How To Do A Timed Strike In Gotham Knights

In Gotham Knights, learning timed strikes is an objective of the Knighthood Questline. Players are required to complete this series of quests to unlock an improved traversing system and their character’s abilities.

The Timed Strike is an attack dealt with after building momentum to deal higher damage. The following guide will help you successfully perform Timed Strikes.

Best ways to master a Timed Strike in Gotham Knights

Timed Strikes are perfect when facing off against a stronger enemy or several enemies, as it builds momentum to deal a greater amount of damage compared to a normal strike.

Timed Strikes are tricky to execute since no proper indication is given to time the attack.

To perform a successful Timed Strike:

  • Approach the opponent
  • Perform a Melee Attack using the strike key
  • Just as the strike is about to land press the strike key again
  • Perfectly time the second press to successfully perform a Timed Strike

Completing the Timed Strike training

Completing the Timed Strike training is necessary to complete the Knighthood Questline. To do so:

  • Go to the Belfry
  • Head to the Tutorial Training area next to the dummy
  • Interact with the given prompt
  • Select Advanced Training
  • Choose Timed Strikes
  • Complete 5 standard Timed Strikes and 5 heavy Timed Strikes to complete the training

How to complete Red Hood’s Timed Strike training

Completing the tutorial proves difficult when playing with Red Hood since he performs ranged attacks.

PlayStation players should press the Triangle key instead of the Square, press the Triangle key, delay for a bit, and double-press the Triangle key again to perform the strike. Xbox players should do the same using the Y key and PC players the Q key.

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