Fire Emblem Engage Celine: Best Class, Emblem, And Gifts Guide

Celine is a Noble from Firene and in this Fire Emblem Engage guide we will explain how to recruit and make the best use of her.

Celine in Fire Emblem Engage is a mystical unit that belongs to the Noble class. Celine is the princess of the Kingdom of Firene which becomes available during Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom of FE Engage. Her skills make her one of the best characters for healing units.

We have prepared this comprehensive guide to cover all the details about Celine, like how you can recruit Celine, the best classes, emblems, and gifts for Celine in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to recruit Celine in Fire Emblem Engage

Players in FE Engage visit Firene as soon as Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom begins. All they need to do then is to start a battle at Florra Mill Town, where they’ll be fighting more than 11 enemies. Celine will automatically join players in their battle and will aid them as it starts, alongside Chloe and Louis.

Celine also carries the Celica emblem ring so you will automatically unlock Celica as well once Celine joins your party in FE Engage.

Best skills

Depending on whether you want to equip Celine with a sword or a tome, Celine can benefit from the Tome Precision 5 or Sword Agility 5 inheritable skills. Sword Agility 5, inherited from Marth at bond level 17 provides her with +30 avoidance while reducing Crit by 10.

On the other hand, inheriting Tome Precision 5 from Celica at bond level 17 gives Celine +15 Hit and Avoidance.

Personal skill

Because of her Gentle Flower personal skill, Celine in FE Engage can be a player’s best ally. With this skill, all the characters within two spaces of Celie will get 50% healed when they use the recovery items, which is undoubtedly a great advantage.

Best class

The best class recommended for Celine is Vidame.

Vidame is an advanced class and requires weapon proficiency in Sword: B, Tome: B, and staff A. Although Celine already has the weapon proficiency required for Sword and Tome, for proficiency in Staff, players need to develop a relationship with an emblem to help players acquire the desired weapon proficiency.

Once upgraded to the Vidame class, Celine can support allies much better, as this class allows her to wield a staff. However, to upgrade to this class, players need a Master Seal. The master seal converts the class from base to advanced class.

Players can purchase this Master Seal from a shop at Somniel that will cost them 25000 gold; however, once at chapter 18, players will get access to the infinite amount of Master Seals.

Best gifts for Celine

Giving gifts to your allies in Fire Emblem Engage will help you boost your relationship with them. While giving gifts, you must keep character likes and dislikes in your mind.

Players should keep in mind that a Sharp Chisel, Spicy Seasonings, Fancy Dagger, and Horse Manure are the ones that can upset Celine; therefore, never give that to her. 

All other gifts will somewhat improve your bond with Celine. The best items that players can gift Celine are:

  • Tea Leaves
  • Poetry Book
  • Dragon Scripture
  • Strong Perfume
  • Quality Kerchief
  • Lentil Flower
  • Antler Earrings
  • Spirit Gem

Best emblems

The best emblems for Celine in Fire Emblem Engage are Celica, Sigurd, and Micaiah.

Micaiah becomes available after Chapter 6: Stolen Ring. The ultimate skill of Micaiah is the Great Sacrifice that will heal all the active allies. Pairing Celine with Micaiah gives her a powerful healing with her magic stat.`     

The game gives Celine an emblem ring for Celica, which is certainly a great way to go for the rest of the game. Celica can deal extra damage to Corrupted with her Seraphim spell. When Celine is paired up with Celica, any attack on Celine will counter damage back onto the enemies with Celica’s Holy Stance skill.

Sigurd has the Canter skill; therefore, the unit can move 2 spaces after acting. When paired up with Sigurd, Celine can charge from a huge distance to run into enemies, clear an entire line with Sigurd’s Override technique, and then sprint back to safety.

Celine stats and growth rates

In Fire Emblem Engage, a character’s base and growth stats are vital in judging the character’s viability. Here are the base and growth stats of Celine.

Base stats


Growth rates

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