How To Unlock Skill Trees In Gotham Knights

Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood are the 4 main characters and they all have access to four skill trees...

Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood are the 4 main characters and they all have access to four skill trees in Gotham Knights, each of which has a set of skills for players to master. Players will be able to explore various options for their preferred playstyle by delving into the skill trees.

In this Gotham Knights guide, we will delve into detail about the various Skill Trees that are accessible in the game. This will cover the work of each skill set as well as the rewards.

However, this is not all. Apart from Skill trees we will be also discussing various momentum abilities of each character and learning how to unlock abilities.

How Skill Trees work

All four characters in Gotha Knights have unique skill trees that correspond to their areas of expertise. After arriving at the Belfry, each character has access to three skill trees, each of which has seven accessible skills.

Gain experience by taking on tasks in Gotham City and battling thugs. Once you have gained sufficient experience, you will level up and receive ability points to go toward learning new talents.

Any experience that is earned by playing any one character is not limited to it. However, if players already have any one favorite and they have decided to stick to it throughout the game then they should not waste points on earning experience for others.

To use these ability points, just switch characters at the Belfry and go to the abilities menu.

Here is the detailed information about the skill tree of each character :

How to unlock Skill Trees

In the game, there are a total of four skill trees for each character. Each character has 3 unique skill trees while the Knighthood Skill tree is the same for all 4 characters. However, you still have to unlock the Knighthood tree separately for each character.

To unlock the Knighthood skill tree you will need to complete the Knighthood challenges.

Per tree, there appear to be seven powers that can be unlocked by using Ability Points. By simply participating in the game, you will get these points. The tasks you can complete to earn ability points are listed below:

After completing the challenges, characters need to return to the Belfry and visit the Batman memorial. And thus skill tree will be unlocked.

Can you unlock all abilities in Gotham Knights?

If you are looking to unlock and complete the skill trees of all four characters in a single playthrough, it is not possible.

In your first playthrough, you can only get to Level 30 in the skill tree. If you want to reach the max level 40, you will have to start a New Game Plus. The new game plus in Gotham Knights gets unlocked after you complete the main campaign.

What is the Knighthood Skill Tree?

After a crucial point in the story, Knighthood is made available. This branch becomes available once your character understands they can be the Dark Knight Gotham needs, not merely a new Batman.

But to unlock the skills in this tree, you must overcome obstacles. By doing that, you unlock new hero traversal techniques.

Unfortunately, you need to complete the challenges separately for each character if you want to unlock that character’s knighthood tree and special traversal ability.

Understanding and unlocking Momentum Abilities

Momentum Abilities are unique attacks and can alter your character’s playstyle and increase damage. These abilities are performed by particular button combinations. Each character has its momentum abilities which are unique from others.

To unlock Momentum Abilities, players need to do different challenges throughout the game.

Characters will benefit greatly from these abilities once they are enabled. These skills complement skills acquired through skill trees. Players can unlock these momentum abilities for all four characters Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

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