Gotham Knights Red Hood Momentum Abilities, Skill Trees And Tips

To help you get familiar with the vigilante with the guns, we have prepared this Gotham Knights Red Hood guide explaining everything about him.

Jason Todd aka Red Hood used to be the 2nd Robin under Batman until he was killed by Joker and later brought back to life thanks to the Lazarus Pit. This resurrection however made him a violent sociopath who doesn’t really adhere to Batman’s code of no killing. However, in Gotham Knights, Red Hood is a bit more mellow and does adopt a non-lethal fighting style.

The fighting styles of Red Hood in Gotham Knight are pure strength and range combat with the help of his two iconic pistols. The unique thing about the pistols is that they are nonlethal.

Red Hood has a variety of skills in combat. The most common is the human bomb which can cause concussions. He can also grab enemies of any size with the help of Large Grab. Red Hood can also focus on enemies from long range in a short time.

Red Hood skill trees

Like all the other characters in Gotham Knights, you can also upgrade the skill tree of Red Hood by acquiring AP.

You will get different Action Points every time you level up. These Action Points will then later be used to acquire different skills that you like.

You can customize your character and build any skill tree that you want. Every character skill tree will be different from the other character.

You will unlock three skill trees unique to Red Hood: Marksman, Brawler, and Vengeance.

Red Hood’s Marksman Skills

Perfect Evade 0 AP

You can use this skill to perfectively evade any attack from the enemy and then do a counterattack after that.

Focused Fire 1 AP

While aiming to shoot, you can do 4x more damage if you aim long enough.

Lucky Rounds 2 AP

When doing the Ranged Attacks or Precision Aim, one of the lucky shots will deal 5 times the damage than the normal.

Critical Expertise 1 AP

Your critical damage will increase by 20% if you use the Critical Expertise skill.

Precise Strike 2 AP

While shooting the enemy, you will land more critical hits with the help of Precise Strike. There will be 10 % more chances of a critical hit.

Focused Fire 2 AP

Your aim time will reduce by 50% if you use the Focused Fire.

Quickfire Expert 3 AP

If you want to increase the chance of doing Critical Damage or Critical Chance by 10%, you can utilize Quickfire Expert Skill.

Red Hood’s Brawler Skills

Human Bomb 3 AP

You can throw a bomb that will cause a concussion to the enemy when hit.

Large Grab 1 AP

While fighting large enemies, this skill will help you grab an enemy of any size.

Extended Grab 1 AP

This skill is the same as Lage Grab but it will only work on the enemy if his health is lower than 50%.

Human Bomb Enhanced 2 AP

If you want to increase the radius and damage of a Human Bomb, this skill will help.

Grip Expertise 1 AP

Any of your grab attacks will deal more damage by 10% with this skill.

Iron Grip 2 AP

You will not lose grip on the enemy even when hit with counterattacks.

Human Bomb Multiplied 2 AP

Human Bomb Multiplied will deploy 5 more mines that will cause a concussion to the enemies when approached. You will need to first detonate a concussion bomb for this skill to work.

Red Hood’s Vengeances Skills

Coup de Grace 1 AP

With the help of this skill, you will deal more damage to the enemies by 10% if their health is 30% or less.

Freak Justice 1 AP

If your enemy is the freak, you will do 5% more critical damage and 15% more damage with the help of Freak Justice.

Mob Justice 2 AP

With the help of Mob Justice, you will do % more critical damage and 15% more damage if your enemy is a Mob.

Justice Regulator 2 AP

If your enemy is Justice, you will do 5% more critical damage and 15% more damage with the help of the Justice Regulator.

Combined Fire 2 AP

You and your allies will get increased damage to Precision aim and Ranged Attack if you focus all on one enemy.

Unrestricted Fire 2 AP

If you do the Two-Fisted Reload, you will get unlimited rounds for a limited time.

Double Vortex 2 AP

Similar to Unrestricted Fire, you will only shoot double rounds if you do the Two-Fisted Reload.

Red Hood Knighthood Skills

Mystical Leap 1 AP

Spirit Platform will help you travel through the air if you use the Mystical Leap skill.

Ranged Terror 1 AP

You can easily knock out the enemy when they get shot and the nearby enemies will get fearful.

Weak Spot Damage 1 AP

If your shot hit the weak spot or does a headshot, you will do 15% more damage.

Grab Dread 1 AP

If you grab any enemy, the nearby enemies will get fearful.

Combat Mastery 1 AP

A ranged combo attack will have one more attack per combo with Combat Mastery.

Duncra’s Training

The time required to lock the enemy with the help of the Mystical Rounds will be reduced by 50%.

Shadow Vengeance

You can shoot two Mystical Rounds at one time with the help of Shadow Vengeance.

Red Hood’s Momentum Abilities

Barrage 1 AP

With the help of a barrage, you can deal damage to every enemy standing in front with the help of multiple rounds. You will also deal after shooting rounds.

Mystical Punch 1 AP

You will get an increase in Melee Damage by 50% and for 30 seconds, a 5-time increase in Elemental Buildup if you charge your punches.

Two-Fisted Reload 1 AP

You can shoot and at the same time reload while shooting any enemy.

Harnessed Rage 1 AP

Upon receiving the damage from the enemy, you will deal more damage by a small percentage of the damage received. You will also heal for 20 seconds by 1% per second.

Spoilsport Reload 2 AP

When reloading, the magazine thrown will be explosive. You can use this skill by jumping backward.

Portable Turret 2 AP

For six seconds, you will get a mini turret to deal damage to the enemies.

Mega Tackle 2 AP

You can easily knock enemies by dashing them.

Mystical Rounds 1 AP

While shooting Mystical Rounds, you will get the ability to easily lock the enemies.

Tips when playing as Red Hood

  • Red Hood can do more damage to the Freaks, Regulators, and Mobs as compared to other heroes due to specialized skills such as Freak Justice in the Vengeance skill tree.
  • Red Hood has a special ability called Mystical Leap that can be used to jump and fly around in Gotham City.
  • All the skills of the Red Hood are focused on dealing more damage to the enemies. Barrage is the best skill to stop counterattacks from the enemies in front.
  • Red Hood is best played using ranged attacks rather than using Melee attacks. This is because the ranged skills of Red Hood are more specialized and developed.
  • All the momentum abilities are revolved around his two pistols such as Two-Fisted reload.

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