Gotham Knights Batgirl Momentum Abilities, Skill Trees And Tips

With a personality radiating with determination and strong willpower, Batgirl in Gotham Knights has spent her years alongside two of the most influential figures in Gotham. Both her father, Commissioner Gordon and Batman have shaped her into who she is today, a fearless crime-fighting vigilante in the venomous city of Gotham.

Unlike the rest of the Bat family, Batgirl’s motivation to fight crime starts out through the good in her heart. Late at night, she’d sneak out in her DIY Batgirl costume to fight thugs and protect the innocent civilians going through rather tough times.

After being recruited and trained by Batman she started working alongside him until Joker shot her injuring her spine.

Batgirl has a wide variety of skills and gadgets to help her comb through the battlefield. Most importantly, she is highly skilled in kickboxing, jiu jujitsu and capoeira. Her signature weapon is the tonfa. Added to that she is an expert in hacking or coding in computers thanks to the days she’s spent working as the Oracle.

Batgirl skill trees

Each hero, including Batgirl, in Gotham Knights has a different set of skill trees that can be upgraded by acquiring action points by leveling up. Players can use their acquired action points (AP) to upgrade their character according to their liking, progressing forward in the manner they seem fit for their playstyle.

Batgirl, similar to the other playable characters in Gotham Knights will unlock her last skill tree, Knighthood after completing 10 pre-meditated crimes. Though this sounds tedious, the rewards and perks unlocked at the end makes the grind worth it.

Added to that, her skill set provides her with an edge against almost all types of enemies, easily making her the top choice for first-time players.

Her stealth abilities, however, allow her to truly outshine since she possesses skills such as remote hacking, allowing her to disable cameras and turrets from afar, without having to reach the control panels.

She also acts as the team’s healer simultaneously healing her allies and reviving herself through her second-wind ability.

Justice skill tree

Perfect evade 0 AP

Performing a perfect evade allows Batgirl to generate momentum for a perfect attack counterattack

Elite Beatdown 1 AP

Most enemies cannot interrupt Batgirl’s beatdowns. She will also experience a 20% increase in defense while the ability is activated

Critical Expertise 1 AP

Batgirl’s critical damage will be increased by 20%

Heavy Weight 2 AP

All heavy melee attacks will have a 10% increased damage, with a stun elemental effect buildup by 20%

Precise Strikes 2 AP

Chances of landing a critical hit is increased by 10%

Piercing Beatdown 2AP

This ability allows Batgirl to interrupt the attacks of armored enemies

Critical Focus 3 AP

Chances of performing a critical hit is increased by 10% with an increase in a critical damage by 10%

Grit skill tree

HP+ 1 AP

Batgirl’s health bar is increased by 40%. Does not apply to bonus health acquired through gear.

Unflinching Heavy Strike 1 AP

Batgirl’s melee attacks are uninterruptable by most enemies

Enemy Counter Focus 1 AP

A 75% defense bonus is acquired when a enemy performs a successful counterattack

Second Wind 3 AP

Batgirl can restore 50% of her health once her health bar is depleted allowing her to revive herself

Second Wind+ 2 AP

First 15 seconds after using second wind, Batgirl will gain a full momentum segment alongside a 10% increased chance of performing a critical hit

Vigilante Resolve 2 AP

The second wind ability can be used twice

Sense of Victory 2 AP

4% health is regenerated when Batgirl defeats an enemy. 8% health is generated if the enemy is defeated with a Grab Strike or Takedown.

Oracle skill tree

Remote Hacking 1 AP

Batgirl can disable certain devices such as cameras ad turrets while she’s using AR mode.

Shocking Devices 1 AP

Enemy’s guns and devices can be overcharged by applying a bioelectric elemental effect onto the enemy

Digital Ghost 2 AP

Cameras, sensors and any other tracking device will not be able to detect Batgirl

Gear Overclocking 2 AP

Batgirl can deal 10% extra damage by overclocking her abilities. By hacking her allies’ abilities she can also grant them a 15% damage bonus for 20 seconds.

Hacking Overload 2 AP

Batgirl can make security samples malfunction by hacking them and make electrical panels explode.

Super Health Packs 2 AP

20% extra health will be received upon using a health pack, alongside a 50% increase in defense for the next 10 seconds

Health Packs+ 2 AP

Health packs are 20% more effective, also healing any nearby allies upon use.

Knighthood skill tree

Glide 0 AP

Using her cape batgirl can glide, in a similar fashion to Batman, to cover large distances. She can also speed up or slow down by changing her pose.

Grapple Pull 1 AP

Through the help of her grapple, Batgirl can pull her opponents towards herself. However, if the ability is used on a bigger enemy, then Batgirl will pull herself towards the enemy instead.

Fear Takedown 1 AP

Batgirl can inflict fear within her enemies through ambush takedowns. Critical damage and critical chance increases by 15% for 10 seconds.

Health Regen+ 1 AP

Health will automatically regenerate up to 40% when outside combat

Enhanced Combat 2 AP

Number of Melee and Raged attacks combo are increased by 1, with the last hit being a a knockdown.

Drone Firepower 3 AP

Batgirl’s drone will have an increased firing rate

Drone Ambush Blast 3 AP

A large amount of damage is inflicted upon all enemies through Batgirl’s drone. Can be used once per summon.

Tips to Remember when Playing as Batgirl

  • Use a mix of both heavy and light attacks since sticking to one style can make your combos prone to being blocked by the enemy
  • Use projectile attacks to stun your opponents, especially ones using ranged weapons, since it can help you close the distance between them
  • If detected, or in a crowded situation, using smoke bombs can help you perform an easy escape
  • Constantly double-check the environment to keep a track of any potential environmental kills
  • Perfect evade has a specific timing window which is represented through a visual marker as well, appearing around an enemy’s fist as a spiked circle.
  • Batgirl’s heavy unflinching strike ability allows her to put her opponents in a static state, allowing her to quickly chain combos.

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