GTA 5 Hidden Packages Locations Guide

Where to find all the GTA 5 Hidden Packages to make some quick money in the game. Our GTA 5 Hidden Packages Locations Guide details all about it.

Earning money is not an easy job in GTA 5, if you want to make some extra cash, you can start looking for the 12 hidden packages littered around the waters of the greater Los Santos area. They are found in very specific locations so you need to follow the instructions very carefully.

The following guide will discuss all the details you need to know to get every single Hidden Package in GTA 5. The search will keep you busy for a couple of hours in Los Santos.

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GTA 5 Hidden Packages Locations

Hidden Packages are briefcases with random large amounts of secret money in them, scattered around the sea floor of the GTA V world. They are one of the many hidden money locations in GTA 5. Though the sea area is very large, the packages are often accompanied by interesting underwater shipwrecks or crashed aircraft parts, making them a bit easier to find.

This also allows you to further explore the wreckage for additional equipment such as health packs, weapons, ammo, and more, making Hidden Packages a worthwhile collectible in every way.

Hidden Packages Locations Map
Hidden Packages

The map above highlights the location of each hidden package in GTA 5. You can use it as a guide, for more specific locations you can refer to the list below:

Hidden Package #1

Location. The first package is in the north-western region of the map, just east of the Port of South Los Santos. It is next to the broken tail end of a large aircraft. You cannot miss that glowing suitcase.

Hidden Package #2

Location. On the eastern end part of the map, exactly in line with Package 1 is another package located near an old sunken Cessna-like aircraft.

Hidden Package #3

Location. This package is located in the eastern part of the map just southeast of the mountain range. Look for an underwater wreck of a truck, and you should be able to find it in the container.

Hidden Package #4

Location. This package is inside the wreckage of an underwater carrier aircraft fuselage, located northwest of the tip of the western ‘nose’ part of the map.

Hidden Package #5

Location. You can find this package below the southeastern edge of the ‘nose’ part of the map. It’s on a sunken frigate type boat.

Hidden Package #6

Location. This package is on a sunken and badly rusted submarine ship, west of the Pacific Bluffs and slightly south.

Hidden Package #7

Location. This package is located in the waters between the western islands of the map. Dive down and look for a large shipwreck. The package will be under a brown gate.

Hidden Package #8

Location. This package is located in the seas next to the Palomino Highlands, near the island. Look for a steamship here. There is a wooden wheel that has the package under it.

Hidden Package #9

Location. In the river area that runs north of Port of South Los Santos, there is a sunken wooden platform in the relatively shallow waters. The package is on its surface, which is also covered with weeds and wooden logs.

Hidden Package #10

Location. This package is located in the south-eastern part of the map. It is near the tail of a large sunken jet aircraft.

Hidden Package #11

Location. This package is located south of the western part of the Port of South Los Santos. This is probably the most difficult package to find, even though the waters here a relatively shallow. The package itself is lying in the lower portions of what seems like a shipwreck part. The package itself is hidden among the algae and underwater plant growth, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hidden Package #12

Location. The final package isn’t located underwater. This package is located in the Altruist Camp on Mount Chiliad. You need to bring three hitchhikers with you to open the camp. The package itself is on the porch.

Tips for finding Hidden Packages in GTA 5

Before you embark on your quest to acquire all the hidden packages, you must keep these things in mind:

  • A lot of the packages are in hidden in remotely inaccessible places such as deep underwater on the ocean floor. You must make sure to keep yourself equipped with supplies to take on the task of retrieving packages from the sea’s belly. Keep an oxygen tank with you or better yet use vehicles that dispense these supplies when you go off board i.e. Dinghy.
  • When you are exploring places for the packages, do not hesitate to make a bit more effort to search around the wrecks nearby. You will be amazed to see how much useful provision you can obtain while finding the packages.
  • There also exists a trick with the hidden packages that allows you to have an infinite amount of money by continuously recollecting the same package repeatedly. In order to do this, you need to change the character after having obtained the package. Then go on to shift to the same character with whom you have collected the package. Moreover, when you go back to the now not so hidden package site, voila! The package would have reappeared just to be collected by you again.
  • Unlike other items and collectibles, the hidden packages are available for all three of the characters. Meaning you do not have to change the characters in order to search for the packages. In addition, there are no requirements to be filled prior to obtaining the packages. They are attainable at any part of the game and do not need to be unlocked.
  • Locations of the hidden packages under the sea do not show up on the sonar system in your boats that you use to scan for wreckages. You will have to manually find them and the sonar can only help you so much as to find the wreckage you are looking for.
  • It is also preferable that you use the Nagasaki Dinghy, that was given to you by Abigail to search for the packages. The good part is that it has scuba diving gear on board.

Do hidden packages respawn in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, after you pick up a package it will respawn in its exact location after 24 real-world hours. Essentially it gives you access to unlimited free money if you want to go through the trouble of revisiting the areas we’ve listed above over and over again.

If the hidden packages do not respawn, or if they’re not there in their usual place, make sure 24 hours have elapsed since the last time you picked up the package. Additionally, you can make use of mods that make their spawn rate 100%.

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