Successfully finding all Letter Scraps will unlock ‘A Mystery, Solved’ Achievement/Trophy. Along with this, you will also get to the killer and will have the ability to either kill him or let him go.

You can find all the Letter Scraps with the help of our Letter Scraps Locations guide.

Epsilon Tracts
Epsilon Tracts Collectibles challenge is unlocked after completing all of the Epsilon Missions. There are a total of ten tracts which you need to find in order to complete the challenge.

To find all the Epsilon Tracts, read our Epsilon Tracts Locations guide.

Submarine Parts
In order to collect Submarine Parts, you must purchase Sonar Collections Docks for $250,000. After buying this property, you will meet a woman outside the building; talk to her and you will get to find the collectibles.

Finding these collectibles will not only award you with $10 bucks; you will also get to find many weapons, armor, and health kits. Furthermore, you may encounter Sharks while finding these parts which can be killed by a well-timed knife.

To find all the submarine parts, read our Submarine Parts Locations guide.

Hidden Packages
Hidden Packages are basically suitcases full of cash. However, you will have to spend a good amount of time underwater if you intend to find them all!

You may also stumble upon different weapons, armor, and health kits while looking for these hidden packages.

There are a total of 12 Hidden Packages which can be found in GTA V. Refer to our Hidden Packages Locations guide for more help on finding all these packages. GTA V is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The title also released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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