Gotham Knights Nightwing Momentum Abilities, Skill Trees And Tips

Nightwing is one of the four choices you get when you start your experiences in Gotham Knights. Dick Grayson, also...

Nightwing is one of the four choices you get when you start your experiences in Gotham Knights. Dick Grayson, also famously known as the Nightwing and previously as Robin, was Batman’s first protégé.

He grew up in a circus and was later adopted by Bruce Wayne once his parents died. He’s a natural leader and believes in fighting if there’s something worth fighting for.

Grayson became Batman’s companion for years and served to save Gotham for a long period until he decided to exit his guardianship to become a hero on his own, now known as the Nightwing.

Nightwing skill trees

Nightwing’s playstyle in Gotham Knights mostly consists of him taking the lead in the arena and using his acrobatics to take down the enemies. He’s all about flexibility, moving around to cover all spots, and not letting any enemy fleet away.

Although he’s not an aggressive player, he possesses great crowd control abilities that serve the perfect purpose during a fight where the mobs are attacking you and your team.

Nightwing’s playstyle is perfect for players who love hit-and-run tactics and want to escape trouble quickly.

Moreover, if you get overwhelmed when your character deals damage, Nightwing might be the perfect pick for you as he can attack enemies from a distance and execute combos without having to deal nearly half the damage enemies are dealing.

Overall, Nightwing is an all-rounder and a versatile character that players who love experimenting on the field would find perfect for playing with.

Following are the Skill Trees for Nightwing in Gotham Knights

Raptor skill tree

Following are the seven abilities that make Nightwing’s Raptor Skill Tree. This skill tree is themed around the abilities that deal critical damage to the enemies.

Perfect EvadeExecution of Evade, folwed by another attackN/AUnlock the Raptor Skill Tree
Critical ExpertiseA 20% increase in critical damage1 Action PointUnlock Perfect Evade
Assassin’s Mark10% increased  damage to marked enemies2 Action PointsUnlock Perfect Evade
TrampolineAfter using the Pounce ability, a high jump in the air is followed up1 Action PointUnlock Perfect Evade
Precise Strikes10% increase in landing a critical hit2 Action PointsUnlock Critical Expertise
Aerial BounceAllows Nightwing to perform three bounces on the enmies with an after-aerial attack2 Action PointsUnlock Trampoline
Critical DistanceAfter you hit an enemy from a distance, your critical chance, and critical damageincreases by 15%3 Action PointsUnlock Aerial Bounce or Precise Strikes

Acrobat skill tree

Following are the seven abilities that make Nightwing’s Acrobat Skill Tree. This skill tree is themed around the abilities that grant momentum to Nightwing by perfectly evading the enemies.

Aerial Damage PlusAerial attack damage increases by 12%1 Action PointUnlock the Acrobat skill tree
Extra Momentum BarAdds a second momentum bar to Nightwing’s stash1 Action PointUnlock Aerial Damage Plus
Momentum Gain Plus15% increase in Nightwing’s momentum1 Action PointUnlock Aerial Damage Plus
Evade ChainA chain of perfect evasions is triggered when quick backward jumps are performed3 Action PointsUnlock Extra Momentum Bar or Momentum Gain Plus
Haly’s FavoriteEvade chain knockdown enemies2 Action PointsUnlock Evade Chain
Evade Chain MomentumEvade chain restores some momentum2 Action BarsUnlock Evade Chain
Mind and BodyMomentum abilities repair health2 Actions BarsUnlock Haly’s Favorite or Evade Chain Momentum

Pack Leader skill tree

Following are the seven abilities that make Nightwing’s Pack Leader Skill Tree. This skill tree is themed around the abilities that help Nightwing heal and buff his allies.

Family Ties10% increase in Nightwing’s resistance. The team receives a boost.1 Action PointUnlock the Pack Leader skill tree
Health Bolstered DefenseWith 70%+ health, Nightwing gets a 5% defense bonus1 Action PointUnlock Family Ties
Momentum RegenRegeneration of Nightwing’s momentum and speed is increased as he works with other allies2 Action PointsUnlock Health Bolstered Defense
Shared SkillStats shared with partners are  increased by 50% value2 Action PointsUnlock Health Bolstered Defense
Elemental Smart Darts PlusEnemies’ damage reduces by 10%, and Allie’s damage output increases by 5% for 10 secs2 Action PointsUnlock Elemental Smart Darts
Revive DartsRevive allies2 Action PointsUnlock Elemental Smart Darts

Knighthood skill tree

Following are the seven abilities that make Nightwing’s Knighthood Skill Tree that are unlocked after a certain character arc and completing the knighthood challenges

Flying TrapezeFlying Trapeze to climb building to buildingN/AUnlock the Knighthood skill tree
Triple DartsThree darts can be shot1 Ability PointUnlock Flying Trapeze
Strike Distance +Melee attacks can be striked from afar1 Ability PointUnlock Flying Trapeze
GuardianUpon defeating enemies, the Nest Ability cooldown is reduced by 15%1 Ability PointUnlock Flying Trapeze
Bigger NestNightwing’s nest size increases3 Ability PointsUnlock Guardian
Nest Buffs +Nest Damage increases by 150%, healing effect increases by 100%3 Ability PointsUnlock Strike Distance +
Combat ExpertiseNightwing’s melee combo is increased by one, and his last hit will knockdown enemies2 Ability PointsTriple Darts

Nightwing Momentum Abilities

Every character in Gotham Knights comes with their own set of momentum abilities. These momentum abilities are basically action skills that can be used in combat and consume momentum points.

SkillFunctionMomentum Cost
Shotgun DartsDarts are shot from each hand, dealing greater damage1
Elemental ShockwaveAn elemental trail  is unveiled after smashing the ground, it deals massive damage to the enemies1
PounceNightwing jumps at a ranged enemy, giving it damage and knocking it down1
NestNightwing creates a defensive nest around him and the allies. It also damages the enemies.N/A

Tips to play Nightwing

Being grown in the Circus, Nightwing has amazing mobility and an acrobatic combat style. He has precise and insane movement that targets his enemies precisely and takes them out in no time.

In addition, he’s capable of flipping around and moving in the arena, which lets him hit one villain after another. His skill tree has various skills that assist him in using his fluidity to confuse the enemies on the field and move with such speed that he can catch any villain off guard.

Moreover, Nightwing can use his enemies in Gotham Knights as literal springboards to launch him in the air to cover distances in the field and evade attacks with back handsprings.

The more you knock down enemies while playing as Nightwing, the more his skills get augmented, allowing him to execute his special attacks even more often.

Nightwing also has a unique traversal ability in the shape of a drone, which lets him glide around effortlessly. With him already being an acrobat, this hero is a deadly threat to the enemies due to his ability to have major control of the field and land critical hits to his targets.

With abilities like Perfect Evade and Trampoline, Nightwing is able to angle his attacks on the enemies and give them massive damage with every hit that lands successfully.

In addition, using Aerial Bounce, the players can easily wipe out bigger enemies without worrying about them attacking back.

Nightwing is also great if you’re a fan of teamwork and maintaining synergy in the team. Since your other team members will have their own set of skills, Nightwing ensures that he not only complements them with his own skill set but also acts as a healer.

He’s got darts that heal and revive the allies from a distance, and with his AoE powers, he can buff and heal his team members.

With his ranged melee attacks and ability to escape, Nightwing can become an annoying entity for his enemies due to him not being able to be navigated on fight scenes.

For players who love versatility in combat in Gotham Knights but also do not want to be put under threat Nightwing perfectly fits the glove for you.

Attacks like Strike Distance +, Triple Darts, and Bigger Nest, can assist the character into playing ranged distanced combat style with having a larger area of damage.

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