Fire Emblem Engage Louis: Best Class, Emblem, And Gifts Guide

Louis in Fire Emblem Engage belongs to the Lance Armor class. Players can find Louis in the Firene region in Chapter 4 as he is the Royal Knight of Firene, sworn to protect Princess Celine. Players will meet Louis, alongside Chloe and Celine in Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom.

In this Fire Emblem Engage guide, we will discuss everything about Louis. This will include how players can recruit Louis, what items players can gift him to increase his support level and what emblems are best paired with Louis in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to recruit Louis in Fire Emblem Engage

In FE Engage, players don’t need to do much hustle to add Louis to their team. All players need to do is start a battle at Florra Mill Town, where they’ll be fighting more than 11 enemies. Louis will automatically join players in their battle along with Celine and Chloe and will aid players as the battle starts. He will then stay with you for the rest of the game.

Best class

The base class of Louis is Lance Armor, with the weapon proficiency of Lance: B and high defense stats. However, Great Knight is the best class for Louis. This class has an allied defense skill; therefore, if Louis is between an ally and an enemy, the damage given to Louis is reduced by 3.

This class requires weapon proficiency in Lance: B and Sword: B. To attain this proficiency, Louis can be paired up with Leif. Leif is an emblem for helping the characters attain their desired weapon proficiency.

To upgrade to this class in Fire Emblem Engage, players need a Master Seal. The master seal converts the class from base to advanced class. Players can purchase this Master Seal from a shop at Somniel that will cost them 25000 gold; however, once at chapter 18, players will get access to the infinite amount of Master Seals.

Best skills

Being a tanky character, it makes sense to equip Louis with inheritable skills that can further improve his capabilities to withstand damage in FE Engage. Two of the best skills for Louis would be Resolve+ and Defense +5.

Defense +5, gained from Ike at bond level 19 will increase Louis’s defense by 5, allowing him to withstand more damage from an enemy attack.

Similarly, Resolve+ from Ike at bond level 18 will allow Louis to gain +7 Defense and Resistance if his health drops below 75% after a fight ends. This will ensure that Louis has some defenses to make up for the loss in health before the next fight starts.

Personal skill

Louis has a very unique yet magnificent personal skill in FE Engage, which is Admiration. With the Admiration personal skill, he takes 2 less damage during the battle in case 2 female allies are closer than 2 spaces.

Best gifts for Louis

As we know, giving a gift can boost your relationship with different characters. The same is the case with Louis in Fire Emblem Engage. To boost your relationship with Louis and increase his support level, you must give him gifts and keep his likeness in mind while selecting the gift.

As far as Louis is concerned, players should keep in mind that a Utility Knife, Sharp Chisel, Spicy Seasonings, and Horse Manure are the ones that can upset Louis; therefore, never give that to him. 

All other gifts will somewhat improve your bond with Louis. The best items that players can gift Louis in Fire Emblem Engage are:

  • Tea Leaves
  • Poetry Book
  • White Clover
  • Large Plate
  • Spirit Gem
  • Dragon Scripture
  • Lentil Flower
  • Flower Wreath

Best emblems

Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage house spirits of previous characters from the franchise, aiding players in battle and improving combat. These emblems can help players get the desired weapon proficiency when changing classes.

The best emblem for Louis in Fire Emblem Engage are Marth, Sigurd, Leif, and Ike.

Marth, paired up with Louis, provides him with a huge offensive boost. He has a Lodestar Rush Attack skill, which he can use and take down any enemy, no matter how strong that enemy is.

Louis, proficient in using Lance and his horse-riding ability, can be paired with Sigurd. Louis, when paired up with Sigurd, becomes highly mobile. Louis can charge from a considerable distance to run into enemies, clear an entire line with Sigurd’s Override technique, and then sprint back to safety.

Leif helps Louis with weapon proficiency so he can upgrade the class rapidly. Also, Leif has an ability called Quadruple Hit. With this ability, he can throw blown enemies away, which is also an excellent favor for Louis in combat. 

Ike gives a massive boost to the defensive stats of Louis. Ike has a move Great Aether that can soak out any damage given to Louis and return it to the enemies nearby. 

Louis stats and growth rates

In Fire Emblem Engage, a character’s base and growth stats are vital in judging the character’s viability. Here are the base and growth rates of stats for Louis.

Base Stats


Growth rates


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