Fire Emblem Engage Combat Tips

Fire Emblem Engage carries the legacy of previous games in the franchise by providing a highly customizable combat system. The proper customization of your inventory, character stats, and battle mechanics can make you a force to be reckoned with and overthrow your enemies in every combat.

To get a hold of the overlapping systems, and battle mechanics, it is vital to look at every detail that can push you toward victory. Thus, this guide will provide you with tips that you can use to bring havoc on enemies during combat in Fire Emblem Engage.

Understand the weapon triangle

If you are into Rock-Paper-Scissors, then FE Engage has a surprise in store for you. A weapon triangle in the game plays a significant role in the outcome of your combat.

The system is straightforward to understand. Axe overpowers Lance; Lance is strong against Sword, and Sword is the winner against Axe.

Learn about the nearby enemies, and bring the right weapon to counter them in combat, and you will deal significant damage. This small triangle trick allows you to prepare accordingly and outmatch your opponents.

Break the enemy’s stance

You can break the enemy’s stance using the correct weapons. If you are fighting against a Lance wielder, equip yourself with an Axe to make them vulnerable. Enemies cannot counter your attacks for a single turn after their stance breaks, and then use any unit you want to deal maximum damage to such enemies.

When it comes to mages and archers, martial attacks are their ultimate enemies. You can break them and inflict severe damage without worrying about any counter.

However, you cannot break chain attacks in FE Engage using counters. Weapon counters also become less effective when facing heavily armored enemies. To take them down, you need to know your surroundings and other Fire Emblem Engage mechanisms.

Check your surroundings

The most important thing you should do after getting into a new battle is to survey the surroundings and understand your opponents. Look for the number of enemies, and understand their positions and weapons. All these insights are crucial as they help you create a proper battle plan.

You can equip yourself according to the enemy team and use the weapon triangle to break their stances. Your selection of the units must depend on the opposing team. Go for the squishy low-health enemies first, such as mages and archers. This will ensure you take the least damage during the battle and easily win the combat.

Select the best team composition

After understanding the enemies’ strengths and positions, you need to come up with the best-selected team. If the enemies have highly armored players, then the selection of mages is essential since they hit hard. However, you need to have armored units yourself to tank any incoming damage.

However, there’s a limit to the number of units you can deploy on the battlefield so choose wisely. If you are taking part in optional objectives such as training battles or skirmishes, then you may use the units you want to advance, as these activities are great for earning extra experience.

Prepare a fully equipped team

After finalizing your units based on the enemies, you must ensure that every unit is properly equipped. You must manually double-check your unit’s equipment and ensure they have all the required weapons and inventory to bring down enemies.

Use the manage skills option to confirm that you have the right skills for your units. Use the emblem rings that have the highest caliber on your heroes. The combination of emblem rings and a perfectly crafted team will be enough to take down any enemy.

Have good team positioning

After locating and understanding the enemy positions, you must counter enemies’ formation by positioning your units appropriately. You need to use the weapon triangle and swap the positioning of your units in case they are not.

For example, you may position sword wielders in spaces that are surrounded by axe fighters. Eliminate those enemies and build momentum for your team.

You need to consider the mobility of the units while making the swaps in positions. Keep your defensive units at the front and hard hitters at the back. But remember, units traveling on horses can easily travel more distance.

Take advantage of side objectives

You need to earn as many rewards as possible from your battles. Looking for other types of objectives in your surroundings is the best way. You can find chests, alert people and eliminate enemies to gain extra treasure.

Ensure you gather all the rewards before eliminating enemies, as you will lose them after concluding your combat.

These treasures, rewards, and items are very beneficial. Making your units grow, helping you progress in Fire Emblem Engage.

Use the battlefield to your advantage

In Fire Emblem Engage, several physical aspects of the battlefield support your units. For example, the buildings and ground type can be used to extract several benefits. Your teams gain healing power if you stop at the right position at the end of the turn.

The most important place on the battlefield is the emblem energy pool. You need to track all these places and position your team on them. At the end of your turn; your emblem energy will refill. If you are near those places, do not hold back and use your most powerful engage attacks. Your energy will get recharged for the next turn.

Understand the attack Radius

A character, both yours and the enemies, will only get attacked if they are within the attack radius. If your characters are inside the radius of enemies, then a red line will connect your troop with that particular enemy.

To ensure they survive, ensure your units are outside of this radius. If some change occurs on the battlefield in which the positioning changes, then your troops can become vulnerable. They can become the target of several enemies in that case.

You should plan before making any hasty move and causing irreversible damage to your team.

Deal with different types of enemies

You will face several types of enemies, some proving to be very annoying. Fully armored enemies make the weapon triangle useless. You cannot do much about them without having a mage in your unit. Your mage attacks can take them out easily, making the hard task easier for your team. For example, you can select Pandreo to bring havoc on heavily armored enemies.

Additionally, the flying units have a lot of mobility which makes them very problematic. You must protect your mage units from flying enemies, as they can kill them quickly. You need to have archers in your team to knock them down. Archers can kill them quickly, saving your mages and helping you eliminate powerful enemies. Characters like Etie are a nightmare for flying units.

Reverse time to rectify mistakes

You can go back in time in Fire Emblem Engage. The only item you require to do this deed is “Draconic Time Crystal”. You can access this item during the player phase by going to the menu. The crystal will undo every action of yours on the battlefield.

If the battle is going in the enemy’s favor, use the crystal and devise a better plan to put them down. You can learn from your mistakes and keep your units alive.

Protect your backline

You must protect your mages and archers by positioning the heavily armored characters at the frontline. Your positioning will make enemy archers useless. However, remember to avoid enemy mages and plan ahead, as your mobility will not let you escape if the situation worsens. But if you want to push against the enemies, then heavily armored units are your best friends.

Be patient during battles

Patience is paramount for winning battles in Fire Emblem Engage. Position your units in the strongest way possible and let the enemies come at you. Always take advantage of the choke points and let your heavily armored units take the frontline.

You can also end your turn early, as sometimes your team’s position at the end is more beneficial. You can heal and refill the emblem energy by using the resources available on the battlefield. Locate the areas where your units will have an advantage over the enemy units and take advantage of the situation.

It’s all about the team game

In the end, the most important tip to win every combat encounter in Fire Emblem Engage is fighting as a whole. Your allies can provide various boosts that ultimately make your team unstoppable.

Have backup units placed next to enemies, so they land chain attacks whenever you engage them. Use heroes that boost different stats of your team, such as Alear, providing teammates with better offense and defense due to his Divinely Inspiring skill.

Constantly assess the stats and classes of your units and use them as a weapon against every type of enemy.

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