How To Find Premeditated Crimes In Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights, as expected, has a bit of a grind to its progression system. You have several types of activities to unlock and complete in Gotham City to help your characters level up. One of them is the mundane task of stopping crimes that are happening all over the city.

You will initially only see smaller crimes on your map. Completing them will eventually allow you to unlock premeditated crimes for greater rewards. These are vital to your progression. Completing premeditated crimes is your first step to unlocking your Knighthood skill tree.

The following guide will tell you more about premeditated crimes in Gotham Knights.

How to locate premeditated crimes in Gotham Knights

In order to unlock premeditated crimes in Gotham Knights, you need to find and stop the smaller crimes. These are marked with a white icon on the map.

When you reach the location of a smaller crime, defeat all of the thugs there to get clues. However, make sure to use your AR vision to scan enemies before initiating the fight to identify an informant. This is because interrogating informants gives you important clues that weigh more than the clues you get from just beating them to a pulp.

Keep repeating the process of stopping smaller crimes for clues until you have enough clues to process. Head back to the Belfry and upload the clues to the Batcomputer. If you uploaded enough clues, a new red icon will appear on your map to show a premeditated crime on your next patrol.

How to stop premeditated crimes in Gotham Knights

After turning in the collected clues at the Belfry, your map will show a red indicator for the locations of Premediated Crimes that you can complete across Gotham City.

The very next patrol night you can head out and tackle these activities. Crimes found can range from robberies, to bomb threats and witness protection.

The icons showing premeditated crimes can respawn even after their completion. Their rewards, difficulty, and faction are random for every respawn.

Note that you need to complete 10x Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights to unlock the Knighthood skill tree for each character.

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