Fire Emblem Engage Training Battles Guide

Training Battles are a side activity that allows you to improve your characters in Fire Emblem Engage. Since one of the main goals of the game is to strengthen your army, sending your units to train battles will improve them in more ways than one.

Something else of importance is that Training Battles are an excellent way of leveling up your characters. The XP and SP you gain from training saves you from grinding characters in the game.

It is crucial to know everything about training battles in the game. Hence, this guide will provide information that will help you understand the training battles of FE Engage.

How to unlock Training Battles

The training battles allow players to test their skills against AI-controlled enemies. You might find these battles the same as Skirmishes, but the difficulty level is just a little high for training battles. You must give your best to knock out the foes and gain the bonus.

Survival is the key in these battles, as by dying, you will not be able to receive the bonus EXP, making the process more tiring. Play these training battles with utmost dedication and put the AI enemies into the ground whenever you get the chance.

The training battles will only appear after you complete a battle in the world of FE Engage. You can take part in 3 training battles after every battle win. Take full advantage of these and make a habit of completing training battles in FE Engage as soon as they appear.

The training battles are associated with the Arena in your home base, Somniel. Your home holds activities to improve your unit’s stats, including the relationship with Emblem Rings.

To unlock the Arena, you must complete Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle. Training battles will appear after this chapter, and you can make your way toward the Arena to compete.

How to do Training Battles in FE Engage

There are two ways to reach the Arena for the battles. One goes from the Cafe Terrace located in the Plaza. Make your way toward the large door opposite the ring chamber door. You can also fast travel to the Arena. You need to be in Somniel to make it work. Press X and select Arena from the available locations on the map.

Once inside the Arena, interact with the bright blue flame on the ground. You will receive two options to choose from. One is for training, and the other for Emblem.

Choose the training option, and select the character you want to gain XP with. Additionally, it is important to equip yourself with your desired Emblem Ring, as these training battles provide an excellent opportunity to improve your bonds with the emblems.

You can also choose the weapon and skills for your character and begin your battle against the AI enemies. Train your character and try all combinations to better understand your character’s potential.

Take out the enemies after you are ready and win the battle, gaining significant EXP. Making you grow in Fire Emblem Engage.

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