Gotham Knights Robin Momentum Abilities, Skill Trees And Tips

Tim Drake, Robin, is the youngest member of the Bat family, but his deductive skills are second to none. Robin is considered the smartest of all the characters in Gotham Knights and firmly believes in Batman’s mission. Robin took his motivation and guidance from his mentor Batman. He is the character who makes the most impact in the game using his stealth and status effect abilities.

Robin skill trees

For every playable character in Gotham Knight, you get four skill trees. All of these are locked from the start and you unlock them as you progress and earn Ability Points.

Moreover, some abilities have specific requirements that you must fulfill to open them.

As a player, you need to complete tasks, unlock specific skills, and get achievements to progress with your skill tree. Now, we will look at Robin’s Skill Tree and all his abilities in Gotham Knights.

Slugger skill tree

Slugger skill tree focuses on increasing his critical Damage and enabling his decoying abilities. Every tree will find seven abilities with their costs and requirements.

Perfect Evade 

Robin executes a precise time evade which can then be followed with an excellent attack. 

  • Requirements: Unlock the skill tree
  • Cost: Unknown

Critical Expertise

Robin’s Critical Damage is increased by 20 %.

  • Requirements: Unlock Perfect Evade
  • Cost: 1 Action Points

Elemental Decoy

If Robin is attacked, he can inflict substantial elemental Damage using his decoy on the attacking enemies.

  • Requirements: Unlock Perfect Evade
  • Cost: 1 AP

Back Damage +

 If Robin attacks any enemies from behind, he will deal 20 Robin deals 20 % more Damage.

  • Requirements: Unlock Perfect Evade
  • Cost: 2 AP

Precise Strikes

 The probability of landing a critical hit increases by 10 % for Robin.

  • Requirements: Unlock Critical Expertise
  • Cost: 2 AP

Exploding Decoy

 When Robin’s decoy deteriorates, it will release Elemental residue, and if any enemy walks in the residue, they will receive Damage from the produced elemental effect.

  • Requirements: Unlock Elemental Decoy
  • Cost: 2 AP

Elemental Focus

If the enemies are under the elemental effect, then there’s a 20 percent more chance that Robin’s next strike will deal a critical hit and Damage. Requirements: Unlock the Exploding Decoy or Precise Strikes

  • Cost: 3 AP

Shadow skills

This tree gives Robin stealth abilities and increases his chances to defeat enemies without others even noticing. This tree includes seven abilities, so let’s get on with it.

Light Footed

Robin will not produce any sound while running and move faster while crouching.

  • Requirements: Unlock Shadow skills tree
  • Cost: 1 Action Points

Stealth Damage +

 Robin’s damage increases if he remains undetected: +10 % damage increase in ranged and melee strikes and 20 % for Stealth and takedowns.

● Requirements: Unlock Light Footed

● Cost: 1 AP

Turnabout Takedown

 This ability allows Robin to perform Stealth Strikes and Takedowns on bigger enemies.

  • Requirements: Unlock Light Footed
  • Cost: 3 AP

Vintage Takedown by Hanging

 Robin executes a unique takedown by suspending enemies; he uses the vantage points for the hanging.

● Requirements: Unlock Stealth Damage + or Turnabout Takedown.

● Cost: 1 AP

Reduced Visual Stim

 Enemies will spend more time taking notice of Robin, and he will be hard to spot.

  • Requirements: Unlock Vantage Hanging Takedown
  • Cost: 2 AP

Vintage Hanging Takedown Mine

Robin will drop a proximity mine if he takes enemies by Vantage hanging, and the mine will attract the enemies towards it. 

  • Requirements: Unlock the Vantage Hanging Takedown
  • Cost: 2 AP

Shadow Renewal

25 % of Robin’s health will be restored after successfully taking down the enemies. 

  • Requirements: Unlock the Vantage Hanging Takedown Mine or Reduced Visual Stim
  • Cost: 2 AP

Tinkering skill tree

The tinkering abilities in Gotham Knights give Robin the items to unleash his speed, damage, and precision in the shots. These abilities also increase resistance of Robin towards further incoming damage.

Elemental Charge

 The elemental effect from Robin’s attacks will build up 25% faster than normal. 

  • Requirements: Unlock tinkering skill tree
  • Cost: 1 Action Point

Sticky Pellet

Robins will place pellets that stick on the surfaces and act like mines. If he puts another pellet, then the previous one will be deactivated. 

  • Requirements: Unlock Elemental Charge
  • Cost: 1 AP

Sticky Pellet 3x

Robin can place three sticky pellets simultaneously. 

  • Requirements: Unlock Sticky Pellet
  • Cost: 2 AP

Enhanced Version of Sticky Pellets

Robin’s Sticky pellet will cause an additional 33% damage to the enemies and will last for 10 seconds. 

  • Requirements: Unlock Sticky Pellet
  • Cost: 2 AP

Elemental Resistance

 Robin’s resistances against elemental effects is increased by 40%.

  • Requirements: Unlock Sticky Pellet 3x or the Enhanced version of Sticky Pellets
  • Cost: 2 AP

Elemental Burst

 Robin will gain an additional 5 % probability of inflicting Elemental Damage, and the element bursts decrease enemies’ resistance for 10 seconds to Element effect by 50 %.

  • Requirements: Unlock Elemental Resistance
  • Cost: 2 AP

Enhanced Version of Elemental Effects

Robin’s Elemental effects caused to enemies will last two times more in duration.

  • Requirements: Unlock Elemental Resistance
  • Cost: 2 AP

Knighthood skill tree

This tree of abilities increases Robin’s mobility and makes him unreachable. He could reach different places and take enemies down within no time. His Stealth, combined with his mobility, makes him one of the best protagonists of the game.


 Robin can relocate to a new place using a temporary portal and then activate it.

  • Requirements Unlock Knighthood abilities tree
  • Cost: Unknown

Stealth Takedown+

 Robin’s Damage, Elemental effect, and defense will increase for 15 seconds after takedown. 

Aerial Attack Smoke

A small cloud of smoke will be created as Robin performs aerial attacks, and he could use this cloud to re-enter Stealth.

  • Requirements: Unlock Knighthood abilities tree
  • Cost: 1 AP

Microbots Cooldown Reduction

Reduces the cooldown for Robin’s Microbot ability. 

  • Requirements: Unlock Knighthood abilities tree
  • Cost: 1 AP

Microbot Target +

Robin can call up to 5 microrobots at once instead of 3.

  • Requirements: Unlock Knighthood abilities tree
  • Cost: 3 AP

Slideways Takedown

Robin can use a portal to teleport any enemy, except bosses, to him and then perform a takedown.

  • Requirements: Unlock Knighthood abilities tree
  • Cost: 3 AP

Combat Expertise

Increases the number of attacks in Robin’s Melee and Ranged combos by 1. The last Melee hit is a knockdown.

● Requirements: Unlock Knighthood abilities tree

● Cost: 1 AP

Robin’s momentum abilities

In Gotham Knights, you can also unlock some momentum abilities to empower your basic melee or range attacks. The opportunities to unlock these abilities will open as you progress through the game and complete the challenges required to unlock the abilities.

Moreover, these abilities have costs that you pay from your momentum bar. As you unlock the abilities and have the momentum to pay for them, then you can assign the abilities to any button combo you want. 

Robin’s momentum abilities allow him to attack the enemies from behind as his decoys create a distraction. Robin’s ultimate power, Microbots, gets a boost in elemental Damage as its synergies with the buffs from his skill trees.

Warp Hit Shot

This ability allows Robin to ambush the enemies he shoots, inflicting severe Damage using heavy melee attacks. 

● Cost: 1 Momentum point

Bo Spin

Robin will quickly start spinning his Bo staff; in the process, all the projectiles coming toward him will be deflected and hit the enemies causing Damage.

● Cost: 1 Momentum point

Evade Decoy

Robin will place a decoy for a time duration of 15 seconds, causing enemies to focus on the bait; Robin could easily make his attacks during this time.

● Cost: 1 Momentum point


The ability provides Robin to become invisible at any particular moment; no matter if he’s hanging or perching, no security system or the enemy will know his location.

● Cost: 1 Momentum point

Bo Swing

Robin will use his Bo staff to deal Damage, and all the enemies hit by his staff will send flying.

● Cost: 2 Momentum point


Robin will fire a pellet that will explode to inflict elemental Damage to all the enemies in the explosive area.

● Cost: 2 Momentum point


Robin passes through his enemies by activating a holographic wraith. All the enemies who have been afraid will receive 15 percent more critical Damage from Robin as the same percentage increases his critical chance during the ability’s duration.

● Cost: 2 Momentum point


Robin will activate three small microrobots, which will get attached to enemies dealing them Damage before causing an explosion. The explosion will deal further Damage to the enemies. Moreover, this momentum ability has a cooldown of 10 minutes so use it carefully.

Tips to play as Robin in Gotham Knights

● Robin’s decoys are much more helpful when fighting against a single enemy to create distractions. However, if you are fighting multiple ranged enemies, then the decoy will not be much effective.

● Use surveillance drones to activate certain fast travel points and reach the crimes more quickly to solve the cases.

● Robin’s damaging attacks are his melee strikes; try to use a combo of attack and dodge when fighting a bunch of enemies. This will help you to survive longer in the fight, and you will not suffer much Damage.

● Try to use the Bo Spin ability to deflect the incoming projectiles towards you, don’t just use it as an offensive tool; you should rely on it to get away from incoming Damage.

● Robin’s strength lies in his Stealth plays, so try to attack the enemies from the backlines and wait for the right opportunity to jump into the fight. ● Use your microbots when the enemies have gathered around you as the Damage on the explosion is area-wise; this will cause maximum Damage to the nearby enemies.

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